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Chapter 515 - : Just Get The Two of Them to Direct

Chapter 515: Just Get The Two of Them to Direct

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“You…” Manager Wu was about to continue arguing.

“Mr. Wu! That’s enough!” Yan Zhengxing suddenly cut in and stopped the manager from going any further. “Tan Mo is right!”

Manager Wu’s face had completely reddened from anger. He thought that everyone was siding with Tan Mo because they wanted to get on Wei Zhiqian’s good side.

“Tan Mo, what’s your plan then? Do you want to write the script completely on your own or do you want a team to assist you?” Yan Zhengxing asked, not giving Manager Wu any other chance to speak. “Don’t worry. The team will only be assisting you. You’ll still be the lead scriptwriter. The idea is yours, and the world’s framework is completely created by you alone as well. There’s no reason for another person to lead the team.”

“There’s no need for a team. I can finish it on my own,” Tan Mo replied.

“Are you sure?” Yan Zhengxing asked. He proceeded to explain, “It’s not that I don’t trust your ability, but having a team will help ease your burden and stress. From what I can see, I’m sure that the framework for the world is huge, and there are a lot of characters with their own unique background and story. It would be time-consuming for you to design each and every one of them on your own. Even your brother agrees that projects with high prospects usually have a team of scriptwriters led by one or two leaders.”

“I’ll be fine. All the designs are already in my head. All I need is to write them down,” Tan Mo said.

Manager Wu couldn’t help but let out a scoff. He didn’t even try to hide it.

It was as if he was laughing at Tan Mo for being young and inexperienced and was just trying to show off.

“Even the framework for the whole story is in my head. It won’t be hard for me to turn it into a script. I don’t need a team to help me with that as the main purpose of having one is to design characters, framework, the story, and the world the plot will take place in. I’ve already done all of that, down to the general outline of the plot. What I need to do next is discuss it with the director and see if there’s anything that needs to change once we start shooting,” Tan Mo said. “I’m pretty sure I’ve already proved myself by writing the script for ‘Legend of Wei and Jin,’ which has twice as much volume as this. It won’t be hard for me to write the script for a 15-episode drama.”

Xu Dashi was also worried that Tan Mo might get a little too arrogant for achieving such success at a young age. Thus, he requested, “I’ll allow you to write the script on your own but on one condition. You’ll have to send us the script once you have finished an episode for us to review. You can send it directly to me. We have seen a fair amount of scripts to be able to judge the quality of it.”

Since it was a reasonable request, Tan Mo nodded. “Of course.”

She noted Xu Dashi’s email address on her phone.

“Aren’t you guys treating this like a child’s play?” Manager Wu complained. “I still think it’s best if we form a team so that someone can supervise her.”

“Mr. Wu!” Yan Zhengxing warned. He clearly understood why the manager insisted on forming a team of scriptwriters. It was because Manager Wu was close with a few famous scriptwriters from the nature of his work. “This will be the end of this topic! If you have any complaints, you can bring them up with me and Mr. Xu later. If you continue to interrupt the meeting, then we’ll have no choice but to ask you to leave!”

“Mr. Xu, Mr. Yan, even if they have Mr. Wei backing them up, I still have to insist that we shouldn’t do this!” Manager Wu got up and said, “This is an SS+ rank project. It’s already a problem that we are leaving the directing of this drama to a newcomer. Since he will be instructed by Director Hou and Director Liu during the filming process, it should be fine. But how can we also let an 18-year-old girl, who has only written a script, become the sole scriptwriter as well? Isn’t that too much? What if the drama fails? What if we can’t even cover our costs? It’ll affect the company’s earnings for this year!”

Manager Wu was trying to say that the loss would not affect the company. The employees would suffer from it as well.

If the drama ended up in a huge failure, Manager Wu was sure that Wei Zhiqian would blame them. He even dared to think that his boss would blame Tan Mo and Tan Jinqi as well.

“Isn’t that perfect then?” Tan Mo smiled.

“What do you mean?” Manager Wu glared at Tan Mo coldly.

Xu Dashi and Yan Zhengxing shifted their attention to Tan Mo, wondering if she was admitting that she was trying to screw them over when they were still basically strangers to her.

However, they dismissed that thought as they had heard that the Tan siblings were close with Wei Zhiqian. Otherwise, the latter would never have introduced them to Kefeng Films and invested in their project.

“If this drama ends up in a failure, then it would mean Manager Wu is a smart individual. You’ve warned us, again and again, that would happen but no one listened to you. When that happens, it would prove that you are right and have nothing to do with it,” Tan Mo said with a wicked smile. “You’ve tried your best to stop us. You won’t have to shoulder any blame as you tried everything you could.”

Manager Wu was stunned, wondering if the young lady in front of her had seen through his real intention or was just lucky.

Indeed, the manager said that to make sure that if the drama failed, he would not have to take any falls.

He had already accepted the fact that he would not be able to get the scriptwriter who he had talked to beforehand to work as the lead scriptwriter for the drama anymore as Tan Mo did not agree to have a team.

Even if she agreed to have a team and lead it, there was no way the famous scriptwriter would work beneath Tan Mo.

Xu Dashi and the rest of the employees understood the real intention behind the manager’s words, but they did not expect Tan Mo to understand it as well.

Not only that, but also she spoke it out and put Manager Wu in an awkward position.

“Seriously, why am I even arguing with a lady who’s still young and doesn’t think before she talks?” Manager Wu sighed. “What if the company suffers a huge loss? The funding we are pouring into this drama makes it an SS+ project. That’s what we agreed on in our internal meeting. Now, we have a newcomer director and an inexperienced scriptwriter who doesn’t even want to build a team. Heck, other people will laugh at us when they hear this for having such a group leading an SS+ project.”

“Then, who do you think should lead the project? Should we change the director to Director Hou or Director Liu?” Tan Mo asked with a smile. “Why don’t you go and ask them to direct this drama?”

Manager Wu was rendered speechless. There was no way he could do that as the two famous directors had a close relationship with Tan Jinqi.

One was Tan Jinqi’s master, and the other was basically half his master.

There was no way a master would try and take over their disciple’s project.

“What? Are you saying that there isn’t anyone else that could direct this film?” Manager Wu scoffed. “Do you think we can’t hire someone else?”

“Well, let’s ignore the fact you need Mr. Xu and Mr. Yan to agree to this first. If you can even get a famous big-shot director to agree to direct this drama, I’ll hand over the copyright to the drama to you for free..” Tan Mo laughed.

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