The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 308 - The Realm Spirit That Was Dumber Than a Pig

Chapter 308: The Realm Spirit That Was Dumber Than a Pig

Since this was an unexpected situation, both sects were caught unprepared. However, they decided to wait and observe.

The Heavenly Gates Sect decided to see if they could find any clues because Elder Zhang had not found out the cause of Zhang Xiong’s death.

Spirit Radiance Sect was naturally doing this for Yun Chujiu. She was a rare heavenly thunder root spirit! Most importantly, regardless of whether anyone admitted it or not, Yun Chujiu was Patriarch Linghua’s personal disciple. Nothing must happen to her!

However, Elder Xiao and Elder Qu had an inexplicable feeling that Yun Chujiu would not die. After all, she was a little weird who could not be killed even after ten hours of heavenly lightning strikes. How could she die so easily?!

After a certain realm spirit forced all the disciples in the trial to leave, it secretly withdrew its pressure. If this continued, the low-level demon beasts in the mystic realm would probably choke on their farts too!

The realm spirit thought of several ways to harm Yun Chujiu, and in the end, it chose a plan that it was the most confident in! Yes, it decided to use heavenly lightning to strike Yun Chujiu to death.

‘Hmph! Although you have the heavenly lightning root spirit, a person’s veins and Dantian contain a limited amount of lightning power. The power of lightning is the most brutal. This realm spirit will make you explode and die! Haha! I am really too smart!’

Yun Chujiu noticed a thick and heavy dark cloud floating above her head. She smiled and said, “Yo, this mystic realm can even produce lightning? Interesting! Time to feed my grass!”

A certain realm spirit continuously directed the lightning elements in the mystic realm to gather together to form a purple lightning tribulation.

Strike! Strike! Strike Yun Chujiu to death!

Boom! Boom!

The sound of huge lightning strikes could be heard continuously!

A certain realm spirit smiled smugly. ‘Little Fellow, even if you have a heavenly lightning root spirit, you can’t withstand so many bolts of tribulation lightning. I’ll hack you to death! You can’t use conventional method to deal with a little weirdo like her. You have to be rough!

This realm spirit was smarter. Much better than those pig brains for sure!

A certain realm spirit smiled smugly for a while, and then was dumbfounded!

‘This is impossible!

‘Why is nothing happening to Yun Chujiu?! She’s still happily munching on a fruit?!

‘Also, why did my thunder element disappear?

‘Sob sob… If there’s no thunder element in the mystic realm, how can I intimidate those high-level demon beasts?’

The realm spirit was dumbfounded for a while, and then it finally turned its head around. Could it be that the thunder element had been swallowed by Yun Chujiu?!

That was not right. If she had absorbed all the lightning energy, then she should have been blown up a long time ago. Why was she still alive and kicking?

The realm spirit looked like it had nothing to live for. What should it do?

‘Without the lightning element, the prestige of my realm spirit would be greatly reduced!’

It thought for a long time and decided to give Yun Chujiu a chance to fight back.

“Hey! Yun Chujiu! You’re a little pervert that the heavens can’t tolerate! Give me back the power of lightning that you have swallowed and I’ll let you out!”

Yun Chujiu chewed on the fruit and curled her lips. “What the hell is this? Come out and speak!”

The realm spirit was hopping around. “I’m not a thing!”

Yun Chujiu nodded. “Yes, what you said makes sense. You are indeed not a thing!”

“Yun Chujiu! I am a realm spirit! Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill you if you offend me?” The realm spirit realized that she had challenged it. Ah, it was so angry! This Yun Chujiu was really too detestable!

“Haven’t you already started to harm me?? My jade token was faulty. The place where I was randomly teleported to had thousands of desert scorpions, a Tier Eight single-horned devil lizard, and a group of Tier Five silver desert wolves. Oh right, and the lightning strike just now. Just keep attacking. I’ll wait for you!” Yun Chujiu had already figured everything out the moment the realm spirit spoke.

The realm spirit coughed dryly, feeling guilty. “Who told you to have the heavenly thunder root spirit that the heavens doesn’t allow? I was just following the heavens! You can’t blame me! I even showed you mercy. Otherwise, I would’ve directly teleported you into the cactus thorn!”

“Oh? Is that so? I thought there were some rules or restrictions or something!” Yun Chujiu said indifferently.

The realm spirit almost fell to the ground. F*ck, this Yun Chujiu was simply not human!! How did she know?!

“You… How did you know?”

Yun Chujiu said vaguely as she chewed on the fruit, “It’s a bluff! I didn’t expect you to be so stupid to admit it! You’re even dumber than a pig. Ah, no. If I said that, it would be too insulting to a pig!”

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