Trafford’s Trading Club

Chapter 870 - Volume 9 – Chapter 121: The Defeated Eric (Part 1)

Volume 9 – Chapter 121: The Defeated Eric (Part 1)

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

One blow after another. Dazhe, wrapped in black flames, would always slap Izanagi down most straightforwardly and rudely!

It was not that Izanagi didn’t want to use magical attacks, but this attack was useless for Dazhe. The black flame on Dazhe easily offset all magical attacks from Izanagi.

After losing these means, Izanagi could only resort to the most primitive means of attack-the battle on pure strength!

Izanagi once again rushed up from below. On the other hand, Dazhe slashed with Zhan Lu habitually. However, this slash gave off a different feeling to Dazhe!

Zhan Lu Sword slashed off Kusanagi no Tsurugi with ease this time, like a hot knife cutting through butter. The sharp sword blade approached Izanagi’s head, and it easily cut him into two!

“Clone?” Dazhe immediately thought Izanagi changed his approach in this battle. He looked around nervously at the moment, but after waiting for a while, he still found nothing.

“There’s no need to look for it. Izanagi ceases to exist anymore.”

At this moment, beside Dazhe, there was a space crack with the maid coming out from it. The moment You Ye appeared, she waved her hand at Dazhe. The black fire entwined with Dazhe was retrieved back into the maid’s palm and then dissipated.

It gave off the sore as though he had been moving the bricks for three days and nights in a row. Dazhe twitched immediately, almost falling from the sky. Besides, he turned pale at this time, sweating profusely, like a dying candle in the wind.

Although he seemed to perform well in battling against Izanagi, the potential that was stimulated from the black flame disappeared, directly causing Dazhe to fall into lethargy.

When You Ye noticed it, she stretched out her hand and grabbed onto the air. Her palm magically disappeared in the air as if it had stretched into another magical space. When the maid’s palm was withdrawn, there was a beautifully packaged small bag.

“Eat this. It helps with your recovery.”

Dazhe took this little bag, opened it, and saw some cookies! He didn’t mind, thinking that the maid wouldn’t hurt him. He grabbed a handful of cookies and stuffed them into his mouth.

“Don’t gobble it down like that.” You Ye smiled slightly.

Dazhe stunned, “The battle is not over yet, right?”

Although Izanagi was inexplicably turned into a split corpse, Pillar of Heaven transmitted a powerful wave at this time. This was much stronger than what Izanagi had just shown!

“No, it’s over.” You Ye said calmly, “Our part is over. Have you forgotten the content of Eric’s transaction? We are only responsible for dragging one of them down. Since, in the beginning, Eric asked you to deal with Izanagi, then your mission will end after Izanagi perishes. This transaction is considered complete.”

“But how did Izanagi become so weak all of a sudden?” Dazhe took out a cookie and asked. The cookie tasted great; it seemed to be quite effective. The sore had subsided by now. Dazhe managed to recover some strength.

“Izanagi was originally constructed by a little power divided by Izanami. Now Izanami has recovered this part of the power and made herself complete. Izanagi has naturally become weak, or rather just a body without power. Of course, it becomes easy to deal with him.” You Ye smiled.

Dazhe was taken aback for a moment, and then he was baffled. He asked subconsciously, “Does it mean that the boss knew it early? Isn’t this scamming Eric?”

“Dazhe, Eric specified the content of the transaction and what he wanted. Aren’t you also there at the time? Besides, he specified who among the two at the beginning. If he specified us to target Izanami, then one-third of the true souls of Yan Wuyue World is not enough. Since it was a choice between the two, it also means that in front of customers, we have a chance to be selected for Izanagi, who is easy to deal with, rather than the difficult Izanami. Do you understand? This compromise price is not only for customers but also for us. The master has already given a big discount. Eric himself didn’t consider this, so he can’t blame anyone. “You Ye glanced at Dazhe indifferently, “Also, you said bad things about the master just now. I can assume that I didn’t hear it, but only this time.”

“Okay.” Thinking of the pain of being burned by the black flame, Dazhe shivered. Although it could be exchanged for a powerful burst of power, he refused to suffer from it again!

Though, Dazhe came into an agreement with it. If Eric specified them to deal with Izanami, then the club would also take action. In the case of choosing one of the two, Eric himself chose the wrong one. It seemed he had no one to blame.

Dazhe had known Luo Qiu for some time, giving him some understanding of Luo Qiu. The boss would not mislead the others. The customers themselves made all choices, no matter good or bad.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise!

It came from the Yahiro-dono above! At the same time, the Pillar of Heaven began to crack frantically at this time, as if it could collapse at any time!

The Pillar of Heaven was like a pillar supporting the sky. If it collapsed, the sky would collapse with it. Dazhe showed a hint of horror. Even in the state where his potential had soared just now, he still found himself helpless with this kind of power.

“If Eric buys another service, am I going to fight Izanami?” asked Dazhe solemnly.

“Then it depends on Eric, whether he can come up with something alluring for us to take part in,” said You Ye calmly.

After finishing talking, You Ye looked up and then calmly said, “Eric has escaped. Dealing with the weak Divine Power of Izanami, even if he has a container for infinite extraction of power, it is still a bit lacking.”

A stream of light pierced the sky and left from the Yahiro-dono above. It was Eric.

“Let’s leave, too.” You Ye retracted her gaze and said calmly, “We have completed what the master ordered us to do. I want to go back to him as soon as possible.”

You didn’t put any effort at all, pretty girl.

But, Dazhe still nodded. He was very clear about his position. Although Black Soul’s job content was to find investors, he was not interested in this aspect at all. He was in favor of being the hired fighter. The job this time was quite timely for him.

Initially, he was the one who came here like a hired thug. Now that he had no worries, he had no scruples in the fight.

But at this time, the black cloud was overwhelming. A fanatical black wind blew down from the Yahiro-dono above, accompanied by a stern cry, “Trying to escape? Intruder!”

Just as the voice sounded, a figure suddenly appeared.

Dazhe looked at it. He could not help but get shocked, albeit with his long experience in battles. The being was utterly rotten. All the words that were used to describe ugly in the world had failed to match this being’s level!

“Our work this time has been completed. We won’t be doing anything else for the time being.” You Ye nodded gracefully at Izanami, “Don’t worry.”

“You…” Izanami’s rotten eyeballs were tightly locked on You Ye. An extremely dangerous feeling made her spirit jump wildly, but she had already succumbed to an extreme personality a long time ago. The grievances in her heart overwhelmed the warning signs in the heart!

Izanami spoke with her throat as if scorched by fire. “Do you think that by saying this, I can forget you for disturbing my Yan Wuyue!? You all have to stay. Fall into the erosion of the underworld water and become the same like me!”

The maid glanced blankly at her. She just waved her hand, drew a crack, and dragged Dazhe in!

At the moment when Dazhe entered the crack, with Izanami as the center point, a vast water ball suddenly expanded. It sucked You Ye directly into these liquids glow with earthy yellow light, emitting a strange stench. The water ball should be one of the most filthy things. Everything would be corroded when contacted. No matter how holy the items were, they would be contaminated.

“Don’t touch me with this dirty thing!”


The maid’s azure blue eyes stared at Izanami. Her expression showed a sense of indifference and ruthlessness. The black flame soared to the sky!

The underworld water boiled off in an instant! Izanami showed horrified eyes.

“What a powerful divine power?! Impossible, how can there be a powerful divine power in this small fragmented world!”

“Izanami, I said, we won’t do anything to Yan Wuyue for the time being. If you keep troubling us, I can only resort to self-defense.” The maid finally retrieved the black flames on her body and turned non-hostile.

Izanami was uncertain at this time, but she didn’t make another move. If she was facing a mighty divine power, she could only kneel to the opponent even in the fragmented world that she dominated.

“However, if you need anything, you can also look for us.” The maid waved her hand. A black card without imprint appeared in front of Izanami.

Izanami grabbed it. She fell silent at the moment she held the card.

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