The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 30 - She Might Have Chest Pains

When Yun Chuji saw that Yun Chuyi and the others had her back, her petite body quivered even more.

Yun Chujiu used her sleeve to wipe her tears. "Boohoo! I can't even be considered a decent human being anymore! Bai Moyu used me to do so many things that are harmful to the Yun Family, and yet my brothers and sisters still protect me like this. I, Yun Chujiu, swear that I will be eternal enemies against Bai Moyu in the future and guard the Yun family until my dying breath!"

Once Yun Chuwu saw Yun Chujiu crying so badly, she found her heart going out to her, and she took out her handkerchief to wipe her tears. Yun Chuyi, too, thought that they had not paid enough attention to Yun Chujiu before this, or else, there was no way Young Jiu would have been tricked by that Sleazy Bai Moyu!

Yun Chuqi was the only one who turned her head away and pouted because she did not believe in Yun Chujiu's words. As for Yun Chushan, her eyes sparkled. 'It's no wonder why my brother said that Yun Chujiu changed. She's really different from before!'

Yun Chujiu tumbled into Yun Chuwu's arms as she sobbed and sniffled, but during that time, she was actually thinking. 'What the heck? How did Fifth Sister develop so well? This is a D cup, right?! Ah, I'm so jealous!'

Bai Moyu's face turned red with rage. Bai Morou had been the one talking just now, and he did not have the chance to speak. He did not expect that Yun Chujiu would be able to turn the tables with just a few words!

'We're the victims, but now, we're the slanderers and blackmailers! When did Yun Chujiu possess such a silver tongue? Does it mean that everything from before was an act to deceive me?'

"Yun Chujiu, you know what the truth is! You better hand us Morou's antidote right now, otherwise, the Bai family will not let this slide, and we're not to be trifled with!" Bai Moyu's expression was livid, and he wanted to strangle Yun Chujiu badly.

Yun Chujiu was still sobbing softly, and she ignored Bai Moyu.

"Bai Moyu, Young Jiu already made it clear that what happened to Bai Morou has nothing to do with her. If you don't leave, don't blame me for not being courteous." Yun Chuyi took a few steps forward.

Bai Moyu gritted his teeth. Yun Chuyi was already nineteen years old, and he was also at the Fourth Level in Spirit Refinement Realm. If he started a fight here, he would not be able to gain any sort of advantage. Besides, this was the Yun family's territory. What should he do?

Even if his father and grandfather were to come here, as long as Yun Chujiu refused to admit to what she did, the Yun family would protect her, and he would not be able to do anything to her!

The Yun family was filled with people who had no sense of dignity as well. Yun Chujiu had already betrayed the Yun family so many times in the past, and this time, she even stole the Soul-Gathering Pill, and yet they still defended her! 

'Really, don't they have any dignity whatsoever?'

"Young Jiu, I know you are angry with me! What do you want me to do in order to save Morou? I will meet every condition you make, even if you ask me to make up with you, I will!"

Yun Chuyi and the others immediately turned to Yun Chujiu. 'What? Did Young Jiu do this because she argued with Bai Moyu? Is she lying to us again?'

Yun Chujiu secretly cursed in her heart. 'This scumbag is really a sinister son of a gun…'

"Bai Moyu, stop blowing your own trumpet. A sissy like you wouldn't even deserve licking my shoes. I will rather be a nun than marry you!" Yun Chujiu pointed at Bai Moyu and stomped on the ground as she shouted.

The people of the Yun family felt relieved when they saw Yun Chujiu acting like this. It seemed that Young Jiu had really decided to reform herself!

Bai Moyu's expression was livid with rage. 'This Yun Chujiu… She's too despicable! I'll have to search for a chance to kill her, and only then will I be able to vent my hatred toward her!

'But what's important now is to cure Morou, and I'll settle this score slowly in the future.'

Once Bai Moyu thought of this, he forced himself to endure his anger and said, "Yun Chujiu, stop beating around the bush. Just what do I need to do for you to save Morou?"

Yun Chujiu sighed. "Alright, then, you might be scum, but I have nothing against Bai Morou. It's a real pity that a healthy girl like her suddenly ended up like this too. Hmm… I think that she might be suffering from chest pains because of the fall. Maybe, probably, should be, yup."

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