The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 336 - This Was Impossible

Chapter 336: This Was Impossible

Yun Chujiu opened the alchemy furnace in a decent manner. First, she put in two portions of snake vines, then half of the lotus seeds, and then one portion of Tsingling bergenia rhizome..

Elder Qi nodded slightly. Yun Chujiu’s memory was quite heaven-defying. The quantity and order of the herbs were exactly the same.

Ding Lang, who was at the side, curled his lips in disdain. Alchemy was not a memorization exercise. The most important thing was the control of spiritual power. If the spiritual power was not well controlled, even if the herbs were put in the right place, it would be useless.

Yun Chujiu began to form a seal and slowly inject spiritual power into it. It looked decent.

Everyone looked at each other in puzzlement. It seemed that Yun Chujiu would not produce poisonous smoke this time. It seemed that this step and everything else were done correctly!

Just as everyone nodded their heads, Yun Chujiu opened the lid of the pill furnace, picked up a few snake vines, and threw them in. After a while, she opened the lid of the pill furnace again and threw in a few lotus seeds…

Everyone’s lips could not help but twitch!

Did this person really think that pill refinement was the same as stir-frying vegetables? If it was bland, she would put in some salt, but if it was bitter, she would put in some sugar?

The greatest taboo in pill refinement was to open the lid of the pill furnace midway. Not only would this cause the heat to dissipate, it would also waste spiritual energy. This pill would definitely be useless!

Elder Qi also shook his head slightly. However, this was Little Jiu’s first time refining, so it was inevitable that she would make mistakes. After all, an average person would only succeed after failing at least a thousand times in pill refinement.

Ding Lang’s eyes flashed with pride. This Yun Chujiu did not even know the most basic knowledge of refining pills. Sooner or later, her master would lose patience with her. At that time, he would cripple her with little bits of tricks.

After a quarter of an hour, Yun Chujiu withdrew her spiritual power and said with a smile, “Success!”

As Yun Chujiu said this, she was about to open the lid of the pill furnace.

“Wait! Yun Chujiu, it will take at least an hour to refine the hemostasis pill. It’s not the time yet. I’m afraid that the herbs inside are probably all just juice!” Manager Gao kindly reminded Yun Chujiu.

Yun Chujiu giggled. “Cooking can be divided into cooking with big and small fires. You guys simmer it slowly over a small fire which I stir-fry it in a hurry. The effect is the same!”

The corner of Manager Gao’s eyes twitched. What nonsense!! Can stir-frying and pill refinement be the same?!

Everyone also curled their lips. This Yun Chujiu really did not know what was good for her. Manager Gao was right. Before the time was up, the medicinal herb juice definitely would not take shape.

It would take at least an hour. There had never been anyone who could refine a cauldron of pills in a quarter of an hour. This Yun Chujiu was just waiting to be slapped in the face!

Elder Qi did not say anything because from his point of view, the cauldron of pills was definitely useless. It did not matter if it was opened earlier or later. After all, it was her first time refining, so it was normal for her to fail.

Yun Chujiu opened the lid of the cauldron with a smile. Immediately, a rich medicinal fragrance filled the air.

Everyone thought to themselves, they did not expect the medicinal liquid to be quite so fragrant.

Meddlesome disciples went forward and looked at the bottom of the alchemy furnace with disdain. Then, they were all dumbfounded!

Ding Lang saw that everyone was stunned. He could not help but curl his lips in disdain. ‘These idiots… It’s just some medicinal juice. Could it be that they thought Yun Chujiu could really refine pills?!’

Elder Qi saw that Yun Chujiu was still smiling and was not affected by the blow. He nodded slightly. This child’s mentality was not bad… Thus, he said encouragingly, “Little Jiu, refining pills isn’t that easy. You have to go through thousands of failures before you can succeed. It doesn’t matter if you fail this time. Continue to work hard in the future!”

At that moment, a disciple cried out, “No, this is impossible!”

This disciple’s cry seemed to have woken up the rest of the stunned crowd. They also began to cry out.

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