The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 347 - Heartbroken

Chapter 347: Heartbroken

“Master Di, no matter what, you’ve saved our Spirit Radiance Sect disciple. Please stay for a few more days and let us be good hosts!” Master Xuanyuan said with a smile.

Di Beiming nodded. “Thank you. Then I’ll have to trouble you!”

“Master Di, then I’ll send someone to bring you to our sect’s guest house later. Then, I’ll send a disciple to accompany you around Spirit Radiance Sect!” Master Xuanyuan said very politely. Such an outstanding young man must not be offended. Moreover, he had the support of Kunpeng Immortal Island!

Di Beiming shook his head. “Master Xuanyuan, there’s no need to trouble you. I’ll just stay at Little Jiu’s place for a few days!”

What was that?

What did this Master Di mean?

What did he mean by staying at Little Jiu’s place for a few days?

Did they misunderstood him?

Was Yun Chujiu’s place not just a room?

The two of them wanted to be in the same room together?

When Yun Chujiu heard Di Beiming call her Little Jiu for the first time. Her heart felt numb and her thick, old skin started to turn pink as she said shyly, “Wasn’t he severely injured last time? I was the one who took care of him! Us normal people don’t have so many scruples! Besides, he’s still young! Don’t worry, he’ll be sleeping on the floor!”

Everyone felt that their old hearts could not take it anymore!

Young people nowadays were too bold and unrestrained!

That was right, they did not think too much about it last time! If something could happen, it would have happened last time too!

However, Yun Chujiu was right. She was still young, and this Young Master Di had a graceful bearing. He would not be so mean to bully Little Jiu!

“Sect master, if you feel guilty, then reward me with some more Spirit Stones and delicious food. I promise to treat my Prince Charming well! I promise I won’t keep it all for myself!” Yun Chujiu said with a grin.

Everyone felt that if she did not add the last sentence, they would believe her even more! With her wild and unruly personality, she would be a ghost if she was not greedy!

Master Xuanyuan laughed and said, “Little Jiu, don’t be mischievous! In that case, I’ll let you accompany Young Master Di for a tour around Spirit Radiance Sect. I’ll arrange for a banquet. Please be sure to attend when the time comes!”

Di Beiming nodded. “Thank you!”

When everyone saw that Young Master Di did not say much, they exchanged some pleasantries before sending him off!

Yun Chujiu held Di Beiming’s arm and hopped out of the meeting hall! When she saw the scene outside, she was instantly enraged!


‘What was the meaning of this?

‘All of you are so flashy! Where’s the beauty contest?

‘Do you think gigolo is a piece of meat? Can all of you wipe your saliva off?’

Yun Chujiu instantly had a strong sense of crisis. She held Di Beiming’s arm even tighter, and her entire body leaned on his!

“Prince Charming, my feet hurt. Carry me!” Yun Chujiu said in a sweet voice!

The female disciples who were fighting for the Prince Charming were instantly enraged!

Prince Charming?

From the way she addressed him, he was definitely not an elder brother or uncle!

‘Yun Chujiu, you little girl, you actually touched this handsome man!

‘Your feet hurts? Weren’t you jumping around happily just now? Besides, don’t you have a chopping board? Why do you want this handsome man to carry you? Shameless!

‘The handsome man definitely wouldn’t agree! Definitely not!’

The handsome man raised his eyebrows, and then he actually picked up the thick-skinned Yun Chujiu and flew away on his sword!

Everyone felt their hearts break!

How was that possible!! How could he turn a blind eye to these delicate flowers and take a fancy to that simpleton grass of a person?!

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