Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years

Chapter 835 - Great Dao Supreme Primordial Fiendcelestial!

Chapter 835 Great Dao Supreme Primordial Fiendcelestial!

Fifty thousand years passed.

Han Jue opened his eyes. The countless stars in his eyes shone as if they contained two vast worlds.

At this moment, the 10.8 decillion stars in the Primordial World had all turned blue-purple. They flickered with a psychedelic light in the Primordial World filled with purple mist.

After hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation, these 10.8 decillion stars had already transformed nine times. They had reached the limit and could no longer transform!

Every star contained endless powerful Dharmic powers.

Next, Han Jue had to think about how to transform his body and soul together and truly step into the Supreme Realm!

He frowned.

Next, he would fuse the Great Dao of Extreme Origin into the 10.8 decillion stars and try again. The Great Dao Supreme was still the Great Dao, after all. It was probably closely related to the Great Dao. He would be able to escape the Great Dao as long as he surpassed the Great Dao Supreme and reached the level of a Dao Creator. At least, the Great Dao would no longer be that important.

Han Jue checked the emails, wanting to see the situation in the Chaos over the years.

(Your good friend Daoist Destiny was cursed by a mysterious curse.]

[Your good friend Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning was attacked by a mysterious mighty figure.]

[Your good friend Pangu has revived.]

(Your good friend Huang Zuntian has obtained the Great Dao Providence Divine Authority inheritance.)

[Your son Han Tuo has grasped a Divine Authority Mystical Power.]

(Your good friend Yi Tian has grasped a Divine Authority Mystical Power.]

[Your good friend Divine Robe Daoist encountered a dream from a mysterious mighty figure. His soul was damaged.]

Pangu’s Hatred Points had become favorability ever since he sent a dream to Han Jue, but it was not high.

Han Jue was not surprised by Pangu’s revival. He even felt that it was natural.

However, Huang Zuntian surprised him.

This fellow was really capable!

Han Tuo and Yi Tian had been suppressed for so many years and were not dead. Instead, they had learned a Mystical Power. It was reasonable.

From the looks of it, the leader of the Divine Spirits might have other intentions towards them.

Han Jue continued reading. Dao Sovereign and the other three were not beaten, which made him a little uncomfortable.

After reading the emails, Han Jue observed the Heavenly Dao and discovered that Dao Sovereign and the others had already arrived outside the 33rd Heaven and were waiting. Because the Immortal World did not allow Sages to enter, they could not directly return to the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

Lao Dan also came and stayed in the Universal Hall.

Meanwhile, the calamity had already erupted in the Immortal World!

Qin Ling and Xia Zhizun led countless cultivators to fight against the Buddhist Sect. Many providence sects went to reinforce the Buddhist Sect. The battle became more and more grand, affecting more and more races and cultivation forces.

Han Jue lost interest after watching for a while.

Perhaps it was because he had planned the calamity that it had lost its novelty.

Then, Han Jue started to visit the Divine Robe Daoist in his dreams.

In the dream.

The Divine Robe Daoist opened his eyes. After seeing Han Jue, he hurriedly knelt down and bowed.

Han Jue asked him about his recent encounter. The Divine Robe Daoist didn’t hide anything and told him everything.

Previously, the leader of the Divine Spirits had gathered all the Great Dao Divine Spirits to kill Pangu. He did not go and offended the leader of the Divine Spirits. After that, he was punished in a dream. Of course, it was only a punishment.

The leader of the Divine Spirits warned the Divine Robe Daoist not to disobey their authority.

Han Jue asked, “How strong is the leader of the Divine Spirits? How is he compared to the Holy Mother of Order?”

The Divine Robe Daoist smiled bitterly. “Of course, it can even be said to be the strongest existence in the entire Chaos. At first, the Great Dao Divine Spirits were not Pangu’s match at all. The leader of the Divine Spirits had no choice but to personally kill him. In other words, Pangu died in the hands of the leader of the Divine Spirits.

“Speaking of him, he’s very mysterious. We Great Dao Divine Spirits have never seen his true body. It’s said that there’s an existence of a Chaotic Deity above him, but we’ve only heard it from him. I guess there’s no Chaotic Deity at all. He’s the true ruler of the Chaos.”

Han Jue’s expression didn’t change, but he was even more curious about the leader of the Divine Spirits.

This fellow had actually been hiding his identity?

Not bad!

The Divine Robe Daoist said, “By the way, the leader of the Divine Spirits also gave us a mission to find the Dark Forbidden Lord and the Curse Fiendcelestial. However, the Curse Fiendcelestial is already dead. I didn’t reveal this to him.”

Looking for the Dark Forbidden Lord at this juncture?

How daring!

It seemed that the leader of the Divine Spirits was confident in the ten thousand Divine Authority Generals and believed that the Chaotic Fiendcelestials would definitely lose. Therefore, he had already begun to deploy troops to find the next existence that could harm the Chaos.

The Divine Robe Daoist hesitated.

Han Jue said, “Tell me what’s on your mind!”

The Divine Robe Daoist said, “The Curse Fiendcelestial seemed to know who the Dark Forbidden Lord was, but he refused to say anything. I didn’t care, so I killed him.”

Han Jue was not surprised.

The Curse Fiendcelestial had probably hidden his identity as the Dark Forbidden Lord to protect itself. Otherwise, it would have been revealed long ago.

Perhaps the Curse Fiendcelestial knew many things.

Unfortunately, he died too early. Otherwise, he could still use it.

The Divine Robe Daoist continued, “His Curse Great Dao is still in my hands. I have a way to revive him. If you need it, I can…”

Han Jue narrowed his eyes. “Let’s talk about it in the future. The Chaos is chaotic now. I’ll consider reviving the Curse Fiendcelestial after everything calms down.”

“Alright!” The Divine Robe Daoist agreed.

Han Jue instructed him and then ended the dream.

Inside the Daoist temple.

He sat on the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus and asked in his mind, “I want to know the cultivation level of the leader of the Divine Spirits.”

(You don’t know the true name and have no karma. Can’t deduce it.)

Han Jue was stunned.

He suddenly understood how the enemy felt when facing the Dark Forbidden Lord.

“Then, How strong is the strongest Great Dao Divine Spirit?”

(You don’t know the true name and have no karma. Can’t deduce it.]

Han Jue showed a frown.

This was not easy to do.

It was not easy to fight without understanding the enemy’s cultivation.

Han Jue tried other ways to ask but still couldn’t succeed. He could only give up.

Shaking his head, Han Jue started cultivating.

He seeped the Great Dao of Extreme Origin into the 10.8 decillion stars and fused them with his body. Soon, he was immersed in a strange state.

In the crimson sky, the endless sea rippled. At the end of the sea stood a majestic figure. It was the Holy Mother of Order.

At this moment, a figure stood on the Holy Mother of Order’s shoulder. His body was surrounded by divine light. His figure sometimes looked like a human and sometimes like a dragon. He was ever-changing, and it was difficult to tell his true appearance.

The Holy Mother of Order said, “Pangu has revived.”

The divine light figure said calmly, “I know. But he has severed the karma of Divine Authority. We Great Dao Divine Spirits can’t spy on the Chaos and can only hand everything over to the Divine Authority Generals.”

“Can the Divine Authority Generals really kill all the Chaotic Fiendcelestials?”

“Of course. The Divine Authority Generals are the supreme power of the Chaos. They are unstoppable. It’s useless even if Pangu revives.”

“There’s no chance of defeat?”

“Unless the Primordial Fiendcelestial appears. But the Primordial Fiendcelestial has to be at least at the Great Dao Supreme cultivation level. The current Chaos doesn’t have three thousand Chaotic Fiendcelestials. It’s impossible for Pangu to transform into a Primordial Fiendcelestial. Not in the past, and definitely not now.”

“Primordial Fiendcelestial…”

The Holy Mother of Order’s tone became intriguing

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