Throne of Magical Arcana

Chapter 910 - The City in the Sky End of TMA

Chapter 910 The City in the Sky End of TMA

After Douglas’ speech, all the sorcerers on the spot left for different places silently but steadily, ready to fulfill the tasks that they had been given. They were not excited, not zealous, not provoked, but were taking action with determination after rational consideration.

We know what we want, and we know what we are going to pay!

After the sorcerers left in order, and the legendary sorcerers who were returning to their own organizations through their demiplanes had reached their destination, Douglas heaved a soft sigh and said to Fernando, “It’s time that we take action.”

Fernando did not say anything but followed Douglas to the depths of the cave.

At dawn, the vigorous sun was rising, driving the darkness away and bringing the light.

At this moment, the plain near Rentato suddenly had an enormous earthquake. Noises were bursting out from the depths, shocking the animals and forcing them to flee.


The ground collapsed into dark holes. Countless cracks were spreading out.

Terrifying magic waves broke out in the pits. The dazzling light from them almost eclipsed the sun in the sky.

Valentine, the grand cardinal who was responsible for Rentato, certainly couldn’t have neglected such noises. He activated the divine power circle of Rentato quickly and led the red robes as well as the giants of the Inquisition to the place.

As a saint, he could not hide in Rentato without investigating or doing anything. The sorcerers could not be allowed to go on a rampage!

When had such a thing ever happened in the territory of the Saint Truth?

Even though the enemy had more than three legendary sorcerers, he believed that he was definitely able to save himself as long as he did not run into any of the top legends.

As he flew toward the plain, he asked a red robe to order the noble knights to follow them and provide help.

Therefore, bishops and reverends were sent to the camps of the Sword of Truth’s Knights, the Verdict Knights, and the Saint Cross Knights, urging them to set off.

“The nobles are less and less active over the years. They are not nearly as enthusiastic as the beginning. We have to change that!” Having similar ideas, the clerics reached the camps.

“You should go surround the plain right now!” a bishop commanded the Sword of Truth’s Knights.

“Blue Grace” Sharp was not here, so “Argent Punishment” Cesc stood out and replied coldly, “As per His Majesty’s order, no knights are allowed to leave the camp without his permission!”

“What’s the meaning of this?” the bishop cried angrily.

Cesc said expressionlessly, “This is exactly our meaning.”

“Are you betraying the Lord? You have been corrupted by the sorcerers!” The bishop was outraged. “You will be tried and burnt at the stake!”

Cesc waved his right hand, and silver bolts of lightning immediately created black ravines before the bishop.

Staring at the bishop in the eyes, he said, “One more word, you die; one more step forward, you die.”

“You!” The bishop was stunned. He never thought that a noble knight could be so disrespectful toward a servant of the Lord.

He looked around, hoping to find a knight who could defend the dignity of the Lord.

Swords were drawn, reflecting cold brightness under the sunlight. All the knights in the camp looked at the bishop maliciously.

They already had enough of those jackasses!

The Church was already divided. Let’s see if they are still so arrogant!

The bishop stepped back in fear, unable to believe that it was the Kingdom of Holm that had always basked in the grace of God.

In the Nekso Palace, the Sword of Truth, ensconced on the throne, stared at the void before him thoughtfully. Illusionary cracks appeared and vaguely manifested what was happening on the plain.

Outside of the temple, dukes, earls, and other nobles, who had been gathered, watched the closed gate and waited for the king’s order in silence. At this moment, they fulfilled their vow and gave everything to their liege that they pledged loyalty to.

Of course, had it not been for the years of oppression from the Church, which made them scared day and night, they wouldn’t have been so united.

The lights in the pits on the plain were more and more dazzling. A magnificent, terrifying pressure was leaking out. It could be vaguely seen that an enormous city was rising from down below.

When Saint Valentine reached here with the red robes and the giants of the Inquisition, he happened to see the mountain-sized city surpassing the horizon under the lift of the light.

“A floating city? Another sorcerer is trying to create a floating city?” Valentine thought in surprise. Hadn’t the plan of a floating city been proved a failure again and again in the Magic Empire?

“The name of the city is Allyn. In the language of Sylvanas, it means ‘City in the Sky’.” With a solemn declaration, a sorcerer in a black robe appeared before the floating city that was enshrouded in brightness.

“Douglas, the president of the Congress of Magic.”

Alarmed, Valentine recognized the sorcerer.

Over the past decades, Douglas had taken actions several times, saving a lot of sorcerers and killing many clerics and night watchers. His name was put on the Cleansing List.

Douglas stared at them thoughtfully and gravely. Suddenly, a weirdly-shaped celestial globe appeared before him.

“Paradise of Stars!”

The environment immediately became dark and boundless, with stars flashing here and there. Valentine and his companions were trapped.

There was nobody except Hoffenberg in the temple in the Nekso Palace.

However, he opened his mouth and said nonchalantly, “Douglas is indeed extraordinary. He’s planning to kill Valentine even though they are on the same level.”

“Hehe.” Somebody sniffed in the void before him. It was Pope Gregory, who was fighting against the heretics in the northern frontline.

As the monarch of a major kingdom, he had ways to secretly reach out to the pope.

The clerics who returned from the camps of knights in frustration were shocked and scared. After discussing for a while, they decided to confront the king and see if he was bold enough to publicly acknowledge that he betrayed the Lord!

Right then, the holy light that covered the city was concealed, and everything was back to normal.

“What’s going on?”

“How is this happening?”

The clerics looked at each other in shock. The terrifying waves were not gone yet, but why had the divine power circle vanished?

“It’s the Nekso Palace!”

“It’s Hoffenberg!”

They suddenly realized what it was about. The divine power circle had two control pivots, one located in the cathedral and the other in the Nekso Palace!

“Is he really supporting the sorcerers?” the clerics thought in fear and shock.


An enormous noise broke out in the district of nobles near the Nekso Palace. The clerics looked in fear, only to see a magic tower rising and taking shape quickly under magic effects!

It seemed to have been prepared for a long time, or the magic circles couldn’t be completed so quickly!

A magic tower is established in the district of nobles?

The clerics felt coldness to their bones.


A black, spiky magic tower was growing at a visible speed, but Zakley, the saint cardinal of the capital of the Duchy of Calais, could only watch it in shock and fright in the cathedral whose defense had been entirely activated because he saw “Ceaseless Wind” Raymond standing next to Atlant, the Eye of Curse!


In the capital of the Kingdom of Brianne, in Kasvig, the capital of the city alliances in the north coastline, and in the capital of the Kingdom of Colette, similar magic towers were rising one after another, announcing to the world the return of sorcerers!

As for the grand cardinals of those places (none of them was a legend because those places were not the Church’s focus), some were killed, and some managed to keep themselves safe in the cathedrals thanks to the divine power circles. They asked for the help of the Church, but the Church, which was in the middle of a war with the North Church, could only deploy a few legends to them for now. They were outnumbered by the enemy.

The Inquisition of Cocus, on the other hand, had been strewn with bodies.

No, the bodies crawled and rose to their feet again, following Vicente.

Wandering in the Inquisition surrounded by the army of the undead, he saw the appalled “Crazy Hound” in the inquisitor’s office.

“Vicente?” The previous massacre in the town made him know that Vicente was alive and back for his revenge.

Looking at “Crazy Hound”, the man whose face had been worn out by time, Vicente said coldly, “You have the honor to be the first offering to revive Shirley.”

As he spoke, “Crazy Hound” raised his hands and grabbed his own neck. He moaned painfully but could not utter a word.

Then, his body became rigid, and it was stored into a special coffin by Vicente.

Sorcerers entered Rentato one after another. Looking at the high magic tower, they had complicated feelings. The magic tower, as well as themselves, could finally show up in public!

On the plain, the vast, boundless cosmos disappeared. A lot of dead bodies were falling, but Douglas was still in the sky. The floating city behind him, on the other hand, began to ascend rapidly!

“He’s indeed a monster who has the combat ability of a top legend,” Hoffenberg remarked casually.

From the void, Gregory’s voice came out again. “What do you want?”

At this moment, he had to count on the power of nobles, so he asked straightforwardly.

“The Church’s introspection. The Church needs to know its boundaries,” Hoffenberg said so peacefully as if he were just talking about the weather.

“Introspection? Boundaries?” Gregory sounded angry.

“Yes.” Hoffenberg did not back off at all. He softly touched the Sword of Truth next to him with his right hand.

The floating city, which looked like an upside-down mountain, flew higher and higher. The buildings in them had all been repaired, and all the cracks were gone.


After it reached the planned location, light burst out, and the floating city shivered up and down softly.

The sorcerers near the plain and in Rentato all watched it with their hearts palpitating, fearing that it might fall.

The quake stopped, and the enormous city floated in midair steadily. The magic stripes and patterns glittered one after another, constructing an invisible rampart!

“It’s… It’s really flying…”

“That’s the floating city…”

The sorcerers covered their mouths in case they cried out aloud. The endeavor that the Magic Empires had never accomplished succeeded in the darkest age! The flying city was also a sign that their rat-like lives had come to an end!

The future might be even gorier, but there would be light!

The clerics, the nobles, and the ordinary people looked at it in astonishment. A city in the sky. Was it the Lord’s residence? Then why had it been stolen and occupied by the sorcerers?

Before the floating city, Douglas magnified his voice with magic and announced solemnly, “This is Allyn, the City in the Sky, and the headquarters of the Congress of Magic!”

His words were short and simple, but all the sorcerers who heard him wept.

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