The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 923 - Return to the Chimeric Icefield

Chapter 923: Return to the Chimeric Icefield

Two days later, Yun Chujiu was washed out by the whirlpool. She found that she was in freshwater, and the temperature was relatively high. Could it be a hot spring?

Eh? Why did the scenery here look familiar?

Yun Chujiu climbed out of the water and was immediately dumbfounded!

F*ck! Wasn’t this the Chimeric Icefield?!

Right, when she and An Feng went to the bottom of the water to investigate, they did indeed find a whirlpool. At that time, she had speculated that this whirlpool led to the sea. As she had expected, this place led to the Sea of Stars, moreover, it might even lead to the Endless Sea. It was truly an unexpected find.

An idea flashed through Yun Chujiu’s mind. However, when she wanted to grab hold of it, she could not recall that moment of inspiration. Hence, she could only climb onto the shore. After drying her clothes, she looked around.

This place was no different from before. From afar, she could see two Earth-shattering Ice Bears running over. They were Big Bear and Bear Two.

The two Earth-shattering Ice Bears had looked for food nearby. After smelling the scent on Yun Chujiu’s body, they immediately ran over.

The two gigantic creatures acted coquettishly. Yun Chujiu could not help but laugh. These two were probably here for her medicinal pills.

Yun Chujiu took out two bottles of transcendent-grade blood coagulation pills and threw them at them. The attitude of the two Earth-shattering Ice Bears became even more obedient. Big Bear gestured for Yun Chujiu to ride on its back.

Yun Chujiu’s eyes lit up. Since she had arrived at the Chimeric Icefield, it was a good opportunity for her to visit Brother Merman. She might not be able to return to the Azure Mystic Continent for a long time, so it was a good opportunity to leave some food for Brother Merman.

Yun Chujiu commanded the big bear to go to the place where the enchantment was discovered. However, she never expected that the mountain had disappeared. Yun Chujiu was instantly dumbfounded!

How, how could this be? How could a mountain suddenly disappear? If the mountain was gone, how could she find Brother Merman?

Yun Chujiu asked Little Black Rat to drill into the ice layer to check. Little Black Rat dug more than 100 feet deep, but it did not find any traces of the original underground palace.

Yun Chujiu thought of the Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Snow Ganoderma. She immediately asked Big Bear to carry it to the place where the Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Snow Ganoderma grew. Sure enough, the Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Snow Ganoderma had disappeared. What was going on?

Could it be that the people who imprisoned Brother Merman had moved him to another place to be imprisoned? Or could it be that Brother Merman had escaped by himself?

Yun Chujiu could not figure it out. She could only say goodbye to the two Earth-shattering Ice Bears as she followed the route out of the Chimeric Icefield that she had used before, preparing to return to the Spirit Radiance Sect.

Yun Chujiu had just left the Chimeric Icefield when the voice transmission talisman in her storage ring started to tremble. After Yun Chujiu sent her divine sense in, she heard Di Beiming’s anxious voice, “Little Jiu, where did you go? Are you okay?”

Yun Chujiu thought that Di Beiming was probably worried that something had happened to her, so she quickly replied, “Prince Charming, I’m fine. I just came out from the Chimeric Icefield.”

After a while, the voice transmission talisman started to vibrate again, and Di Beiming’s cold snort came from within, “Hmph! So that’s how it is.”

Yun Chujiu was stunned, and then she was furious!

‘You facial paralysis! What are you snorting for? I had disappeared for three days and that’s your response? What do you mean by that? You sound as if I did something bad! What?! I almost died in the whirlpool. You didn’t even ask me what kind of danger I encountered and just said that it was how it is? How outrageous!’

Yun Chujiu was so angry that she did not reply to Di Beiming. Di Beiming also did not send a voice transmission talisman over. A cold war had started between the two.

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