The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 338 - Why Is the Pill Furnace Missing

Chapter 338: Why Is the Pill Furnace Missing

Elder Qi brought Yun Chujiu back to his residence. After opening the isolation array, he asked, “Little Jiu, why do you add medicinal herbs into the pill furnace from time to time?”

“Elder Qi, only you would ask me to tell the truth! Actually, I discovered that the quality of the medicinal pills is closely related to the purification of the medicinal herbs. I used my spiritual sense to sense the changes in the medicinal herbs and then added the medicinal herbs according to the needs.”


‘Are you kidding me?’

Elder Qi thought that there was something wrong with his ears!

A person’s spiritual sense was extremely fragile, and the temperature in the pill furnace was extremely high. Sending one’s spiritual sense into the pill furnace was basically no different from committing suicide!

“Y-You said to send one’s spiritual sense into the pill furnace?” Elder Qi felt that he must have misheard.

“Yes! It’s so warm and comfortable! Elder Qi, you can try it next time!” Yun Chujiu said with a smile.

Elder Qi shook his head like a rattle-drum. His spiritual sense was already damaged, so he did not want to court death! That was right. She had a heaven-defying Thunder Root Spirit. She was not even afraid of being struck by lightning, let alone this some earth fire!

Elder Qi sighed and then said, “Refining pills in the pill refining room isn’t a long-term solution. I have a pill furnace that I used in the past. Although the quality isn’t great, it’s enough for you to use as a beginner.”

Elder Qi took out a pill furnace from his storage ring and handed it to Yun Chujiu. Yun Chujiu looked at it and knew that this pill furnace was very old. She then said with a straight face, “Elder Qi, this pill furnace alone isn’t enough. I still need refining flints. Please give me a hundred or so refining flints!”

The corner of Elder Qi’s mouth twitched slightly. This Yun Chujiu really squeezed each opportunity dry. He heard that she won two million Spirit Stones from the Heavenly Gates Sect, and she was even greedy for his refining flints!

Elder Qi had no choice but to give Yun Chujiu a hundred pieces of refining flints, and then said, “Now, I’ll explain the refining method for stasis-dissolving pills to you.”

Elder Qi explained and demonstrated, and finally refined ten stasis-dissolving pills—eight upper-grade pills and two middle-grade pills.

“Little Jiu, you try it.”

Yun Chujiu blinked her eyes. She could not be more powerful than Elder Qi, right? Then she better hide it.

Thus, Yun Chujiu finally refined ten stasis-dissolving pills, but seven of them were high-grade and three were middle-grade.

Elder Qi was ecstatic. “Haha! Genius! Indeed a genius in pill refining! Little Jiu, your future is limitless! Hurry up and cultivate. As your spiritual power increases, the variety of pills you can refine will increase.”

Yun Chujiu nodded. “Elder Qi, I understand! Then I’ll head back first today. I’ll come by to bother again when I have time.”

“It’s not a bother! It’s not a bother! Other than the high-level spirit herbs in the spirit herb garden, feel free to use the others. If there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask me.” Elder Qi now found Yun Chujiu pleasing to the eye. If she was not the true disciple of ancestor Linghua, he would have snatched her over to be his disciple no matter what.

After Yun Chujiu thanked him, she rode on the chopping board and returned to the dormitory.

“Prince Charming! Prince Charming! I’m back! Did you miss me? Does it feel like it’s been three years since we last saw each other?” Yun chujiu started to shout as soon as she entered the courtyard.

Di Beiming was drinking tea when he heard Yun Chujiu’s words. He almost choked.

“Cough cough! Black Thing, can’t you be more calm? How are you a girl if you’re constantly acting crazy?!”

“Don’t you like my craziness? If I change, I’m afraid you’ll regret it!” Yun Chujiu moved to Di Beiming’s side and said with a cheeky smile. Then, she snatched Di Beiming’s teacup and drank from it.

Di Beiming saw that Yun Chujiu had finished drinking, so he poured another cup and continued drinking the tea nonchalantly.

An Feng gestured at An Yin with his mouth. When the Honorable Sir met Miss Jiu, he had long forgotten all that nonsense about cleanliness. If it was anyone else who touched the teacup with their hands, the Honorable Sir would not even be able to take the teacup, let alone drink the tea.

“What did you do today?” Di Beiming asked indifferently.

“The results from the trial was announced. Oh right, I even pretended to learn alchemy from Elder Qi. He even gave me an alchemy furnace that he used. I’ll take it out for you to see! Huh? Why is the alchemy furnace missing? That’s strange!” Yun Chujiu exclaimed.

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