To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 656 - He Only Treated Her As Antidote

Chapter 656: He Only Treated Her As Antidote

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Zhan Haoze walked into the room and sat down in front of the sofa. His relaxed expression made Shi Mengwan feel a little unhappy as if this place was his home.

Didn’t he leave? Why did he come back since he left?

Although she was unhappy, she was looking forward to it. Did Zhan Haoze remember the past? Or..

She pursed her lips and took a few steps forward to stand beside the coffee table. She didn’t sit down, but just stood there and looked at him.

Zhan Haoze was tall. Even if he was sitting, he wasn’t much shorter than, Shi Mengwan, who was standing. The two of them looked at each other.

“You –” Not letting herself show even a hint of happiness, Shi Mengwan tried her best to control her emotions.

In fact, compared to Zhan Haoze disappearing without a trace, his appearance now gave her some comfort.

“What’s the matter?”

Shi Mengwan’s tone sounded a little cold, and Zhan Haoze narrowed his eyes slightly. She must have just gotten up, and her hair was a little messy.

She was wearing a black tracksuit, and underneath it was a set of pink pajamas. The bizarre outfit coordination gave her a laid-back vibe.

The large V-neck of the pajamas made him see her snow-white collar at first glance. There were still purplish-red hickeys on it.

He could easily remember how he left a mark on her yesterday. The memory of last night made Zhan Haoze a little stiff.

His face looked a little solemn because of his tensed up stomach. His gaze returned to Shi Mengwan’s face, and he took out a box from his pocket.

He put it on the coffee table and pushed it forward.

“Eat it.”

Shi Mengwan didn’t see what it was at first, but when she saw it clearly, her facial expression suddenly changed.

On the coffee table, the word “levonorgestrel” written on the box deeply stimulated Shi Mengwan’s nerves.

“Zhan Haoze –”

She stood there with a cold sensation in her hands and feet. Yesterday, they were sleeping together, but today, he gave her this.

“I should be thanking you for your thoughtfulness, right?”

Last night was just an accident. She didn’t have time to recover from the fact that she had s*x with Zhan Haoze.

But his actions today were like a basin of cold water.

She really didn’t think about children. It was too far away for her. Moreover, she was probably just an irrelevant passerby to Zhan Haoze now.

He lost his senses last night. He treated her as an antidote.

No matter which one it was, she really didn’t think about children. She even forgot to take protective measures.

Zhan Haoze didn’t say anything. Shi Mengwan stood there. She felt that her hands and feet had gradually regained some warmth. She took a step forward and picked up the box of medicine.

“Sorry to trouble you. I’ll take the medicine. I’ll eat it later. You can leave now.”

Zhan Haoze didn’t move, and Shi Mengwan didn’t want to tangle with him any longer.

Yesterday was a dream come true. She missed her Dear Brother and finally had an interaction with him, Even if such a connection was just a one-sided dream for her.

Today, Zhan Haoze let her know that if this was a dream, it could only be a nightmare.

She couldn’t tolerate it, she couldn’t let it go, and she couldn’t accept that her Dear Brother, whom she missed so much, had become like this.

“Mr. Zhan, please see yourself out.”

Zhan Haoze looked at her face, as if he didn’t understand what she was angry about.

He stood up and walked in front of her. His gaze fell on the box in her hand.

“Are you angry?”

Shi Mengwan stood there without moving. Her expression appeared a little stubborn.

She was very beautiful, and had a glamorous sort of beauty that her current stubborn expression complemented. Her red lips were slightly parted, and the expression in her eyes was that of refusal to give in. Her gaze had a formidable aura.

Zhan Haoze turned his face slightly, and his body involuntarily took half a step forward. He stared at the proud expression on her face. “Didn’t I say to take medicine?”

“…”Shi Mengwan suddenly looked at him. For a moment, the expression in her eyes was indescribably ambivalent.

She gritted her teeth, clenched her hands that hung by her side into fists, glared at Zhan Haoze, and quickly turned around to go to the kitchen.

She came out of the kitchen with a cup of water in her hand. She opened the medicine in front of Zhan Haoze.

She took out a pill and was about to put it in her mouth when Zhan Haoze suddenly grabbed her hand.

Shi Mengwan’s hand stopped in mid-air. She looked at Zhan Haoze with mockery and bewilderment.

“Mr. Zhan, what are you doing?”

Zhan Haoze slowly took the pill from her hand. He leaned over and looked at Shi Mengwan’s face. He put the pill and the cup of water back on the coffee table.

“Mr. Zhan, you –”

“Take this pill within 72 hours and it will still have an effect.”


Zhan Haoze pulled Shi Mengwan’s body into his arms. “Since that’s the case, then don’t waste this time.”

Shi Mengwan quickly understood what he meant.

He carried her in his arms and walked towards the room. Shi Mengwan’s expression changed when she realized what he wanted to do.

“Zhan Haoze, are you crazy?”

He didn’t love her. Yesterday was an accident. He still wanted to continue today?

“Zhan Haoze, put me down.” The distance from the living room to the room was too short. Shi Mengwan felt that it was only a few seconds before Zhan Haoze placed her on the bed.

The moment her body touched the bed, she quickly bounced up and wanted to leave Zhan Haoze’s body.

However, she was once again pressed down by Zhan Haoze. When she got up, he restrained her hands. At the same time, he kissed her lips.

“Wu wu.”

Shi Mengwan couldn’t say the rest of her words. Her body still felt the sensation that he had given her yesterday.

Her waist was sore and her legs were weak. She was no match for him at all.

Her jacket was taken off and thrown on the ground. The thin pajamas on her were no obstacle to Zhan Haoze. He easily tore the pajamas into pieces.

Appearing in front of him without a shred of cover, Shi Mengwan was like a peeled egg.

And this greatly aroused Zhan Haoze. He could see the marks on her body more clearly.

Her skin was very good, while her body was very tender and very fair. The more pale her skin was, the more obvious the unfaded marks became.

Those marks were left behind by him.

“Zhan Haoze.” Shi Mengwan didn’t want to continue with him. She struggled to get up, but he easily suppressed her with one hand.

Not giving her a chance to make a sound and not giving her a chance to resist, he kissed her lips again.

Everything had just begun.

… ..

Shi Mengwan washed her clothes and tidied up Qiao Ze’s tiny two rooms.

Finally, she went to the kitchen and took a look at the things in the kitchen. Yes, there was an electric rice cooker, a pot, and even a pressure cooker.

The pots, pans, bowls, and pans were all complete, including rice, firewood, oil, and salt.

Shi Mengwan tidied up the kitchen, came out of the kitchen, and went to look for Qiao Ze.

“Dear Brother? Huh –”

Unexpectedly, she saw Qiao Ze changing his clothes. She grunted and quickly turned around.

The young man’s shirt was covered in blood. He had no choice in the small clinic just now, but now that he came out, he naturally had to change. He still had to go out at night.

The young man’s body was slim and there was actually nothing to look at. However, Shi Mengwan was still a little girl, so naturally she was embarrassed.

“What the are you screaming about?”

Qiao Ze impatiently buttoned two buttons on his shirt and walked in front of Shi Mengwan. “Haven’t you seen it before?”

It wasn’t that she hadn’t seen it before. When she was at home, her father and a few uncles would always be shirtless, but those people were her family.

As for Qiao Ze..

“Why did you call me?”

Shi Mengwan realized that he had already put on his clothes, so she mustered the courage to look up at him.

The young man had recovered quite well. Yesterday, he was still bruised and swollen, but today, his injuries had recovered a lot. She pursed her lips and told him about her discovery.

“I just found out that there’s rice for cooking in the kitchen. Look, it’s not healthy for you to eat outside. Why don’t we buy some vegetables and cook at home?”

Of course, Qiao Ze knew that there was rice and oil at home, but the problem was, “You know how to cook?”

“I do.”

She was the eldest daughter in the family. When her mother was pregnant, she was the one who helped her with the work. Every day, when she came home from school, she would cook for her parents.

The teenager glanced at Shi Mengwan and suddenly sneered, “Buy groceries? Where would we get the money?”

“Didn’t I –” Shi Mengwan’s words were interrupted by the teenager.

“You mean your tens of yuan? I just paid the medical fees with them.”

Shi Mengwan exclaimed in astonishment. She didn’t remember seeing the teenager pay, but if he said he paid, then he paid.

At this moment, the teenager suddenly approached Shi Mengwan. His face had an evil smile. “Why don’t I sell you? Then I’ll have money to buy groceries.”

Shi Mengwan was startled by his sudden approach, but she shook her head firmly.

“You won’t sell me.”

“You’re not me. How do you know I won’t?”

“I know anyway. You just won’t.” Shi Mengwan lowered her head after saying this. She wasn’t in the mood to argue with Qiao Ze now.

“If there’s no vegetables, then there’s no vegetables. Then let’s eat plain rice. I’ll go make it.”

The money paid for the medical fees, but there was no money to buy vegetables, so they could only eat plain rice.

Shi Mengwan entered the kitchen, but she began to feel conflicted again. Dear Brother still had injuries on his body, so he should eat better, but in this situation, they couldn’t even afford to eat vegetables anymore. How could she possibly replenish Dear Brother’s nutrition?

Perhaps, she should think of a way to earn money?

Shi Mengwan started to lose herself in thought as she washed the rice. What could she do?

She was only 12 years old. She definitely wouldn’t be able to find a job. Perhaps, she could start collecting trash tomorrow?

But it wasn’t good. She wasn’t familiar with this place yet. These small alleys were full of twists and turns. It would take a awhile before she learned her way around it.

How about she tell her Dear Brother to bring her along?

If he wasn’t willing, she would think of another way.

She washed the rice, put it in the rice cooker, measured the water, and plugged in the electricity.

When the rice was ready, Shi Mengwan leaned on the kitchen counter in a daze.

In the past, her parents would occasionally give her pocket money at home. At that time, she even felt that she didn’t have any place to use money.

If she had known earlier, she would have taken more money when she ran away from home.

She heard the sound of the door closing and came out of the kitchen. She realized that Qiao Ze had returned at some point in time. He was carrying two bags in his hands.

“You, when did you go out?”

Shi Mengwan didn’t see him go out at all just now. Why did he come in from the outside now?

“Go and cook.”

The young man handed the bag in his hand to Shi Mengwan. Shi Mengwan looked at the groceries inside.

There were potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables, eggs, and meat. The amount wasn’t much, but it was enough for two people.

“You, where did you get the money?” Didn’t he say he had no money?

“Stop nagging. Didn’t you say you know how to cook? Go quickly.”

Shi Mengwan nodded and took the groceries into the kitchen. Her cooking skills weren’t good, but she was used to doing housework, so she was very fast.

In less than an hour, three dishes and a soup were ready. After she finished cooking, she realized that she seemed to have made a little too much.

It was only the two of them eating, so why did she need so much?

But what happened next exceeded her expectations. Not only did the teenager finish all the dishes that she had cooked, but he also finished the rice that she had cooked for the two of them in the rice cooker.

The way he gorged down the food made Shi Mengwan wonder if perhaps this person hadn’t eaten for a few days?

After eating, Shi Mengwan could tell that the young man was in a good mood. This also meant that she could stay here.

Shi Mengwan washed the dishes and tidied up the kitchen. She thought that Qiao Ze was actually a pretty good person.

He saved her and took her in.

When Shi Mengwan wanted to take a shower at night, she finally realized the problem.

She originally thought that she could go home today, so she wore this outfit yesterday. She slept on the sofa with her clothes on, so it could work.

But today, she was caught by those two hooligans and ran so far away. Her clothes were even stained with Qiao Ze’s blood.

Her clothes were so dirty that she couldn’t wear them, but there were no clothes here that she could wear.

Shi Mengwan thought about it and went to look for Qiao Ze.

“Dear Brother, do you… do you have any extra clothes?”

Qiao Ze was taller than her, so he definitely didn’t have any clothes that she could wear. But she still wanted to ask.

“T-shirts are fine, any clothes are fine.”

The teenager had just finished eating and was busy in his room. When he heard her words, he glanced at her.

He had just noticed that the girl’s clothes were stained with his blood.

He went to the closet, then found a t-shirt and threw it to her.

The teenager was taller than her and the T-shirt was slightly longer. Shi Mengwan took the shirt and thought that it could be used as a nightgown.

She went to the bathroom to take a shower and then changed out of her clothes. However, when she put on the long T-shirt and was about to go out, she found a problem.

She didn’t have any underwear inside, so it felt weird. Not knowing how to get out, she stayed in the bathroom for awhile.

Perhaps, she could trouble Qiao Ze again? Ask him to buy a set of underwear for her?

Someone knocked on the bathroom door a few times, and Qiao Ze’s voice was heard outside. “Did you die in there? Come out, I want to brush my teeth.”

No matter how embarrassed Shi Mengwan was, she could only come out from inside.

When she met Qiao Ze’s seemingly displeased gaze, she shrunk the basin in her hand that contained the laundry.

“I also washed the clothes.”

Qiao Ze didn’t look at her and went into the bathroom.

Shi Mengwan breathed a sigh of relief and took the clothes to the small balcony to dry them. She felt uncomfortable during the process of drying the clothes.

She had glanced at Qiao Ze a few times and wanted him to make another trip, but she was unable to open her mouth. In the end, she could only pull down the T-shirt desperately and not daring to move, she sat on the sofa.

When Qiao Ze came out from inside and was about to leave, he saw that Shi Mengwan was acting like a primary school student. Her legs were tightly crossed and not moving at all, she placed her hands on her knees.

“You’re going out?”

Seeing that Qiao Ze was about to leave, Shi Mengwan immediately stood up. However, when she realized what she wasn’t wearing, she took a step back.

“Dear Brother, are you going to go out now?”

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

Although it was very late now, he still had something to do.

“Then, when you come back, can you help me bring back some clothes?”

“Bring clothes?” The teenager glared at her, and his displeased tone was exactly the same as when she asked him to buy vegetables. “Do you have money?”

Money was Shi Mengwan’s weakness. She bit her lip and shook her head.

The teenager snorted and turned to leave. Shi Mengwan panicked and grabbed his hand without thinking.

“Then, even if I don’t have money to buy clothes, can you buy me a set of… underwear?”

When Shi Mengwan said the last two words, her voice was so low that it sounded like a mosquito. Of course, Qiao Ze didn’t hear it clearly.

“Buy what?”

“Underwear,” Shi Mengwan said again. Her face was so red that it almost reached her neck. She was very embarrassed.

The young man’s gaze swept over Shi Mengwan’s body. His thin t-shirt covered Shi Mengwan’s body. It looked a little awkward for a little person to wear adult clothes.

The young girl had already started to develop. The two spots in front of her weren’t volumptuous, but they were slightly bulging.

The young man’s gaze looked down —— for a moment, but he quickly retracted it.

“You sleep first.” The young man glanced at her. “I’m going out for a while. We’ll talk when I return.”


Shi Mengwan was indeed embarrassed. The dirty clothes had already been washed, and she didn’t have any clothes to wear now.

She didn’t dare to run out like this, but she was even more unaccustomed to the emptiness inside.

In the end, Qiao Ze left without looking back. After he left, Shi Mengwan carefully closed the door and sat down on the sofa.

She seemed to have just thought of a problem: Dear Brother just ran out like that. It was so late, so where would there be people selling clothes?

Shi Mengwan fell asleep while she was still in a daze. When she woke up, it was already daybreak the next day.

When she heard the sound of the door opening, she quickly sat up from the sofa.

Qiao Ze entered the door from outside. This time, he was carrying a big bag in his hand. When Shi Mengwan was sleeping just now, her clothes almost rolled up to her thighs.

Now that Qiao Ze was back, she hurriedly straightened her clothes and pulled them back.

“Dear Brother…”

Qiao Ze had never been a patient person. He directly threw the bag into her arms.

The bag was a little heavy. Shi Mengwan instinctively caught it, hugged it, and looked inside the bag. She opened it. There were clothes and underwear.

She took it out and looked at it. The clothes were the simplest jeans and t-shirts.

“This, this is for me?”

“Who else?” Could he wear them?

“Thank you, Dear Brother.” Shi Mengwan hugged the clothes with gratitude in her eyes, but…

“Dear Brother?” From the looks of it, he was really nice.

“Go and put it on.” Qiao Ze looked at her. “As for the one you’re wearing, Use it as your pajamas.”

“Thank you, Dear Brother.”

Shi Mengwan was extremely happy. Not only was it because Dear Brother bought her clothes, but it was also because Dear Brother was sharp-tongued on the surface but soft-hearted beneath the surface. Even though he said he wouldn’t talk to her, he still talked to her.

Dear Brother was so nice.

… ..

“Sister Shi, how was the takeaway you mentioned last time at noon?”


“Sister Shi?”

“Huh?” Shi Mengwan came back to her senses and found that Xiao Qiu was staring at her with a puzzled expressio.

Shi Mengwan sat up straight. “What did you say?”

“I said, how about ordering takeout from the restaurant you mentioned last time? Didn’t you say that you were tired of the food from before?”

“Okay.” Shi Mengwan didn’t object. “You decide.”

“Then I’ll order it.” Xiao Qiu looked at Shi Mengwan and didn’t ask any more questions. But before she left, her gaze swept over the design in front of Shi Mengwan.

Shi Mengwan naturally noticed her gaze. She looked at the design, picked it up, and tore it up without hesitation.

After tearing it up, she supported her forehead with one hand, half-closed her eyes, and thought of Zhan Haoze again.

When she woke up this morning, Zhan Haoze was no longer in the house.

If it wasn’t for the cup of water on the coffee table and the opened box of birth control pills, Shi Mengwan would almost think that yesterday was her imagination again.

Zhan Haoze, Qiao Ze. These two people, their names were the same and they looked the same, but they did things completely differently.

Dear Brother was sharp-tongued but soft-hearted. No matter what, he would always protect her and take care of her.

But what about Zhan Haoze? What kind of person did he take her for? To come and go as he pleased?

Thinking about how she didn’t see Zhan Haoze this morning, and this was the second time. Shi Mengwan couldn’t help but feel a little wronged.

What did Zhan Haoze mean?

In the next half a month, Shi Mengwan didn’t see Zhan Haoze.

After the mid-autumn festival in Lin City, the weather began to cool down. It was December. Shi Mengwan’s studio also began to be busy.

Every year at the end of the year, big companies had many annual meetings. Usually, orders would increase at this time.

It wasn’t just engagement dresses, but there were also many people who came to order gowns. Many people came in advance to prepare.

Shi Mengwan got busy, so she didn’t think too much about Zhan Haoze. Occasionally, she would think quietly in the middle of the night. What was that person doing?

But very quickly, that kind of emotion would be replaced by busyness. This busyness would last until the end of December.

Su Qingsang, as the wife of the president of the Tianyu Group, also had to attend the annual meeting of the Tianyu Group. Her gown was prepared by Shi Mengwan.

On the day of the meeting, Shi Mengwan also attended.


When Shi Mengwan entered, Su Qingsang walked over to her. “You’re here?”


“I have a lot of people to see today. I might not be able to take care of you. You can take care of yourself later. Call me if you need anything.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not a child that needs you to take care of me wherever I go.”

Shi Mengwan really didn’t need Su Qingsang to take care of her. She walked to the long dining table and went to get a drink.

Her gaze fell on Su Qingsang. She might not even know it, but ever since she married Huo Jinyao, her temperament had started to change.

A hint of envy appeared in her eyes. Regardless of whether Huo Jinyao was a president or an employee, he was really good to Su Qingsang.

Shi Mengwan casually took a sip of her drink and realized that she was drinking wine.

However, the wine tasted good, so she simply drank the entire glass. The moment she put down the glass, she saw Zhan Haoze from afar.

And Chen Feifei beside him.

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