The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 5798 - Chapter 5798: Chapter 5798: Epiphany

Chapter 5798: Chapter 5798: Epiphany

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Ding Wenrou was stunned for a moment before an ecstatic expression appeared on her face. Did she have an epiphany?

She could not care less and immediately sat down cross-legged to meditate, combing through the spiritual energy that was constantly surging into her body.

Hei xinjiu, who was in the house, also felt the abnormality and hurriedly walked out. When she saw Ding Wenrou, who was wrapped in spiritual energy, she immediately understood that she was having an epiphany.

She quickly ran to the entrance of the courtyard to guard it so that Ding Wenrou would not be disturbed.

The abnormality here also attracted some people’s attention. After all, the prehistoric branch was in the middle of the alchemy branch and the Talisman Seal Branch.

When everyone saw the continuous flow of spiritual power towards the prehistoric branch, they immediately thought of a possibility, which was that someone had had an epiphany!

Everyone’s faces were filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred. They did not know whether it was Yan Qingcheng or Ding Wenrou who had had an epiphany. They were really lucky!

Due to the ban on walking at night, although everyone was curious, they could only poke around in their own courtyards. They had no way to find out what was going on.

Ding Wenrou’s Epiphany lasted for four hours. She opened her eyes and looked at Hei Xinjiu excitedly:

“Qingcheng, I had an epiphany! I had an epiphany! I actually broke through to the fifth level in an instant. I’m already at the eighth level of the Divine Enlightenment! ”

Hei Xinjiu felt happy for Ding Wenrou, but at the same time, she couldn’t help but feel sour. She had only managed to break through to the fifth level of the divine revelation with all her trickery, but Ding Wenrou’s casual Epiphany had already surpassed her by a notch.

In the past, she hadn’t been able to break through so much even with an epiphany!

However, this fellow felt that this was a chance for her to expose her true spiritual power, so he directly adjusted his spiritual power to the true fifth level of the divine revelation.

After thinking for a while, he painfully used the lightning strike stone he had extorted to break through, and finally, he scrambled to break through to the seventh layer of the divine enlightenment.

Ding Wenrou was originally extremely excited because of her epiphany. She felt that she was simply the favored child of Heaven and earth. Otherwise, how could she have broken through to the fifth layer in such a short time? !

But now, she watched Hei xinjiu soar from the ninth layer of the spirit extinguisher to the seventh layer of the divine enlightenment. She immediately threw that little bit of self-satisfaction out of her mind. At the very most, she was the goddaughter of God, qingcheng, this pervert, was the real family.

Hei Xinjiu looked at the few remaining lightning strike stones in her storage ring and felt her heart ache. It seemed that she had to get more lightning strike stones if she had the chance.

This fellow’s eyes suddenly lit up. Director Xiaofu also had a lightning spirit root, so he must have a lot of lightning strike stones. Why not just find an opportunity to extort him?

However, he was most likely having a stroke last time, so he might not be so generous next time..

At this moment, Ding Wenrou came over and asked, “Qingcheng, did you have an epiphany too?”

Hei xinjiu blinked her eyes and nodded shamelessly. “Yes, I had an epiphany too, but it was not as big as yours. ”

When Ding Wenrou had had an epiphany earlier, she did not know the situation around her. She immediately believed it and said happily,

“Qingcheng, is it true that we have had a great time? This is great! ”

Hei xinjiu immediately poured cold water on her. “The lowest cultivation level of the upper house students is at the second layer of the divine summoning realm. Although we have broken through so many levels, we are still at the bottom. We are still at the bottom of the pit. ”

Ding Wenrou was much more open-minded than before the Epiphany. Hearing that, she smiled and said, “Although we are at the bottom now, we will eventually surpass them in the future.

Moreover, no matter what, we are much stronger than before! ”

The faint inferiority complex between her brows had been replaced by self-confidence. Even her plain and ordinary appearance had become more vivid..

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