The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 5692 - Chapter 5692: Chapter 5692 Taiji diagram

Chapter 5692: Chapter 5692 Taiji diagram

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The old man curled his lips. “They definitely won’t be able to go. If the fierce beasts are still passable, the demonic beasts and Spirit Beasts will be corroded to death by the Demonic Qi when they arrive at the demon race continent. ” Yun chujiu said regretfully, “That’s such a pity! It’s their loss that they don’t have such good fortune.

Senior, what great technique are you preparing to cultivate by trapping these cultivators and demonic beasts with Thunder Spirit Roots? “Do you need me to do any preparations?”

The old man was now certain that Yun Chujiu had completely submitted to him, so he did not hide anything. He said, “I have been trapped in this Qiankun arcane realm for many years. Although my life is not in danger, the days I have been trapped here are really depressing.

“The seal of this Qiankun arcane realm is quite strong. Even if I used demonic qi to corrode it for ten thousand years, it only loosened a little.

“It was precisely because the seal loosened a little that the universe secret realm surfaced from the ground.

“I racked my brains to come up with a method. The power of lightning is the strongest power in this world. Only by borrowing the power of lightning can I completely break the seal.

“Coincidentally, I know of an array formation. By burning their spiritual roots, they can obtain extremely strong power of lightning. This way, they might be able to break the seal.

“Although this method is extremely risky, after all, we demons are still more afraid of the power of lightning. However, in order to obtain freedom as soon as possible, I can only take the risk and give it a try.”

Yun chujiu looked around and then said in puzzlement,

“Senior, are you joking? where is the seal here? Besides, I see that your magical power is boundless and doesn’t look like you are being imprisoned. Please don’t lie to me. ”

The old man smiled with some self-satisfaction. “This little bit of Mana is nothing! It’s not even one percent of what I was at my peak. As for the seal, didn’t you notice that there’s a blue sky full of stars but no sun and Moon?”

Yun chujiu nodded. “Yes, why is there no sun and moon?”

The old man waved his hand, and a streak of black gas went straight to the top of the cave. On the left side of the top of the cave, a red sun slowly appeared, and on the right side, a crescent moon appeared.

Just as Yun Chujiu was surprised, the Red Sun and the crescent moon actually started to rotate. In the end, they actually turned into two yin-yang fish, and finally formed a Taiji diagram.

The Taiji diagram emitted an ancient aura. The six demon wolves could not help but kneel on the ground and tremble.

Seeing this, Yun Chujiu quickly pretended to be intimidated by the pressure and said with a trembling voice, “This, this is a seal? It’s too terrifying!”

The old man’s eyes revealed a look of hatred, “If this thing had not been suppressing me, I would have already accomplished my great cause. It’s really hateful! ” !

However, most of my magic power had been sealed. Coupled with the loss of these years, it was already less than one percent of my peak. I could only gamble. ”

The Taiji diagram seemed to only appear when one felt the demonic qi. At this time, the cave ceiling had already returned to its previous state.

Yun chujiu stood up. “Senior, you said that this method is a bit risky. Is there no other way? I really don’t want you to take the risk. If there is another way, just tell me. I will do my best. ”

The old man nodded. “You are a good girl. I will not mistreat you in the future. “.

“Actually, it is not that there is no other way. It is just too difficult. It is several times more difficult than using these thunder spirit root cultivators and demonic beasts to set up a formation.”

“What way?”

“If we had the ancient divine weapon, the Heaven Punisher Divine Axe, to destroy a few of the array holes on the cave ceiling, then the seal would naturally be broken. “.

“Unfortunately, ten thousand years have passed. Regardless of where the Heaven Punisher divine axe is, even if it has already appeared in the world, it’s impossible for someone to come and save me. “The old man sighed..

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