The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 191 - Watching the Little Spiritual Beast

Chapter 191: Watching the Little Spiritual Beast

The few elders did not know how to respond. They laughed dryly and were about to leave.

At that moment, one of the elders saw the rolling pin on Yun Chujiu’s waist and asked curiously, “This… Is this the rod from that day? Did you notice anything unusual about it?”

Yun Chujiu held the rolling pin in her hand. “Nothing unusual, but I felt that the rolling pin was a little heavy, so I made it lighter.”

“You mean, it can freely change its weight?” One of the elders exclaimed! ‘Wasn’t it already determined that it was an ordinary mortal weapon?!’

“Yes, it’s crazy. Sometimes it can grow longer, and sometimes it can’t. It’s probably because it lacks spiritual power,” Yun Chujiu said half-truthfully.

Suddenly, Yun Chujiu staggered and almost fell. Fortunately, she held on to a tree next to her, so she did not fall.

Yun Chujiu smiled and handed the rolling pin over. “Here, take a look!”

The elders had long wanted to borrow it to take a look, and it was the time to do it. They took the rolling pin and looked at it for a long time. No matter how they looked at it, it did not have any spiritual power at all—it was just an ordinary rod.

The elders awkwardly returned the rolling pin to Yun Chujiu. After saying a few polite words, they went into the forest to check the surroundings.

“Little fellow! Want to play tricks on me? I’m the ancestor of deceit!” Yun Chujiu curled her lips. Only then did she let the little silver dragon, which had hidden between her brows, return to the rod.

In the next few days, whenever she had time to rest, Yun Chujiu would run to the library.

It was unsure if Bai Morou and the others were too choked by the chili noodles or if they were delayed by other matters. In any case, they had not come looking for trouble with Yun Chujiu for a few days, so Yun Chujiu could not be bothered with them.

That morning, Feng Ming arrived with a smile on his face.

“Junior Sister Little Jiu, why don’t you rest today? Let’s go, I’ll bring you to see the little spirit beasts!”

Yun Chujiu originally wanted to go to the library, but after thinking for a while, she agreed! It was also good to go to the Spirit Beast Garden. In any case, she had not seen many spirit beasts before, so she thought it would be good to broaden her horizons.

Feng Ming brought Yun Chujiu to the Spirit Beast Garden on the West Peak. Although Feng Ming was not a disciple of the West Peak, he relied on his reputation to travel unimpeded.

Yun Chujiu could not help but think sourly, ‘Hmph, this world truly revolves around the attractiveness of one’s face!’ She was still young. After a few years, she would also be a peerless beauty!

Very soon, the two of them arrived at the Spirit Beast Garden on the West Peak.

The Spirit Beast Garden was located halfway up West Peak. Due to the recent birth of a few small spirit beasts, many female disciples were there to see them. When those female disciples saw Feng Ming, they immediately became shy, and some of the braver ones even came to strike up a conversation.

“Senior Brother Feng Ming, you’re also here to see the spirit beasts?”

Feng Ming smiled faintly. “I came with Junior Sister Little Jiu!”

Feng Ming’s words undoubtedly attracted a lot of envious and jealous gazes at Yun Chujiu! If those women’s gazes could turn into arrows, Yun Chujiu would have already become a porcupine by then.

Yun Chujiu secretly complained in her heart, but a bright and beautiful smile appeared on her face. “Hello, Senior Sisters. Senior Brother Feng Ming is just like my biological brother. He has always taken good care of me. Seeing that I’m not in a good mood recently, he brought me here to look.”

When the women heard the words “Just like my own brother”, they immediately understood the hidden meaning. Their metaphorical arrows suddenly turned to sugar!

“Junior Sister Little Jiu, Senior Brother Feng Ming is right. You should come out more often. In the future, if you have nothing to do, you can visit us.”

“Junior Sister Little Jiu, take these small snacks. When you grow up, it’ll be more nourishing.”

“Little Ninth Junior Sister, what kind of small spirit beasts do you like? Let me introduce them to you.”

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