Throne of Magical Arcana

Chapter 805 - The Primeval Hell

Chapter 805: The Primeval Hell

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Memphiste, the Lord of Mysteries, was not bothered by Lucien’s silence. He simply went on, “The favor I ask is probably also your purpose, Evans.”

 “You know my purpose?” Lucien raised his eyebrows and asked back.

 The Ice Duke chuckled. “You have specifically come to the Silent Hell before you go to the primeval hell because you want the special Stellar Core, don’t you? As a matter of fact, based on the clues I’ve found, the Stellar Core is not on this level but has been hidden by Tiphotidis into a certain relic in the primeval hell as hope for his resurrection.”

 “I would like you to go to the relics, find that Stellar Core, and erase all the possibilities of Tiphotidis’ return, Evans. The Stellar Core and the detailed files of the primeval hell that I provide will be the reward for you.”

 “Why don’t you go there yourself? If you know the primeval hell so well, why don’t you erase the hope of the Master of Argent’s revival in person? You can never relax unless you are the one doing it,” Lucien said without giving an answer.

 Memphiste looked like a pale and sickly man. Had it not been for his silver devilish horns and his evil red eyes, he would’ve been neglected very easily. In a self-mocking smile, he said, “I dare not enter it exactly because I know it too well. I fear that I’ll become a carrier for the primeval devils to arrive. At the very least, I would rather not take the risk until I reach level three of legendary. Sometimes, ignorance means courage.”

 As he spoke, he glanced at the old man, as if he were mocking the guy for exploring the primeval hell after he just became a legend years ago. Had it not been for luck, he would’ve been melted by the primeval devils and wandered in the broken relics henceforth.

 “Do the primeval devils really exist?” Lucien suddenly opened his mouth and asked.

 Memphiste smiled. He knew that Lucien had accepted his request but did not want to set up a contract, in case he would have to worry about the enforcement of the contract if he ran into emergencies in the primeval hell. After all, when the mission was fulfilled, the Stellar Core would be his, and nobody could steal it away.

 “If you believe that the primeval devils exist, they will indeed exist. They wander in the relics in the primeval hell and receive the summoning from the main material world and all the alternate dimensions. However, if you don’t think they exist, they will no longer exist. They’re more like an exterior projection of the negative feelings in yourself. Everybody sees different things according to their memories and strength, but the intense negative feelings are the same.” Thinking for a moment, the Ice Duke told his knowledge about the primeval devils in his own way. “Therefore, the most important thing is the control over feelings and desires.”

 “It shouldn’t be dangerous for you. Your title is ‘Lord of Mysteries’. Since you are best at manipulation, you can certainly control your own feelings and desires well. Also, you have the help of extraordinary abilities like ‘everlasting peace’.” Lucien did not know the real name of the extraordinary ability, so he simply referred to it with its image.

 Memphiste sighed and said, “However, when the primeval devils appear with the wandering souls inside, they can be as strong as top legends. Although it cannot last, that’s enough to crush me. Also, the primeval hell is different from other places in that the slightest negative feelings will be magnified tenfold, a hundred times, and a thousand times. The primeval devils will take advantage of the weakness and plant seeds in your mind. So, you must stop all the negative feelings from appearing in the primeval hell, or you wouldn’t be able to free yourself.”

 “Magnified tenfold, a hundred times, and a thousand times?” Lucien’s black pupils in his deep eyes seemed to be glittering.

 The files on primeval devils that Lucien had before came from Douglas and Rhine. Their explorations of the primeval hell were relatively smooth, and they were never possessed by the primeval devils. The old man was almost lost and only made his way out with a special legendary item. He was unable to tell exactly what happened. Therefore, it was the first time that Lucien heard such a theory. It matched his speculation very well!

 Memphiste put down his special mix and nodded solemnly. “In hell, a lot of devils went to the primeval hell for adventures and enormous strength. Therefore, I have millions of cases as the foundation of my analysis.”

 The number had been accumulated for tens of thousands of years.

 “Hehe. However orderly devils may see, their hearts are always evil and full of desire. When they are not strong enough, it’s barely possible for them to stay out of the influence of the primeval devils.” Lucien smiled casually, not bothered at all that he was faced with a great devil.

 Memphiste laughed aloud. “That’s very correct. Therefore, knowing myself very well, I dare not go in personally. Frankly speaking, the devils will suffer no losses after they are possessed by the primeval devils. At worst, their desires will be stronger, and their lives will be much shorter, but their strength will grow significantly. Such desire matches our ambitions and our way of thinking very well. It will not influence other thinking abilities, but will only make us smarter.”

 That’s what we say “ever since I suffered mental diseases, my mental state has been much better”… Lucien chuckled to himself.

 After his laughter, the Ice Duke went on, “After you enter the primeval hell, except for the few fixed relics, the environment that every intelligent creature sees is different. In such an environment, the wandering souls will turn into the family, friends, teachers, and students that you value, as well as the enemies that you hate, under the domination of primeval devils. They will play the scenes of betrayals, slaughters, pain, and lust before you.

 “We all know that such simple illusions cannot affect the judgment of legendary sorcerers, but for the primeval devils, they do not hope that the people who enter the relics can be bewildered by the illusions so easily but aim for the emotional fluctuation that is from natural instincts. After all, there’s a gap between natural reactions and the sensible judgment of oneself.”

 Lucien nodded his head. “The problem can be avoided by casting spells such as ‘Mechanized Mind’ in advance.”

 “Therefore, for top legends, the most important thing is to take care of the sudden attacks from the primeval devils who hide in such illusions. In the primeval hell, they will never be killed. They will be reborn and attack the enemy incessantly. If there weren’t a time gap, and if more than three primeval devils could show up simultaneously, even the top legends would not be able to resist the fearless attacks of the seven primeval devils,” the Ice Duke mentioned something that Lucien did not know.

 Lucien frowned. “Why would there only be three primeval devils at most every time?”

 That was his greatest question.

 “That I do not know. However, I know that ‘Arrogance’ always acts alone, because he is an embodiment of arrogance. Also, ‘Hypocrisy’ never joins the attack but is more used to attacking in secret. If ‘Jealousy’ takes action with the other primeval devils, he will be your ‘helper’. The other four devils often appear in pairs, but they never take action together,” Memphiste said in his opinion.

 Lucien was rather interested. It’s rather creative to consider the problem from such a perspective.

 Also, as long as the seven primeval devils were not attacking him at the same time, he would be confident to leave safely even though the other four devils were to join their hands. After all, they could only behave as top legends for a short while.

 “Sometimes, the primeval devils wouldn’t show up, and the explorers could go into the relics normally and find the ways to summon them…” Memphiste told Lucien the files of the primeval hell that he knew.


 On the ninth level of hell, Lucien walked deep into the core of the sphere through a bottomless crack.

 After descending for a long time, Lucien’s feet finally stepped on soft, weird mud, which shivered all the time as if beating hearts had been buried below.

 Lucien was holding a piece of time-worn paper in his hands. On the paper that was made from the skin of grand devils, eerie patterns that Lucien had never seen before were drawn. The moment he saw the paper, he felt that he saw greed, arrogance, pain, and other deep negative feelings.

 It was the “map” that Memphiste provided for Lucien. As a belonging of Tiphotidis, the Master of Argent, it marked the relic where he hid the Stellar Core. On the other hand, the old man who was good at spirits packed up his stuff, ready to return to the main material world with his wife and Maman to go to Allyn.

 Zigzagging forward, Lucien unleashed his air and scared off a bunch of strong hellish devils before he reached the gate hidden at the deepest part of the canyon.

 The gate was old and did not have any decorations. Revealing a bronze color, it gave the air of transcendence.

 “There is the Gate of Immortality and the Blue Gate. Perhaps this one should be called ‘Gate of Desires’.” Lucien extended his right hand and pressed the gate.

 Feeling the coldness, he found that the gate was opened, revealing the splendid corridor behind it.

 “The corridor of a castle?” Lucien, who had been enhanced with multiple spells, walked in slowly.

 Different rooms were on the two sides of the corridor. The dark red wood on the doors implied their state-of-the-art quality. Their lower edges were covered in what appeared to be golden foils.

 After a few steps forward, alluring moans suddenly entered Lucien’s ears.

 “Is ‘Lust’ the first to come?” Lucien looked in through the half-opened door. “It sounds rather familiar…”

 Inside the room was a big bed with a red sheet, on which two naked bodies were rolling. The one on the top had purple long hair and a graceful curve, as well as a vigorous face with the beauty that Lucien couldn’t be more familiar with.


 Natasha’s eyes were blurry as she looked down at the girl below affectionately, who was also naked.

 Huh. A girl?

 It was not until then that Lucien realized that the girl was Sylvia, who was already dead. Her beautiful face that was as pure as a lily was flushing, and her eyes were half-closed, as soul-stirring moans burst out of her lips. Her small but firm breasts were rubbing against Natasha’s tightly…

 It seemed to be a scene from when Natasha and Sylvia were still together.

 Lucien’s lips curled, and he chuckled without being affected.



 In Duchy of Orvarit, Aalto…

 Hardly had Gossett, a red robe, entered Philibell’s library when he saw that the Grand Cardinal rose in a hurry.

 “His Holiness has summoned the Grand Cardinals for an emergency meeting. You will supervise the divine power circle of Aalto for now.” Philibell gave the instruction while he walked to the teleportation circle.

 “An emergency meeting? Did something happen?” Gossett immediately became grave.

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