The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 326 - Women Are Afraid Of Marrying the Wrong Man

Chapter 326: Women Are Afraid Of Marrying the Wrong Man

Xue Wuji’s heart was bleeding as he watched the crowd eat the fruits!

A small fruit costs more than 300 Spirit Stones. ‘You’re not eating fruit, you’re eating my Spirit Stones!’

Xue Wuji saw that the fruit was rapidly decreasing, so he quickly grabbed a handful and ate it!

Eating one was equivalent to earning 300 Spirit Stones. ‘I’ll eat them!’

Perhaps it was because he had spent Spirit Stones, but Xue Wuji felt that the fruit was indeed much sweeter than a large cart of coral fruits.

The basket of coral fruits was quickly eaten up by everyone. Xue Wuji was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood. ‘I feel uncomfortable. I just don’t have to think about it.’

Therefore, he looked at Di Beiming with a meaningful look, then, he smiled and said, “Di Beiming, I haven’t congratulated you yet! I heard that the old madam of your palace has recently invited many young ladies to your palace as guests for you to choose your concubines! Those young ladies are all socialites from the Tianyuan continent. You have so much variety of concubines to choose from. You’re really lucky in love!”

Di Beiming said expressionlessly, “Our palace is relatively quiet and not as lively as your sect. That’s why my mother would occasionally hold some banquets. The matter of choosing concubines is completely nonexistent. “If I were like you, I believe my mother would not be so free.”

Xue Wuji originally wanted to sow discord between Di Beiming and Yun Chujiu, but he did not expect Di Beiming to turn it on him. He quickly explained to Yun Chujiu, “Little Sister Jiu, I don’t have any harem. Those girls are all willing to be guests in our sect! There’s nothing between them and me. At most, I’ll ask them to dance and sing for me! When I marry you in the future, I’ll definitely chase them away!”

Yun Chujiu giggled, “What’s the point of chasing them away? It’ll be more lively with more people! It’ll be great if we can form two cuju teams!”

“Little Sister Jiu, do you mean that you’ll agree to be with me?” Xue Wuji asked excitedly. He thought to himself, ‘What’s the big deal about giving a few Spirit Stones? As long as I get Yun Chujiu, this wretched girl, it would be the biggest insult to Di Beiming.’

Yun Chujiu tried her best to ignore Di Beiming’s cold gaze and said with a smile, “Brother Wuji, you’ve misunderstood. I’m giving you a suggestion. In the future, if you have a girl that you like, you can do this.”

“Little Sister Jiu, I’ll only take one scoop out of the three thousand [1]. Other than you, I won’t marry anyone else!” Xue Wuji said with deep affection, his eyes full of friendship.

“Brother Wuji, I appreciate your kindness, but I only treat you as my elder brother.” Yun Chujiu cursed in her heart. ‘This flirt must’ve seduced many girls. Otherwise, how can he be so smooth with his words?!’

Xue Wuji looked heartbroken and then smiled bitterly. “Little Sister Jiu, your words really hurt my heart! But, it doesn’t matter. Brotherly love is still love!

“One day, you’ll find that I’m the most suitable man for you. You’ll find out the true face of a hypocrite sooner or later. On one hand, someone is choosing concubines in his own palace, and on the other hand, he’s pretending to like you in front of you. Such a scumbag is not worthy of you, Little Sister Jiu.”

Di Beiming could not stand it anymore, and said coldly, “Xue Wuji, if you don’t want to die, then get lost!”

When Xue Wuji saw that Di Beiming finally lost his composure, he became even more spirited. “Little Sister Jiu, I exposed someone’s true colors and he became angry out of embarrassment! Little Sister Jiu, you’re still young and have never seen the evil of the world. Men are afraid of entering the wrong line of work and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. You must keep your eyes open!”

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