The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 310 - You Will Definitely Be Cheated

Chapter 310: You Will Definitely Be Cheated

Yun Chujiu quickly covered her mouth. Blinking her eyes, she said, “Ah, I spilled the beans! Just pretend that I didn’t say anything! You’re really good at being a spiritual cultivator! You’re really not a victim, I’m just talking nonsense! Don’t overthink it! Please don’t overthink it!”

With Yun Chujiu saying that, it would be strange if Furry did not overthink!

“Yun Chujiu, you must be hiding something from me! Tell me quickly!” Furry looked at Yun Chujiu nervously.

Yun Chujiu frowned. “It’s really nothing. You’re overthinking.”

“Tell me quickly! Otherwise, I’ll cry again.” Furry felt that it was shameless. Other than crying, it had no other way to deal with this little weirdo, Yun Chujiu.

“Sigh! Alright! Then I’ll tell you my little opinion. You don’t have to take it to heart. Just treat it as if I am talking nonsense!” Yun Chujiu sighed and said helplessly.

“Tell me! Tell me!” Furry widened its eyes and was extremely nervous.

“In this mystical realm, all the demon beasts listen to your command. If you say it will rain, then it will rain. If you say it will thunder, then it will thunder! Don’t you think it’s awesome to be in charge of this mystical realm?” Yun Chujiu asked with a smile.

Furry’s body suddenly swelled up, clearly very proud!

“Tsk tsk tsk! Furry, you’re actually very pitiful! Look, this mystic realm is now used by the low-level disciples of the four great sects for the trial, right? When they bring that mirror fragment and shine it on you, you have to open the door for them. When they come in, they’re killing your demonic beasts and picking your spiritual herbs. You can’t even do a thing about it! Don’t you think that you’re like a watchdog?

“Also, your realm spirit might look impressive, but you don’t have any real abilities. Even after another ten thousand years, you’ll still be like this. Perhaps some mighty figure may not like this mystic realm and will destroy it. Then, you’ll be dead! Tsk tsk, you’ve been trapped in this small world for your entire life. It’s really sad and lamentable!

“Sigh, the outside world is full of exciting things, but you’re like a frog sitting in a well, enjoying the golden cage that others have made for you. What a pitiful person!”

Yun Chujiu saw Furry’s stunned expression, she continued, “Furry, I’m a soft-hearted person. I’ll say whatever comes to my mind. Don’t take it to heart! Actually, you’re doing pretty well now. A country bumpkin waiting to die is also not bad. Just pretend that I didn’t say anything!”

Furry felt that its worldview had suffered a paradigm shift!

Why did it feel that what Yun Chujiu said made sense?

‘That’s right, I’m no different from a watchdog!’

It had to change. The world was so big. It had to go out and take a look!

Furry used its two short claws to hug Yun Chujiu’s calf. “Benefactor, what you said makes sense! Please help me. How can I get out of this situation?”

The rolling pin looked at Furry sympathetically. ‘Unlucky fellow. You unlucky fellow! You’re just repeating my mistake! My master doesn’t have good intentions. You will definitely be cheated!’

Yun Chujiu looked at Furry and let out a long sigh. “Sigh! My biggest weakness is that I’m too kind! Too soft-hearted! Although we have a grudge, you’re so cute. I really can’t bear to let you suffer like this, let me think of a way!”

Furry was so touched that she cried, “Benefactor! I was wrong! I was so wrong! I deeply regret my previous actions. As long as you help me, I’ll definitely make it up to you!”

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