The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 333 - Successor Disciple

Chapter 333: Successor Disciple

Di Beiming glared at her, but his hands were slowly and rhythmically patting Yun Chujiu. Yun Chujiu yawned and quickly fell asleep.

Di Beiming kissed her on the forehead and slowly fell asleep.

The next morning, Elder Qu’s voice came from Yun Chujiu’s identity jade token. “All disciples gather at the Southern Jade Square in an hour.”

Yun Chujiu had breakfast and bid Di Beiming goodbye. She stood on the chopping board and left the courtyard.

When Yun Chujiu arrived, many disciples were already gathered at the Southern Jade Square. When they saw Yun Chujiu flying over, the new disciples greeted her one after another.

She smiled and waved at everyone. Then, she jumped down from the chopping board and ran to Yun Chuwu and the others.

Not long after, Master Xuanyuan and the five peak masters also arrived with the elders.

“According to the results of this new disciple trial, you will be redistributed. I hope that you’ll continue to cultivate in the future and become the backbone of Spirit Radiance Sect as soon as possible! Now, Elder Qu will announce the specific names!” Master Xuanyuan said briefly, then, he asked Elder Qu to announce the names.

“The champion of this trial, Yun Chujiu, has been directly promoted from a kitchen servant to Elder Sun Bozhong’s successor disciple.”


Elder Qu’s words were like a bucket of cold water poured into a pot of oil!

The disciples of Spirit Radiance Sect instantly exploded with commotion!

The new disciples who participated in the trial were slightly better off. After all, they were very impressed that Yun Chujiu was able to obtain the inner core of a Tier Eight demonic beast! However, those old disciples were very dissatisfied! On what basis?! A mere servant at the fourth level of Spirit Enhancement actually became a true disciple in one step?!

Moreover, Elder Sun Bozhong had been in secluded cultivation. How could they possibly accept Yun Chujiu as a true disciple? One had to know that Elder Sun did not even have one single true disciple!! How many inner disciples had sharpened their skills to become Elder Sun’s true disciple without success? What did this Yun Chujiu have?!

“Silence! From the second to the thirtieth place in this trial, Liao Chuan, Mo Zuo, Bai Moyu, Bai Morou, Yun Chusi, Yun Chushan, Yun Chuwu, Yun Chulu, Yun Chuqi, Yun Chuba, Qing Si, Su Yun, Chen Dachuan, Xia mufeng, Yuan Zhen… They were promoted to inner disciples. From the thirtieth to the thirtieth place, they are outer disciples. The rest of them are servants.”

Yun Chujiu heard the names of the Bai siblings and Yun Chushan, and then she remembered what the three of them had done in the mystic realm. She could not mention the part where they framed Yun Chuwu or else it might attract the suspicion of Elder Zhang of Heavenly Gates Sect. It might not be a good idea to mention the part where they ran away in the face of battle either. They would use the excuse that she could escape by crushing the jade token. Looks like she would have to wait for another opportunity to get rid of them.

After the meeting ended, Chen Dachuan and the other eight people went to Yun Chujiu’s side and thanked her one after another.

“Junior Sister Little Jiu, thank you very much! If you hadn’t chased Su Yanran away at that time, we wouldn’t have been able to gather so many jade bell flowers, and we wouldn’t have been able to advance to an inner sect disciple! In the future, if you need us in any way, just let us know!”

Yun Chujiu looked at these eight people. As expected, they were the few disciples of Spirit Radiance Sect who did not follow Bai Moyu and the others at that time. That could be considered an indirect reward for not following the others.

“You’re all too polite! You obtained all of this with your true abilities. There’s no need to thank me! I hope that everyone will take good care of me in the future!” Yun Chujiu said with a smile.

When Chen Dachuan and the others saw that Yun Chujiu was so good with words, their impression of Yun Chujiu became even better. In addition, she was now a core disciple, so everyone became even more friendly toward her.

From afar, Bai Morou glared at Yun Chujiu and cursed in a low voice, “This is dog sh*t. She’s just lucky! A core disciple at the fourth level of the Spirit Enhancement realm. What a joke!”

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