Three Meals of a Reincarnator

Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Chapter 320


The American hunter leader, Ethan, laughed.

He got a call from Korea.

Ho Sung Lee made an order as Min Sung Kang’s representative for all hunter leaders to gather in Korea.

‘If he had something to say, why didn’t he say something at the meeting instead of making us go there again?’

“That rep bastard needs to learn his place.”

Ethan boiled with anger.

And the same went for the other hunter leaders who got the call.

Even if Ho Sung Lee was Min Sung Kang’s representative, they had no intention of giving him any respect.

That was because he was the head of a clan called Diamond Clan, whom they have never heard of.

He was just a pathetic man who they would’ve killed if he even gave them a glance before any of this happened.

The fact that they had to listen to someone like that made them feel sick, and since they didn’t even know if Min Sung Kang was alive, they weren’t sure if his orders were worth listening to.

For that reason, through a video call, the hunter leaders agreed that it was best that they act once Min Sung Kang’s whereabouts were confirmed.

They didn’t see a point in following Ho Sung Lee’s orders.

But Ethan thought differently.

“I think we should go to Korea,” said Ethan softly to the hunter leaders on the screen.

The hunter leaders couldn’t understand why they had to listen to his orders.

But Ethan’s face looked stern.

“This is the best situation to get a justification out of him.”

It wasn’t a bad idea to go to Korea, ask where Min Sung Kang was, and see how Ho Sung Lee would react to their push.

If he came off offensively, all they had to do was come off strong as well.

While Min Sung Kang had a lot to lose, the hunter organizations all over the world didn’t.

It was all about image.

If Min Sung Kang was alive and was simply away for a while, he couldn’t threaten the hunter organization if they were the ones in power.

And if that were to happen, the Korean organization would gain the image of an organization using force, and the citizens would naturally fear being dominated by them as a result.

For that reason, Ethan believed that they could negotiate.

After all, they were a group while Min Sung Kang was pretty much an individual.

Central Institute was nothing but a ghost.

He didn’t forget that Min Sung Kang was the only one with power.

“What if Min Sung Kang ignores that and attacks us? That could be possible knowing his personality.”

The Russian hunter leader made sense.

If he was right and Min Sung Kang ignored everything and used his force, there would be no way out.

“Then do you want to just do as he says?”

Ethan’s question was heavy.

The worth of a nation versus an individual.

Rather than just having it stolen, it was much better to fight for it and then lose.

The hunter leaders decided to abandon their fear.

“One person can’t rule over the world, and we don’t even know where Min Sung Kang is. So let’s go and teach Korea who’s boss.”

The hunter leaders agreed with Ethan.

They got ready to head over to Korea.


Ji Yoo Kim looked worried.

And Ho Sung Lee knew exactly why she looked that way.

“They won’t surrender to power. They’ll probably try to bring political force using that as an excuse.”

Ji Yoo Kim spoke the truth, but Ho Sung Lee smirked.

“I’m Min Sung Kang’s representative. I can’t allow anyone to insult him. That’s all I want to show them.”

Ho Sung Lee had already made up his mind, and Ji Yoo Kim must’ve realized she couldn’t talk him out of it because she looked like she just didn’t want things to get complicated.

But on the other hand, she also cheered Ho Sung Lee on.

They couldn’t proceed forward without running into conflict.

They had to overcome obstacles to get anywhere, so it was the right time for Ho Sung Lee to act this way.

In the end, they were fighting over who would take the lead.

All she was worried about was the possibility of the world’s hostility toward the hunter organizations shifting over to Min Sung Kang.

“We’re here.”

The car stopped in front of the building, and Ho Sung Lee and Ji Yoo Kim got out of the car.

There was a crowd of reporters.

Ho Sung Lee and Ji Yoo Kim greeted them as they entered the building.

Ho Sung Lee’s heart pounded due to nervousness.

He was angry while also feeling tense.

But this kind of tension only made him feel more motivated and strong-willed.

However, Ho Sung Lee continued to remind himself that he couldn’t fight based on emotions alone.

This was a fight for power.

If Min Sung Kang came back to a lot of work, that would prove that he was incompetent.

When he came back, there had to be very little that he had to fix.

That was his role.

Ho Sung Lee was determined.

They passed the lobby, got in the elevator, and on their way up to the meeting room, Ho Sung Lee nor Ji Yoo Kim said a single thing.

Their silence meant something important.

That meant Ji Yoo Kim was going to trust Ho Sung Lee with it.

Ho Sung Lee’s face was filled with heavy responsibility for the first time in his life.


The elevator doors opened and Ho Sung Lee entered the meeting room.

Ho Sung Lee walked toward the long table and sat at the head of the table.

He wasn’t doing it just to look high and aloft.

He was simply focused on protecting Min Sung Kang’s worth.

Ho Sung Lee waited for the hunter leaders to arrive with a sharp look in his eyes.

He normally wouldn’t have been able to look them in the eyes, but it was different now.

As long as he was Min Sung Kang’s representative, everyone was beneath his feet, and he had to be a great hunter who could dominate all of the other hunters in Min Sung Kang’s stead.

“Would you like a warm cup of tea?” An employee asked.

Ho Sung Lee smiled at her.

“I”d like a cold glass of water, please.”

The employee bowed and brought him a glass of water.

Ho Sung Lee drank the water while checking the time on his watch.

He came just in time which meant that the rest of them were late.

Even 5 minutes and 10 minutes after Ho Sung Lee drank his water, they didn’t show up.

It was 15 minutes later when the hunter leaders began to appear one by one.

They didn’t even greet him and sat down with displeased faces.

Ho Sung Lee stared at them without a word and waited for them to fill the seats.

It was 40 minutes after when Ethan finally arrived.

Until then, the hunter leaders chatted amongst themselves and ignored Ho Sung Lee.

It was only when Ethan arrived that the hunter leaders shut their mouths.

Ho Sung Lee smirked and put a cigarette in his mouth.

He lit it and smoked it as he scanned the hunter leaders.

In the midst of the silence, the Russian hunter leader glared at Ho Sung Lee and opened his mouth.

“Seeing how you called us busy hunter leaders to Korea, there must’ve been a good reason.”

That was his way of telling him to get to the point.

Ho Sung Lee continued to smoke his cigarette while staring at the hunter leader before nodding and throwing his cigarette away.

In response, the hunter leaders either knitted their brows or glared at him.

Ho Sung Lee laughed back.

“I’m curious about something. Whoever can answer me, please do.”


The hunter leaders looked at Ho Sung Lee with displeased faces.

“What makes you so confident to defy me?”

In response, the hunter leaders either smirked or laughed.

The Russian hunter leader glared at Ho Sung Lee and opened his mouth.

“I’m sure you’ve seen on the news that Min Sung Kang has disappeared. I actually want to ask you what makes you so demanding.”

Ho Sung Lee tilted his head.

“I can’t give you any information on Min Sung Kang. It’s top secret. I think you’re all misunderstanding something. Do you know?”

The hunter leaders looked at Ho Sung Lee as if they were asking what he meant.

“All of you put together don’t stand a chance against me,” said Ho Sung Lee while lifting his chin.

The hunter leaders fell silent before bursting into laughter.

Ho Sung Lee watched the hunter leaders almost fall over backward before opening his mouth.

“You’ve made a few mistakes. First, you tried to taint Min Sung Kang’s image. Second, you tried to mess with him.”

Ho Sung Lee’s eyes fell low.

“As his representative, I want to hold you accountable. And I thought about how. Since you’re too weak anyway, this world doesn’t need you.”

The hunter leaders’ faces stiffened as they all stared at Ho Sung Lee.

Ho Sung Lee continued, “What did you do when the black tower appeared or when the devils invaded the earth?”

Ho Sung Lee smiled and continued, “I don’t think it’d be a loss if you disappeared right now…”

Ji Yoo Kim looked at Ho Sung Lee anxiously and Ethan just laughed.

“What a pathetic threat. Do you really think you can kill us without Min Sung Kang?” Ethan asked with a killer gaze.

In response, Ho Sung Lee laughed.

“It wouldn’t be hard at all to kill you. I’m just afraid you could be useful later on.”

“Even if you have the power, don’t you know that what you just said could make the citizens think you’re inhumane?” Ethan asked.

Ho Sung Lee looked back and smiled.

“Of course, I do. But I can take all the blame for that.”

In response, the hunter leaders’ faces turned pale.

Ho Sung Lee slammed the table and got up.

“The point is…”

Ho Sung Lee began to show off a strong presence that not even he had given to anyone before.

Ho Sung Lee glared at the hunter leaders and uttered, “You tried to mess with Min Sung Kang… That’s all I care about.”

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