Thriller Paradise

Chapter 49 The Peerless Garlic 3

Chapter 49 The Peerless Garlic 3

Since Feng Bujue did not chase after Ming Zi, the latter started to slow down once he realized that no one was tailing him. Several seconds later, Ming Zi decided to stop and turn around to look down the block. From afar, he saw Feng Bujue catching up to Atobe, and when he thought that Atobe was about to be killed, he was shocked to notice that no fight broke out. Heightening his surprise, two minutes later, the two walked toward him side by side. Atobe even waved at Ming Zi, as if telling him that he was alright.

Soon, they returned to the gun store. Feng Bujue turned off the speakers and explained the situation to them. "So… After some experiments, I have basically grasped the several properties of these BW Zombies. Even though the opening CG has mentioned some of them, I feel like it's better to go over them again.

"First, they are greatly averse to the smell of garlic like how we would react to tear gas. The effect of fresh garlic is less than desirable, but after chewing it in your mouth, the smell coming from your mouth will be very effective."

"Big Brother, I've been meaning to ask, is it okay for you to be covered in blood like this? Aren't you afraid of being infected?" Ming Zi asked after seeing Feng Bujue and the two strings of garlic that were drenched in blood.

Feng Bujue pointed at his face, which was relatively clean. "Just be careful to not let the monster's bodily fluid splash into your eyes or mouth." He then pointed at his clothes. "But I know you mean this… Well, it looks a bit much, but actually, not all of this is monster blood. When I was pouring the blood packs into the barrel, some accidentally splashed on me."

He then took out a full plastic bag from his inventory and placed it on the ground. It was filled with clean garlic. "The two strings I have are my final line of defense, and I kept the edible ones in my backpack. You should go find some bags, and I'll share some of mine with you. You just need to chew on them during battle, and the monsters will practically be defenseless."

"Hmm… I'll just take one. After all, you can get around seven cloves from a bulb, and should we run out, we'll ask more from you," Ming Zi said.

"I don't need it, thank you," Atobe-sama said straightforwardly.

"Looks like neither of you like the smell of garlic," Feng Bujue said with solemnity. "Do you know that garlic is the best accompaniment to soup noodles?"

"Nope," they answered in unison.

Feng Bujue used a wicked expression and breathed out at them.

"We're not monsters! What are you doing‽"

Feng Bujue turned serious again. "Then, we shall now talk about the properties of BW Zombies."

"You sure change fast enough…"

"Sunlight will slow them down." Feng Bujue continued the description. "As slow as the transformation of Sailor Moon fighters, when she finished changing… I mean, when it starts attacking, I could have finished reciting two poems already."

"Man, you sure have broad interests…"

Feng Bujue glanced at the dead bodies on the street. "Even though decapitation can stop the mobility of their bodies, the head will still be alive. After my experiments, only by destroying their hind-brain or blowing their head up with a gun will you be able to kill them."

As he said that, he pulled out a shotgun from his backpack and used an admiring gaze to study the weapon. "This Winchester I found in the store here is perfect for a job like that. Even if you fail to hit the head at a close distance, it'll still leave behind a large hole in the other part of its body, and it's far more damaging than a pistol."

"That's right, the gun store!" Atobe-sama's eyes widened. "I almost forgot about that. Let's go grab some weapons first!"

He rushed into the shop with Ming Zi. The two were players who were desperately in need of weapons, and they had not seen an excellent quality item before. For them, to be able to upgrade from cold steel to firearms was already a great reward. For someone as low level as Feng Bujue to have four excellent items and one that he temporarily could not equip in his bag was hard to imagine for anyone else.

Atobe-sama and Ming Zi rushed into the store and were greeted by a mess. The shelves on the walls were empty, gun parts littered the cupboards and ground, while the storeroom behind the counter looked like it had been ransacked as well.

Feng Bujue walked in behind them and continued in his level tone. "Logically-speaking, after a virus epidemic, the first place to be ransacked will be the gun store. On top of that, to keep the game difficulty, they won't provide us with too many weapon choices."

Atobe-sama did not appear to hear Feng Bujue. He looked over the moon as he picked up two pistols from the ground and slipped them into his backpack. He then grabbed a TMP and laughed. "We've hit motherload this time."

Ming Zi tossed out the baseball bat and rusted pipe from his inventory and replaced them with two pistols. He grabbed a UMP45 rifle, and he looked as overjoyed as his friend.

The two looked like beggars being given a huge donation after getting some normal quality guns. Honestly, it was quite pitiable. Compared to actual professional players, both their standards and way of thinking were incredibly amateurish.

With the reminder from Feng Bujue, the two finally remembered something important. They took out the pistols from their backpacks awkwardly, looked at their bullets, and went searching for suitable ammo.

The three returned to the street, and by then, around five BW Zombies had been attracted. Feng Bujue suggested that they use those monsters as live targets to practice on, to get used to the guns. After some fumbling, they finally understood how to operate firearms. After firing some rounds, they realized that their accuracy was very low if they were ten meters away from the target, but once the distance was narrowed down to less than five meters and with a steady hold on the gun, the accuracy rate greatly improved.

After dealing with all the monsters, Feng Bujue said, "Where was I earlier? Oh, right, the next property is that…

"The vampire's desire for blood is evident in these BW Zombies as well. They are attracted by the smell of blood. Of course, it has to be uninfected human blood. I believe… they are able to discern that from smell alone.

"These BW Zombie's sense of smell must be less powerful than pure werewolves but stronger than normal zombies. If living humans like us appear within fifty meters of one's radius, they don't need to rely on their sight to discover us; they are able to track exposed human blood in the air from almost one kilometer away, and they are intensely attracted to it."

"You're joking, right? This entire city is practically a murder scene, and they can identity a barrel of human blood through the heavy stench?" Atobe-sama looked at the blood barrel.

"It's normal. One of the trademarks of a good sense of smell is the separation of smells. For example, a drug hound will be able to analyze the makeup of a stench on a molecular level," Feng Bujue answered. "Let's say you go and sniff a pile of poop, at most you'll know it's smelly, but for a creature with good sense of smell, they can even know what the person that made the poop had the day before."

"Now, I only want to know why your analogy wasn't censored by the system," Atobe-sama complained.

"Under normal circumstances, the word poop is not viewed at an offensive term; it is just a noun," Feng Bujue explained. "Based on my speculation, the system might even come up with a scenario where the players have to talk about this item."

With a dark face, he said, "For example… a situation where the players might be drowning inside a pool of poop…"

"I can't hear you… I can't hear you…" Atobe-sama quickly clamped his hands over his ears and repeated those words to himself.

Feng Bujue shrugged and did not finish the disgusting topic, switching subject. "Since we've met each other, things will be simpler. The time now is 2:30 pm. You should use this place as a base and try to kill as many monsters as you can. Since the gun store is just next to you, even though there aren't that many guns left, there is plenty of ammo.

"I will go ahead to look for other players and bring them here."

He raised his head to look at the sky.

"Whether I can find them or not, I'll return before the sun sets." Then he was reminded of something. "Oh, sounds can attract the monsters as well, so turn the speakers on after I leave."

"Wait a minute," Ming Zi said. "I've been meaning to ask, this…"

His eyes looked at the barrel, empty blood packs, speakers, and so on. "How did you manage to do all this?"

"The general process was… before coming to the gun store, I went to a hospital around two blocks away. At the time, I wanted to see if I could find any medicine but accidentally realized that the monsters are attracted to human blood. After exploring the hospital, I came here and decided to make this place a base. Therefore, I went to the nearby shopping complex to grab a trolley and rush to the hospital. I found the blood bank, kicked down the door, grabbed around ten blood packs, and brought them back here in the trolley.

"Then I hauled the barrel from the opposite shop and filled it with blood. The speakers, I grabbed from the shop in between monster waves. The reason was because the music can attract the monsters, and because the monsters were coming too slowly, I was rather bored just standing there.

"In any case, you can train your level here without worry. This scenario's limitation on time is very relaxed, so we should make use of this opportunity to raise our mastery level and earn more Skill Points."

After explaining all that, he waved his sleeves and turned to leave, leaving behind the two 'professional' players, watching him walk away.

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