Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 1167 - News from Third Uncle

Chapter 1167: News from Third Uncle

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Ye Se was screaming with a painful expression.

Yet Meng Chaoran inside the room was totally unhurried. He sat by the bed, looked at Ye Chuchen who was fast asleep, and let out a long sigh. And then, he shook his head and smiled.

Listening to the cries of Ye Se outside, Meng Chaoran could completely empathize with the pain that Ye Se was enduring at the moment, it was a kind of pain that was worse than death.

He also knew that Ye Se’s request to be killed was genuine.

Meng Chaoran thought for a moment, then walked to the cabinet, took out a pot of wine, four cold dishes and two wine cups.

At such a moment, he actually laid out the wine and dishes on the table. Then he placed an empty cup opposite him and filled it with wine. He chuckled, “Han Wu, that Ye Se is asking me to kill him. What do you think?”

After taking the cup of wine and finishing it up, he mumbled to himself, “I want to kill him. But to kill him now, it is inevitably too merciful for him… Haha…”

After a long time, he said, “In that case, I’ll let your sword go and kill him. Haha… Take revenge with your own hands, Han Wu!”

As he talked, he grabbed the sheathed longsword on the table. He shook his hand and the longsword came out of the sheath, and flew out like a dragon.

Meng Chaoran didn’t even look back.

Nor did he speak a word to Ye Se opposite him.

The longsword arrived fast as the wind, swift as lightning. It flew across a distance of more than two hundred feet, but neither its speed nor its force was reduced.

Yet, the longsword was actually thirty feet away from Ye Se.

Ye Se cried out loud. He leaped up and moved his chest against the edge of the longsword, which pierced into Ye Se’s heart accurately! Ye Se looked up and laughed tragically at the sky. “Meng Geyin, you aren’t even willing to kill me with your own hands, that you just have to force me to end my own life like this! Hahaha… Good! Good!”

He laughed out loud thrice, and then shouted, “I’m off to meet Ling Hanwu! All revenge and grievances will be settled!”

Then, his body stiffened and he fell on his back.

The longsword, as bright and clear as water, stuck in Ye Se’s chest. It flashed slightly in the heavy snow. It was completely still. On the sword, several words shone bright, as if they were going to jump out.

Cold snow danced in the winter sky; Ling Hanwu of Ling Clan!

Chu Yang and Dong Wushang looked at the scene in front of them with some reverence.

Ye Se was no good person, his ways were despicable; yet, till the end, when faced with life and death, he showed the strength of character of a man of the martial world! He prayed not for life, but for a quick death!

Such an enemy made them feel hateful, and also, scary.

So Ye Se was dead!

Only Zhuge Changchang, Ye Shiyu and Yè Mengse were left at the place.

Among the three, besides Zhuge Changchang, the other two didn’t do any fighting.

Ye Shiyu even stood outside Orchard Palace for the whole time without taking one step inside.

One could say that dangerous people who could potentially threaten Chu Yang’s side were all eliminated! Right now, the war was already over.

Even Chu Yang who was very confident didn’t expect this war to end so easily.

Too much of his brainpower was spent on the scheming for this, but, to end it so easily was far beyond his expectations.

At that moment, Chu Yang finally felt that he himself had grown into a force that could dominate the world!

The enemies who seemed powerful previously were no longer as scary now! At the moment when two blades clashed, nobody would care about how terrible, how strong the other was, but only their own life and death!

The two were a few dozen feet apart. They looked at each other. For a while, neither spoke.

A sound came over from outside the door. “Brother Chu, may I leave now?”

It was exactly Ye Shiyu.

Chu Yang raised his eyebrows. “Oh?”

Ye Shiyu laughed bitterly and said, “Since the very beginning, I was never going to be your enemy! Now that I return to my clan, I won’t go out again. If Brother Chu is willing to let me go, I will go. If Brother Chu is unwilling, you may simply kill me.”

Ye Shiyu smiled slightly. “I will fight back. I will not stand still and wait to be killed. Though I’m no match for you.”

Chu Yang fell silent.

Ye Shiyu laughed, cupped his fists and said, “Goodbye!” He turned and walked away gracefully.

If you are killing me, you must be keeping me here; if you don’t keep me here, I will leave.

Chu Yang looked at the figure of Ye Shiyu, until it disappeared in the heavy snow. He said nothing, and did nothing.

Nor did Rui Butong and Dong Wushang.

They both understood Chu Yang’s thoughts. Though Ye Shiyu followed the rest here, he didn’t fight, nor command. Instead, he withdrew from this operation.

It felt a bit wrong to kill him.

When Ye Shiyu’s figure was almost going to disappear, he saw that Chu Yang didn’t come chasing and actually stopped. He looked back at Chu Yang across the vast expanse of snow and said, “Chu Yang, tell Meng Geyin to treat my aunt well. When I return to my clan this time, I will settle some things, and then I will be off to look for medicine for my aunt. Once I find the medicine that can wake her up, I will send it over, no matter how long the journey!”

With that said, Ye Shiyu stood in silence for a while. When the snowflakes covered his whole body once again, he finally sighed, turned around and left rapidly.

I don’t want to be your enemy, not because I am afraid of you.

In the past, it was because I cherished your talent. But right now, it is because of my aunt!

My aunt Chu Chen is the person who is the best to me.

I don’t want to be her family’s enemy.

Ye Shiyu didn’t speak these words. He left. But Chu Yang could sense it, especially… after he said those last words.

Chu Yang sighed deeply. This third son of Ye Clan actually had quite a personality.

“Brother Chu, we are finally here. You can rise as a great power in the Nine Heavens!” Yè Mengse stepped forward and looked at the corpses all over the floor. He smiled bitterly.

“Brother Chu, are you leaving? Or… are you staying?” Chu Yang looked at Yè Mengse in front of him with a sense of pity.

Yè Mengse smiled lightly and said, “In the past, I made myself a playboy, a lover obsessed with protecting the beauties of the world. But… for one, it is because my character is peaceful, for two, it is also because I appreciate beauties, and want to see different types of beauties all the time… But, most importantly, it is also to avoid the infighting in my clan.”

Yè Mengse said bitterly, “Though Ye Se is already dead, something he said is very right: I don’t have the potential for leadership. I’m not cruel enough, not sinister enough… I don’t know how to sacrifice, how to give up…”

“That’s how I am,” Yè Mengse said quietly, “I only seek my own comfort and freedom, that is true. However, Ye Se is not speaking the whole truth… Though it is true I am withdrawing from the competition like this, once a leader knows how to give up, in the future, my family and followers will eventually be given up one day as well!”

“Me not competing does not mean that others will not target me,” said Yè Mengse quietly, “So I’m competing! I’m going back!”

“I will go back and be a leader!”

So said Yè Mengse.

Chu Yang was silent for a while, then he smiled. “I wish you succeed.”

Yè Mengse nodded. “I hope one day we will meet again in the martial world, and my strength will surpass you then!”

Chu Yang smiled slightly. “Okay. If you become my enemy one day, I will not show mercy.”

“Neither will I.” Yè Mengse said seriously. He bowed, turned back and left. His figure was still graceful, but his footsteps became heavier, like the thoughts in his mind.

“From this moment onwards, Yè Mengse the protector of beauties is dead.” Yè Mengse didn’t look back. He smiled slightly and said, “What beauties can one protect if he can’t even protect himself?”

He laughed out loud three times. A gush of snowflakes flew up and disappeared into the vast whiteness.

Zhuge Changchang at the side saw that Ye Shiyu and Yè Mengse had both left, and hope rose in his heart. He said, Brother Chu, I…”

“You don’t have to speak!” Chu Yang smiled at him mildly. “You saw that I let the two of them go, and think that I have a good temper? Very lenient? Hmm?”

Zhuge Changchang’s face turned into pale whiteness.

“Whatever you say, you are meant to die today.” Chu Yang said, disgusted. He waved a hand. “Wu Shang, slaughter him! Today, I will just slaughter the second son of Zhuge Clan at the headquarter of Zhuge Clan, Tianji City!”

“Yes!” Dong Wushang shouted softly, his knife pointed forward, and a wave of chilly knife aura raged out!

“Wait for a moment!” Zhuge Changchang’s voice changed. “I have important news that you’re very interested in! Don’t you want to know it?”

Chu Yang was not interested at all. “Kill him!”

“Wait!” Zhuge Changchang was so anxious that sweat emerged on his forehead. He shouted out loudly, “Chu Feihan is in our hands now!”

“Ah!?” Chu Le’er cried out loud.

“Hmm?” Chu Yang saw that Dong Wushang was going to start, and hurried to stop him. He turned around and his sharp eyes stared at Zhuge Changchang. “What did you say?”

“Chu Feihan is in our hands right now!” Zhuge Changchang didn’t dare to be slow and said hurriedly. Then immediately he said, “So, you are really from Chu Clan of Flat Mountain Ridge.”

Chu Yang’s look was murderous. “From Chu Clan of Flat Mountain Ridge… So what?”

Zhuge Changchang hurried to shake his hand. “So nothing, of course. Just confirming your identity. I can swear that we didn’t do anything…”

“How did my Third Uncle get into your hands?” asked Chu Yang.

“After the auction, the super clans were shocked at your strength, and collected your information at once…” Zhuge Changchang knew that if he showed any dishonesty or stumbled, his head would fall immediately. He explained extraordinarily smoothly, “…and confirmed your identity overnight. Only two days later, from the list of people entering the city, submitted by the intelligence agency at the city gate, they found one named Chu Feihan, who was returning from buying medicine for his daughter… And at that time, they heard that you were also at the gate collecting information, so our clan cheated Chu Feihan to come to our mansion, saying that we wanted to sell medicine to him… and immediately controlled him…”

Chu Le’er and Chu Yang exchanged a look. Chu Le’er’s lips trembled. Teardrops fell from her eyes.

At that time, they could pretty much confirm that the person was indeed their third uncle, Chu Feihan.

The Medicine Banquet was when thousands of types of medicine around the world were gathered. Chu Feihan wandered around the world for all these years to look for medicine for her daughter, how would he miss the Medicine Banquet? Even if his legs were broken, he would probably crawl all the way there.

Chu Yang kept collecting information at the city gate at first, but there was no news of Chu Feihan. So this was what had happened. After all, Zhuge Clan was the dominating power at Tianji City…

They actually got Chu Feihan in control from early on!

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