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Chapter 938 - Volume 9 – Chapter 157: Lost (Part 1)

Chapter 938 Volume 9 – Chapter 157: Lost (Part 1)

“Open the door.”

After thinking for a while, Wang Yuechuan yelled at the morgue’s door forthrightly.

“Don’t even think about it! You, you, you killed someone! I will never open this door!” When the old police heard Wang Yuechuan’s words, he became even more nervous, “I don’t care! This is out of my league!”

“You just need to open the door. You won’t be involved.” Wang Yuechuan said calmly, “You should know my origins. I’m on a special mission. This is part of the mission.”

“Mission? What mission? Murder?” The old police shook his head, “Right! How did you get in!? Why don’t I know!? Sneaky. You must have something hiding! What! This person is a foreigner!”

“Open the door! If you don’t open the door, you can’t shoulder the responsibility!” Wang Yuechuan snorted coldly.

His tone sounded indisputable. When the old police heard it, his heart trembled. He was almost scared to the point of moving the furniture blocking the door.

“I can’t take charge of this. I’m sorry!” Since the old police was assigned to this post with no room for promotion, he had the habit of avoiding taking the blame to protect himself. He would not simply take up any responsibility, “I will report to my superior!”


Wang Yuechuan gritted his teeth. At this moment, no matter how calm he usually was, he almost broke out in rage. In this incident, he couldn’t explain himself clearly, no matter the narration. Besides, he couldn’t tell the truth to ordinary police who guarded the morgue.

Even if he said so, people would only regard him as going mad!

“Ah! Officer Ma! Why are you here!?”

Suddenly, Wang Yuechuan heard the old police outside the door yell with a hint of surprise. When Wang Yuechuan listened to the words, his heart sank directly. After all, he only had chances when it came to dealing with the old police.

But if it was Ma Houde, the situation was naturally different. For some reason, the relationship between him and Officer Ma was disharmonious. Ma Houde disliked him in many aspects. So how could Officer Ma easily let him off at this time?

Officer Ma was average but petty and vindictive. Wang Yuechuan realized he had no hope to talk himself out.

“Oh. I’m getting off work, so I just come over and take a look. What’s wrong? What’s going on that makes you panic?” Ma Houde’s voice came outside the door. He was still not clear about what happened here.

Officer Ma didn’t know what was going on. He originally planned to accompany Mrs. Ma for a romantic dinner tonight. With the good news of the second child, he intended to lit the passion of youth with his wife.

If it weren’t for Lin Feng mentioning that he saw Wang Yuechuan sneaking into the morgue, Officer Ma wouldn’t have come to such an inauspicious place.

I hope coming to this place won’t give me bad luck and not affect the dinner with my wife later. As Officer Ma was still preoccupied with his thoughts, the old police guarding the morgue uttered words that dropped Officer Ma’s jaw to the ground.

“Officer Ma! There’s murder inside there! Officer Wang of the provincial bureau killed someone inside! He killed a foreigner!”

“Oh, you’re saying Old Wang killed someone.” Ma Houde nodded, “It isn’t a big deal. Wait, what did you say!?”

Seeing Ma Houde staring in horror, the old police hurriedly said, “Wang Yuechuan killed someone in the morgue! I saw it with my own eyes! There is also a video to testify!”

“Fuck…What’s the situation?” Ma Houde lamented, looking inexplicably at the morgue door that was reinforced with furniture.

“It’s the truth.” As soon as Officer Ma heard the news, he hurriedly walked to Lin Feng, verifying those statements via the monitoring screen. At this time, Lin Feng turned his head in shock, “Officer Ma, look…”

In the video, Wang Yuechuan, who was sitting on the ground, suddenly stood up. Then, he threw something on the ground and then said a few words that frightened the old foreigner. Later, he violently murdered the foreigner!

It was a blatant murder!

“Wang Yuechuan, did you kill someone?” Even though the video had shown it clearly, Ma Houde subconsciously looked towards the door and asked in a deep voice.

Officer Ma had bad blood with Officer Wang all the while. But, he couldn’t deny that Officer Wang was admirable in his work. Instinctively, Ma Houde didn’t believe that this guy would commit murder.

Taking a step back, Officer Wang had been cold and prideful. But, he was proficient with a bright future ahead. If he didn’t go mad, why would he murder someone to ruin his nature?

However, facing Ma Houde’s questioning, there was no response in the morgue. If it weren’t that Wang Yuechuan and Professor Trevor’s corpse was still in the surveillance video at this time, Ma Houde thought no one was in the morgue.

“I will surrender myself.”

While the weird mood permeated, Wang Yuechuan said slowly to Ma Houde and Lin Feng.

He did commit the murder…

Ma Houde and Lin Feng looked at each other. Both saw the shock and confusion in each other’s eyes.

The coin kept spinning between his hands. On the last seat of the second floor of the city’s tourist bus, the young man with a dismayed look was leaning against the window, looking at a billboard passing in front of him.

Since it was Christmas Eve, very few people were sitting on the sightseeing bus at this time. The passengers were either in pairs or groups. However, this did not mean that the surroundings were quiet. On the contrary, the surroundings were still noisy. The traffic on the road was like running water.

Liu Zixing felt a little cold. The slight chill began to spread from the soles of his feet, but it was still bearable. In fact, living in this era, even beggars or homeless people on the road were somewhat resistant to the cold because the clothing was not really in short supply.

But, he still had the feeling of being naked.

Liu Zixing didn’t dislike Christmas Eve being a holiday of foreign culture. After all, his father sent him to study abroad many years ago. During that period, he celebrated several different Christmas Eve.

Compared with foreign countries, there still seemed to be something lacking with Christmas, albeit the mood was still great. Probably, it was more of a festival for young people.

But this was a holiday for the family to celebrate together.

Suddenly, he flicked up the coin rotating between the two fingers. The coin rose and fell into his palm. Then, his other palm quickly covered it.

Head or tail?

Liu Zixing didn’t open his palm to take a look, but his face turned ugly. Finally, he slowly removed his palm and glanced at the coin.

He just looked at it and leaned his head on the bus window again. The coin began to spin between his fingers again.

It was the 37th attempt.

Even if he guessed it would be the heads in all attempts, he failed to get the heads for thirty-seven times in a row. His luck had plummeted terribly.

There was a traffic jam ahead, which a car accident seemed to be the cause. Liu Zixing sighed slowly, only feeling that his head was a little heavy. The wounds in his ears still felt uncomfortable. Everything was terrible.

That was especially true after having just spent the day yesterday in the gambling hall, defeating all opponents and overcoming the dangers. It felt like he had the divine favor back then, but only bad luck surrounded him at this time. Liu Zixing felt that his prime time was all over, with only decline awaiting him.

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