The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 197 - Was Full of Bad Intentions

Chapter 197: Was Full of Bad Intentions

Perhaps it was because Yun Chujiu’s incongruous image was too deeply rooted in people’s hearts that she suddenly became serious. Everyone was still a little unaccustomed to it. In short, after Yun Chujiu finished speaking, everyone was strangely quiet!

Yun Chujiu touched her nose. Could it be that she was acting too much?!

“Good! Well said! I admire such a young woman who is so motivated!” Elder Qu stroked his beard with a face full of praise. ‘I told you, this Yun Chujiu is promising.’

Alright, he had long forgotten who was the one who said that Yun Chujiu was a small fry.

Master Xuanyuan nodded. Not to mention, even though Yun Chujiu was usually carefree, she was still quite imposing at the crucial moments. Her words just now were reasonable, and even more imposing—not bad!

The surrounding disciples, after hearing Yun Chujiu’s words, could not help but feel a little ashamed. They had indeed always looked down on Yun Chujiu, thinking that she had gotten into the Spirit Radiance Sect by accident.

Luo Feng’s face was deathly pale, kneeling on the ground and begging Elder Xiao for mercy. “Elder Xiao, I was momentarily blinded and did something wrong. Seeing that the two of them are safe and sound, please forgive me!”

Elder Xiao snorted coldly. “They’re fine, but that’s because they were lucky. It doesn’t absolve you of your mistakes. Your heart is vicious. Harming your fellow disciples like that . Men, take him away. Kill him!”

“Junior Su, Junior Yun, save me. Please save me!” Luo Feng could not help but kowtow to Su Yun and Yun Chujiu.

Su Yun naturally did not want to spare Luo Feng, but she was afraid that others would say she did not care about the friendship between her fellow disciples, hence she was in a dilemma! Su Yun looked at Yun Chujiu with an unsure expression. After the beast nest incident earlier, she unconsciously started to rely on Yun Chujiu.

Yun Chujiu rolled her eyes. “Elder Xiao, after all, we’re from the same sect. Even though he isn’t kind, Sister Su and I can’t be unrighteous!”

Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed, thinking to himself, ‘What a little girl. Indeed her heart softened after I said a few good words! After I escape this time, I’ll definitely find a chance to take revenge!

The surrounding spectators all exclaimed. Yun Chujiu was a little girl after all, she was indeed kind through and through. Even though her personality was kind, it would be hard for her to have any future!

Elder Xiao looked at Yun Chujiu noncommittally. “Then, how do you want to deal with Luo Feng?”

Yun Chujiu’s face was filled with embarrassment. “Senior Su and I are soft-hearted, but Luo Feng has made a huge mistake, so we can’t not punish him. How about this? We’ll give him a taste of his own medicine. Didn’t he push me and Senior Su into the beast’s nest?

“Then we’ll just push him into it as well. If within an hour, he’s safe and sound, then senior Su and I will let bygones be bygones! Luo Feng, what do you think?”

Luo Feng did not know the cause and effect. He thought that since the Mighty Elephants did not harm Yun Chujiu and the others, it would not harm him. After all, he had been feeding them and was considered an acquaintance. Hence, he hurriedly said, “I agree! I agree! If the elephants eat me, I have no complaints!”

The elders including Master Xuanyuan lit a candle for Luo Feng. The Mighty Elephants hated Luo Feng to death. If Luo Feng were to jump down, they would definitely stomp him into meat paste!

Yun Chujiu was really full of evil tricks. The best part was that even if you jumped into her trap, you would still be grateful to her! Could it be that ancestral master Linghua had taken a liking to her?

Elder Xiao looked at Luo Feng with a complicated expression. “Are you sure?”

“Yes! Yes! I’m willing to jump down myself!” Luo Feng was afraid that Elder Xiao would not allow it, so he quickly exclaimed.

Elder Xiao nodded. “If that’s the case, you can jump. You have to bear the consequences!”

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