The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 553 - Definitely the Work of Strange Grass

Chapter 553: Definitely the Work of Strange Grass

“Young Master Di, pry open Little Jiu’s mouth. I will feed this anesthetic pill to her! After the anesthetic pill takes effect, I will perform the cut,” Elder Qi said to Di Beiming.

Di Beiming pried open Yun Chujiu’s mouth. Just as Elder Qi placed the pill to Yun Chujiu’s lips, the pill was actually sucked in!

Elder Qi and Di Beiming were stunned. Elder Qi said in surprise, “Little Jiu, are you awake?”

Di Beiming was both happy and scared. He looked nervously at Yun Chujiu on the bed, but her face was still pale. She lay there lifelessly!

“Could it be that my hands are shaking? I’ll try feeding Little Jiu another blood coagulation pill.” Elder Qi gestured for Di Beiming to pry open Yun Chujiu’s mouth again. Elder Qi placed the blood coagulation pill to Yun Chujiu’s lips with a slight tremble. Then, the pill was sucked in once again!

Yun Chujiu, who was floating in the air, could not help but twitch her lips. It must be that damn grass’ trick. It must be hungry!

“Damn! You dare to torture me to death?! This time, you are going to be finished too!”

“Young Master Di, what… What’s going on? Little Jiu did not wake up. Why is this pill being swallowed by itself?” Elder Qi asked in shock.

Di Beiming’s brows were tightly furrowed, and his eyes suddenly lit up! He took out a bottle of pills from his storage ring and stuffed them into Yun Chujiu’s mouth one by one.

Elder Qi’s face was filled with shock!

What was Young Master Di doing this time?!

Was this the way to eat pills?!

“Young Master Di! Stop! Are you trying to kill Little Jiu?!” Elder Qi angrily shouted.

“Elder Qi! This… This might be the way to save Little Jiu! That strange grass in her Dantian likes to eat medicinal pills. Perhaps after feeding it, Little Jiu will wake up!” Di Beiming said with a trembling voice.

What the hell?

It was strange enough that there was grass in her Dantian! It actually eats medicinal pills. ‘Are you sure you are talking about grass?’

Elder Qi saw that Di Beiming did not seem to be lying, so he could only watch in a daze as Di Beiming stuffed bottle after bottle of medicinal pills into Yun Chujiu’s mouth.

Elder Qi was surprised to find that Yun Chujiu’s face was not as pale as before as more and more pills were stuffed into her mouth!

Yun Chujiu, who was floating in the air, rubbed her chin and cursed, “F*ck!! Looking at this, it seems that this incident was definitely caused by Strange Grass! Damn it, just you wait! If I die, then so be it. But if I come back to life, let’s see how I will deal with you!”

Very quickly, Di Beiming’s storage ring was almost emptied of medicinal pills. Elder Qi quickly took out a few bottles of medicinal pills and handed them to Di Beiming. Who would have thought that when Di Beiming put these medicinal pills into Yun Chujiu’s mouth, she would actually spit them out!

Di Beiming and Elder Qi were stunned. Di Beiming frowned, and then his eyes lit up. “It must be that the strange grass dislikes low-grade medicinal pills. Elder Qi, quick. Go to the spirit herb garden and get more high-grade medicinal herbs. Break them and feed them to Little Jiu!”

Elder Qi ran out to gather the medicinal herbs with a dumbfounded expression!

‘What the hell is this grass?! Not only did it grow in her Dantian, it even swallows medicinal pills. The most infuriating thing is that it’s picky. It’s really too weird!’

Master Xuanyuan and the others were originally waiting outside. When they saw Elder Qi run out like a rabbit, they quickly ran back into the house!

Everyone was worried. ‘Could there be an emergency? Hopefully everything goes smoothly!’

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