The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 5801 - Chapter 5801: Chapter 5801, where’s My Lightning Strike Stone?

Chapter 5801: Chapter 5801, where’s My Lightning Strike Stone?

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The thousand-year-old corpse turtle emperor bug was going crazy!

It wished it could just pick up the teapot and pour the tea into Yun Chujiu’s mouth!

At this time, yun chujiu said faintly, “If only someone could give me a lightning strike stone, I wouldn’t be so disappointed. ”

The thousand-year-old corpse turtle Emperor Bug’s eyes lit up when it heard that. When it transferred the Spirit Stones to this stinky girl, it found that there were many stones that emitted the power of lightning in the storage ring. It should be the lightning strike stone that she mentioned.

Therefore, the thousand-year-old corpse turtle emperor bug said casually, “Isn’t it just the Lightning Strike Stones? How difficult is that? ! I still have a

lot of lightning strike stones here. I’ll give them all to you as compensation. ”

Yun chujiu immediately stood up in fear and trepidation. “Vice-director

Xiaofu, I was just saying casually just now. Y-you really want to give them to

The thousand-year-old corpse Turtle Emperor Bug curled its lips. “What Spirit Stones? What Lightning Strike Stones? They are all worldly possessions. I’ll transfer them to you right away. ”

Hei Xinjiu looked at the more than 30,000 lightning strike stones that had appeared in her storage ring. Her eyelashes were about to burst with joy!

Aiyo, she had only extorted 40,000 to 50,000 lightning strike stones from Sha Mo. she did not expect director Xiaofu to be so rich!

However, that was also true. When he had led the team on missions in the past, he must have been greedy for lightning strike stones. Otherwise, how could he have so many? !

However, this deputy director Xiaofu really put in a lot of effort. He was determined to poison her to death!

In any case, as long as he poisoned her to death, he could still take back the lightning strike stones.

Unfortunately, he was destined to get nothing out of it.

Her thoughts flashed, and she suddenly clutched her stomach. “Ouch, Ouch, I suddenly have an unbearable abdominal pain. Deputy Director Xiaofu, I’ll go out for a while.”

Hei Xinjiu did not wait for the thousand-year-old corpse turtle emperor insect to react and immediately rushed out of the study room, disappearing without a trace.

The thousand-year-old corpse turtle emperor insect waited for a while, but did not see Yun Chujiu return. Finally, it realized that it was 80% , probably, probably fooled!

The thousand-year-old corpse turtle emperor insect smashed the tea table into powder in anger and returned its body to director Xiaofu with hatred.

When director Xiaofu saw that the coffee table had turned into fine powder, an ominous premonition suddenly arose in his heart.

“Sir, where is Yan Qingcheng?”

The thousand-year corpse turtle emperor bug said unhappily, She said that she had a stomachache, but she didn’t come back after she went out. She really angered me to death! ”

Director Xiaofu’s face was full of speechlessness. Such an obvious excuse, but he actually couldn’t see through it? Still trying to get information? It was such a pity that this was such a great opportunity.

Director Xiaofu suddenly remembered the incident with the spirit stones and quickly checked his storage ring. Fortunately, the spirit tools, pills, Talismans were all there. Where was the lightning strike stone?

Where was his lightning strike stone?

Where was the lightning strike stone that he had painstakingly gathered?

Director Xiaofu’s head buzzed and almost collapsed to the ground. Although he already had a guess in his heart, he still asked, “Sir, where… where is my lightning strike stone?”

The thousand-year-old corpse turtle emperor said lightly, “I gave it to that stinky girl! Isn’t it just some broken stones? Look at how you’re searching! ”


Director Xiaofu immediately spat out a mouthful of blood!

Broken Stones? That was the foundation of his cultivation! ! Without the Lightning Strike Stone, was he supposed to go to the cultivation room and cultivate with those students? !

Seeing this, the thousand-year-old corpse turtle emperor insect said disdainfully, “You spit blood at any time.. You are really a waste! If I had known earlier, I would have possessed someone else! You Are Really Useless! “

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