Trafford’s Trading Club

Chapter 959 - Volume 9 – Chapter 167: Scattered Gifts [B] (Part 2)

Chapter 959 Volume 9 – Chapter 167: Scattered Gifts [B] (Part 2)

“Unleash. The first seal…”

Where she was standing, the ground sank in an instant. Su Zijun’s body grew in an instant, from the original fourteen-year-old appearance to the seventeen-year-old appearance.

“The spear user ambushed me during my poor condition at the time and made me suffer a small loss. If you think I’m easy to deal with…”

It sounded in Lobo’s ears, speeding up his breathing!

“Then do it at your own risk!”

The voice sounded.

Su Zijun’s figure suddenly disappeared. Lobo was unable to detect the opponent’s movement! At the same time, he just felt a tremendous force strike behind him!


Lobo’s body was like a sandbag, suffering horrible, multiple, heavy blows from different directions! He was launched to the sky and trampled to the ground, like a falling catkin, constantly swaying in the strong wind!


Suddenly, when Lobo’s body was thrown into the air, another huge force blasted from above! Lobo’s body hit the ground directly!

A roar echoed in the forest. Lobo’s body was plunged entirely into the ground. The bone armor on his body was all shattered at this moment, and he vomited a mouthful of pus and blood.

Su Zijun was floating in the air at this moment, looking down. After drinking Cain’s blood from the profiteer, she was now in excellent condition. Her old injuries had rejuvenated. Furthermore, she wasn’t in Divine Land, so she could naturally be unscrupulous and unleash her power!

Lobo coughed out another mouthful of blood but got up from the ground with gritted teeth. The clothes on his body had been shattered in the bombardment long ago. At this moment, he tore all his clothes directly. It revealed a terrifying scar in his chest which was the position of the heart.

But Su Zijun frowned.

There wasn’t just the wound on Lobo’s heart. She also saw a tattoo on Lobo’s chest.

The tattoo looked like a wolf head, but the wolf head was covered with many scars, which seemed to be deliberate. But Su Zijun recognized the origin of the wolf head tattoo.

“Are you from the Greedy Wolf Clan?”

“I have nothing to do with them!” Lobo roared into the sky, “I am me! Princess Xuan Yuan, take my strongest blow… Conviction!!”

Lobo grabbed forward abruptly. A faintly blue peculiar short blade rushed out of his body, which then suddenly whirled towards Su Zijun’s throat!

Su Zijun felt a sense of danger. She could sense that once the short blade got into contact, it would behead her swiftly in one blow!

Accompanied by the short blade’s bizarre trajectory, the space appeared distorted. It was impossible to lock in the short blade’s trajectory directly. Su Zijun was shocked and furious at this time. She opened her mouth to spit out a terrifying flame!

Once the Drought Demon vented her wraith, anything within thousands of miles away would be burned into a crisp!

The flame flooded the short blade, and at the same time Lobo as well, engulfing everything buried in the sea of ​​flames!

The flames blocked all sight. When flames swallowed Lobo’s body, a twisted spiral nest appeared strangely behind him. An arm quickly reached out from the whirlpool, grabbed Lobo’s shoulder, and dragged him into it.


Below, the land under the range of several hundred meters had become scorched earth. Su Zijun slowly descended, stepping on the blazing ground. Her body began to shrink a little. It didn’t take long before she returned to her girl appearance.

She frowned slightly, wiped her palms across her neck, stained with blood. Somehow, there was a wound there.

Su Zijun thought of the spear user again. That weird long spear was challenging to deal with. She could not help but secretly guess that all Michael Club hired thugs had these strange weapons on hand.

“This person and the spear user should be regarded as the elite thugs in the club. I don’t know if they have any more powerful ones.” Su Zijun groaned.

At this moment, a faint ball of light slowly emerged on top of her head. Su Zijun looked up and saw that the ball of light dispersed. A beautifully packaged box slowly fell at this time.

Su Zijun was startled. She felt a sense of spiritual qi from this box.


The flames of war ceased to extinguish in this country, even on Christmas Day.

In this country, it had its own religious beliefs and extremists… Naturally, many extreme things happened.

At a small village in this country, a lot of villagers gathered as the evening approached. They were happy to hold a celebration feast-but not to celebrate Christmas Eve rather to commemorate the liberation from some horrifying group.

They once thought they would be sent to the battlefield; their children would be brainwashed and educated. Then, these children would become terrifying killing machines. However, a woman in a black leather jacket suddenly appeared in front of them.

This woman alone saved them from the devil-like fanatics.

They wanted to know the woman’s name; they wanted to pray for her every day in the future, hoping that the god they believed in could bless her.

But the woman only told them that she had no name, but she could be called the “Revenger.”

Revenger was a terrible name. However, she rescued the villagers from the devils. Therefore, even if it was a person of revenge, they were more willing to call her…

“Vengeance Angel?”

Jessica laughed at herself as she watched the villagers singing and dancing amid the campfire.

How could a person with vengeance become an angel?

There were not too many prosperous big cities here, and the living conditions were harsh. The civilians were worried about the coming of war every day, but at this time, they all had happy smiles on their faces.

Jessica was touched slightly, bowing her head silently.

Suddenly she took out a necklace, opened the pendant on the necklace, and there was a photo inside, “Ye Yan…”

“Sister, sister!”

A little girl ran in front of Jessica at this time, carrying a small box in her hand. The packaging was very nice.

“What’s the matter?” Jessica asked with a frown.

“Sister! This is for you!” The little girl smiled innocently, “I just found it by the side!”

Jessica caressed the child’s head and accepted the gift casually. Of course, the people didn’t celebrate Christmas, but she experienced the festival before.

“Thank you.” Jessica thanked the little girl. She then pointed to the crowd in the distance, “Go back over there. That place belongs to you.”

The little girl nodded seemingly, then kissed Jessica on the cheek again and left happily. Jessica smiled but was thinking to herself. Will I be leaving this place tomorrow?

Peace… It didn’t belong to her yet.

While thinking about it, Jessica opened the box the child had sent over. It was the only gift she received this Christmas. But, to Jessica’s surprise, what was in the box turned out to be a small hard drive.

Jessica was taken aback, frowned, and walked towards the tent she had pitched outside the village. Jessica pulled out the notebook from the bag. Speaking of it, these things were found while destroying the devil’s cave.

After inserting the hard drive, Jessica opened the only folder in the hard drive and saw only one video file.

Isn’t this a video of taking hostages and cutting their heads?

Jessica thought subconsciously and opened it at the same time.

When the video file was opened, Jessica was stunned. She couldn’t see anything scary.

What she saw was old footage, and the shooting equipment should be poor. So the picture quality looked a little fuzzy and pale yellowish.

The place where the video was shot was an auditorium.

There were a lot of youngsters, male and female, surrounded by loud noises. They were celebrating something.

At this time, a handsome man slowly walked onto the stage, and there were many cheers everywhere.

The man held a saxophone, smiled charmingly at the audience, and slowly blew the saxophone on the stage.

“When Ye Yan was young? How could…” Jessica subconsciously covered her lips.

At this time, she didn’t think about where this hard drive came from. Instead, she just looked at the figure that existed in the old-time and was performing a solo.

It seemed like just yesterday.

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