The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 330 - You Won’t Die With Me Around

Chapter 330: You Won’t Die With Me Around

Yun Chujiu held Di Beiming’s arm and hopped out of the house.

An Feng could not help but give Yun Chujiu a thumbs up in his heart. ‘Miss Jiu is really something. When we went in, he wanted to eat people. Now, the clouds have turned sunny!’

“An Feng, please help me install the door. Otherwise, my Prince Charming will catch a cold at night. I’ll feel sorry for him!” Yun Chujiu said with a smile.

An Feng was faced with a slew of public affection. He started to install the door sadly. As for where the door came from. Well, he took it from the other yard.

“Idol, are you tired? Let me massage your shoulders.”

“Idol, are you thirsty? Let me make you a pot of tea.”

“Idol, are you bored? Let me tell you a joke.”

Yun Chujiu followed the principle of giving a sweet date with a slap [1] and tried her best to please Di Beiming.

The resentment in Di Beiming’s heart was instantly replaced by a pink, happy bubble. He felt that it would be great if Black Thing was by his side every day from then on! Only such days would be lively and more enjoyable!

Yun Chujiu saw that it was almost time, so she said pitifully, “Idol, are you hungry? Let’s have dinner!”

Di Beiming was in a good mood, so he did not make things difficult for her. He immediately took out the prepared food and the two of them began to eat dinner.

After dinner, Yun Chujiu said smugly, “My idol, I got a little thing from the secret realm trial a few days ago. It’s really fun!”

An Feng had reported to Di Beiming about Yun Chujiu’s participation in the trial, but An Feng did not know about Furry, so Di Beiming raised his eyebrows, “What little thing is fun?”

“Furry, come out! Meet my idol!”

The ball of yarn had long been shameless for food. When it heard Yun Chujiu’s call, it immediately flew out from between Yun Chujiu’s eyebrows.

“Dear Master! I’m coming!”

Di Beiming looked at ball of yarn on the ground. What was this thing? A ball of yarn had turned into a spirit?

“Prince Charming, this ball of yarn is Furry. Isn’t it fun? Furry, roll a few times to make Prince Charming happy! If you perform well, I’ll reward you with some delicious food!”

Furry had long forgotten about its integrity as a spirit and immediately rolled on the ground.

“This is a spirit?” Di Beiming’s eyes twitched. Why did this spirit look so unreliable? Other than acting cute, there was probably nothing else it could do.

Yun Chujiu nodded. “My Prince Charming, don’t think that Furry is a weakling. Once I find the other seven fragments of the Void Mirror, I’ll be rich!”

Di Beiming was confused and asked, “Void Mirror? Fragments? What do you mean?”

Yun Chujiu told him about the Void Mirror and Di Beiming and the other two were surprised!

Was that not too heaven-defying?

She only participated in the trial to pick some spiritual herbs, so it was fine if she got some demonic cores!

This guy was great. It just gave her a whole nest of them!

If the four great sects knew that the trial place was monopolized by someone, they would have to find Yun Chujiu!

Yun Chujiu suddenly sighed. Pursing her lips, she said, “Prince Charming, although it’s a good thing to have an artifact, but that damn mirror and that strange grass aren’t under my control! This ball of wool is said to be a spirit and has the ability to control space, but it can’t even control the mystic realm!”

Di Beiming frowned. He had browsed through a lot of information and asked some mighty figures. However, he had never heard of a situation like hers. Originally, that grass was already difficult to deal with. Now, a great Void Mirror was ‘living’ in her… It was really a case of one wave rising before the other!

Yun Chujiu was rather open-minded. She giggled and said, “Prince Charming, you don’t have to worry! At worst, it’s just death. I’ll earn a day every day I live. What’s the point of thinking so much?!”

Di Beiming’s expression changed and he shouted angrily, “What nonsense are you spouting? ! With this me here, you won’t die! If a demon wants to kill you, I will eliminate it. If a God wants to kill you, I will destroy it. Even if the heavens wants to destroy you, even if I have to defy the heavens, I won’t allow it to touch you in the slightest!”

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