Thriller Paradise

Chapter 19 First Multiplayer Scenario 3

Chapter 19 First Multiplayer Scenario 3

"One, two, three… Hmm… Just five of them." Feng Bujue counted as he headed to the middle of the street, away from the brighter area. He jumped on the hood of a car and stood on its roof. Holding the wrench in one hand, he looked around him and kept his ears to the wind. Using himself as bait, he stood alone at this high location, which was slightly dark, to attract the attention of those strange babies.

Wang Tanzhi took out his fruit knife and put on the equipment that he had obtained from his earlier Solo Survival Mode—a black helmet. It looked rather untrustworthy to be honest. He stood back to back with Long Aomin. They did not stray far from the streetlight, and each watched one direction of the street carefully.

Meanwhile, Mr. Loneliest and Ms. Saddest chose to deal with this the common way most couples in horror movies would. The girl hugged the man's arm while the man stood before the girl, typical suicidal positioning.

The shadows moved down the street using the shadows of the buildings and the vehicles to hide their movement. These monsters moved fast, and they appeared in the light for at most one second before disappearing again.

Feng Bujue stood quite far away from the light, and as expected, he was the first one to be assaulted. A monster baby bounced up from the ground and leaped up about two meters tall as it tried to ambush Feng Bujue from behind.

Its movement had been closely followed by Feng Bujue, so the ambush failed. The man turned around to see the monster baby. The monster's body was coppery green, and its face was extremely ugly. A row of uneven yellow teeth burst out of its lips, its arms were sharp scythes, and it had animalistic features under its knees. The ends of its legs were not feet but hooves.

Feng Bujue had chosen to stand on the roof due to the consideration that the monsters were less than one meter tall. Therefore, to attack a target that was on higher ground, it would have jump. Since it was in midair, it would not be able to evade for a short period of time.

In terms of strength, Feng Bujue had the upper hand, and for this moment, he had spent a long time preparing. He aimed right at the monster's head and waved the wrench in a downward arc. One could envision how disgusting that would be.

Imagine a watermelon was flying at your face and you used a wooden bar to whack at it while it was in midair. But in this case, the watermelon was filled with rotten pus, thick decaying liquid, and semi-solid goo. Before you could step away, the watermelon burst, and the spray landed all on you.

That was what happened to Feng Bujue. What splattered on his body was unnecessarily authentic, even in terms of smell. To put it in a more literary way, at that moment, Feng Bujue was radiating a dark and mysterious aura, but to put it plainly… the man was covered in the unmistakable stench of death.

Even though the monster was one-hit killed by Feng Bujue, there were four more surrounding him. Even though the system might have set their number corresponding to the number of players, it did not mean that they were programed to go after one player each. Other than Feng Bujue, the other players were standing under the light, and those who had seen horror movies knew that the monsters always went after the stranded individual first, so the other four ignored the rest and went to surround Feng Bujue.

In that situation, Feng Bujue was indeed slightly nervous, but not to the state where he had the emotion of fear. With his calm thinking, he directly vetoed the idea of running back to the streetlight. By then, he had already gotten an idea of the monsters' speed. He knew that once he jumped down from the roof, in less than five seconds, two monsters would charge at him at the same time, and his leg would be chopped off by one of them.

Standing on the same level, it would be hard to deal with those small, speedy monsters. Feng Bujue believed that with his current status, he could still manage fighting one on one on the ground, but he would lose if the situation was tipped against his favor.

The second monster leaped at him about ten seconds later. Feng Bujue had no idea when the third one would jump at him, but he knew that he had to deal with the imminent threat first. He relied on his old trick and waved the wrench. The hit did not land as squarely as the first, but it was close enough. It connected on the side of the monster's head. The combination of the fire element and special effect of the weapon delivered just enough damage to successfully kill the second monster.

The third wave of attacks started before Feng Bujue had the chance to pull back his arm. This time, two monsters charged at him at the same time. Feng Bujue was assaulted on both his left and right side. If he turned to block one, he would be attacked by the other, and it was hard to commit to a one-hit kill at a time like this.

Thankfully, at that moment, arriving just in time was a large body that headed right into the fray. Like riding on a skateboard, Long Aomin charged into the battlefield. His legs had not moved, so it was obvious that he had activated a skill for this movement.

After all, the man was a level ten character. He was exceptional in combat. Long Aomin raised his shield and charged close to one of the monsters. He used the shield to knock it back. Then, he opened his arm and waved. Using the edge of the shield, he knocked into the other monster's waist to make it lose its balance in the air, causing it to careen from its original trajectory.

Naturally, Feng Bujue would not give up on such a precious opportunity. With that two-second opening, he reacted fast enough to grab the wrench and kill the monster with the injured waist. Once again, the blood and guts splashed over them.

Seeing that he had finished off the monster, Long Aomin quickly ran over to the monster that he had knocked down. He bent his knees and slammed his shield into the creature.

The monster had just landed from the shield's knockback. It did not have the chance to steady its feet when it saw a large man rush at him. It had no choice but to try to defend itself with its sharp arms. Even though that sparked some friction on the shield, as a monster that was not that strong, cutting through an excellent quality shield was impossible.

Long Aomin roared and slammed the shield into the monster several times. After a wail, the monster was pulverized.

"Where is the other one? We should take this opportunity to end it." Wang Tanzhi finally arrived. He had made his move at the same time as Long Aomin, but the latter had used a skill to move and reached his destination in half of a second while Wang Tanzhi had to run. In those few seconds, Brother Long had already accomplished an assist and a kill.

"Don't lower your guard. I don't think it is that sim…" Before Feng Bujue could finish his words, the darkness suddenly descended upon them. All the lights in the city turned off, and even the moon in the sky disappeared.

It felt like the world was swallowed by darkness. The sound of breathing, whispering, and cackling… suddenly became extremely clear in that moment like they were right next to the source, in the darkness that was just beyond arm's reach.

Several seconds later, like the opening CG, the weak moonlight drizzled upon them again, and the streetlights returned. Everything became how it once was. Except for the last monster that was hiding in the shadows. After the strange ritual that welcomed the darkness, it experienced a drastic change.

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