The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 345 - He Was Called Di Beiyu

Chapter 345: He Was Called Di Beiyu

Master Xuanyuan and the others also paid attention to the situation at the back of the mountain. They strictly forbade their disciples from approaching the back of the middle peak.

Master Xuanyuan felt that he should issue a sect rule to make the back of the middle peak a forbidden area.

Yun Chujiu saw that the dark clouds had drifted away. She jumped into Di Beiming’s arms and said, “Prince Charming, I was struck so miserably. Please carry me back!”

The corner of Di Beiming’s eyes twitched. The dark clouds in the sky seemed even more miserable. When it floated away, it seemed to be trembling!

However, with the soft ball of a person in his arms, Di Beiming’s heart melted. He immediately carried Yun Chujiu and walked down the mountain.

Di Beiming raised his eyebrows. Someone was coming! Di Beiming’s eyes flashed. There was no harm in seeing them.

Sure enough, they met Master Xuanyuan, the five Peak Masters, and a group of elders not far away.

At that moment, Yun Chujiu was touching Di Beiming, and he did not stop her. Yun Chujiu’s hand was reaching into Di Beiming’s clothes…

“Cough! Cough!” Master Xuanyuan felt that it was a little harsh on his eyes, so he quickly coughed dryly!

Yun Chujiu was busy taking advantage of him just now and did not notice the arrival of these people. She sheepishly withdrew her hand and screamed, “Ah! I was knocked unconscious!”

Everyone was speechless.

‘Can you please act more realistically?

‘Aren’t you looking down on our intelligence like that?

‘You looked like a pervert just now and suddenly you fainted?! Who are you kidding?!’

The crowd could not be bothered to expose her, so they turned their attention to Di Beiming!

Everyone was shocked!

What an outstanding young man!

He was dressed in a white brocade robe, and his facial features were as handsome as ever. What was more shocking was this person’s aura! His gaze was sharp the aura of superiority was undoubtedly revealed!

Everyone could not help but take a few steps back, and even had a faint desire to submit to him! Everyone was even more shocked to discover that they could not see through this young man’s cultivation base. That could only mean that this young man’s cultivation base was actually higher than everyone else’s!

He looked to be less than twenty years old, but he actually possessed such profound spiritual power. It was really unbelievable!

Yun Chujiu, who was pretending to be unconscious, slowly realized that everyone did not know Di Beiming. She jumped down from his arms and acted as if nothing had happened. Fortunately, her lips were no longer so swollen, or else she would really be too ashamed to see anyone!

She said with a smile, “Sect master! Hello everyone! When did you arrive?”

The corners of everyone’s eyes twitched. ‘You’re too good at pretending!’

“Come! Let me introduce everyone. This is the benefactor who saved me last time! His name is D-Di Beiyu!” Yun Chujiu said with a smile.

Di Beiming staggered. ‘Good, very good. Just you wait, Black Thing!’

“So it’s Master Di! Thank you for saving my disciple. Please come to the meeting hall and let us be good hosts!” Master Xuanyuan said politely.

Yun Chujiu was about to reject on behalf of Di Beiming, but he nodded lightly. “Master Xuanyuan, please! Everyone, please!”

Yun Chujiu was stunned!

What did the gigolo mean? Was he not always hiding? Why did things suddenly change this time?

Di Beiming saw that Yun Chujiu was stunned, so he grabbed her little claws and led her forward!

Master Xuanyuan and the others exchanged glances. Oh my God! They did not expect that Little Jiu’s peach blossoms would bloom so brightly! She had actually hooked such an outstanding husband!

This young man had an extraordinary background, and his looks and spiritual power were so outstanding. Little Jiu was simply lucky!

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