The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 18 - Meeting Scumbag Bai for the First Time

Even though Yun Chujiu was a little dumbfounded, as consolation, she told herself that having a purple light ball was better than being a useless piece of trash!

Courtesy of her persistence and diligence, Yun Chujiu was able to guide more than twenty tiny purple light balls into her body that night.

Yun Chujiu stretched and yawned. How strange! She did not feel tired at all although she had no sleep the entire night. Was this one of the benefits of cultivation?

Chun Yu had already prepared water for her to wash her face. After washing up, Yun Chujiu happily ordered Chun Yu, "Make sure to get me more food for breakfast. If you can't carry all that food by yourself, ask the servants from the kitchen to help out, you hear me? I'm hungry, SUPER hungry!"

When Chun Yu heard that Yun Chujiu was hungry, she immediately scurried to the kitchen to get breakfast. 

Yun Chujiu nodded in satisfaction as she stared after Chun Yu. Since the girl was so enthusiastic when it came to getting her food, Yun Chujiu decided that she would keep this maid of hers safe from now on.

Yun Chujiu finished her breakfast like a greedy pig. She then sat on the floor with her legs crossed and started cultivating.

Chun Yu was tremendously shocked. 'Isn't the young mistress incapable of cultivation? What on earth is she doing?'

Yet, the young maid did not dare question her young mistress. She had no choice but to stand guard vigilantly beside Yun Chujiu as she was worried that something would happen to the latter.

Yun Chujiu practiced cultivation for two hours, and she managed to guide around ten more small purple balls of light into her body.

Following that, Yun Chujiu stretched and yawned. She then rubbed her empty tummy and decided to explore this new world (also known as going to a restaurant).

"Chun Yu, I'm heading out. Take good care of my chamber."

"Um, Young Mistress, what… what were you doing just now?"

"I was cultivating, duh! Did I look like I was sleeping?"

Chun Yu stared after Yun Chujiu in a daze. 'Cultivation? The young mistress is capable of cultivation now? Yet, no matter how I look at it, it seemed like she was taking a nap. Who on earth yawns and stretches after they're done cultivating? Hm, the young mistress must have been sleeping just now and was too embarrassed to admit to it. But why did she not sleep in her room…?'

Yun Chujiu did not know that the imagination of her stupidly adorable young maid was running wild. She walked out of the Yun family's residence in style and searched through her original persona's memories. She decided to head to Immortal Gathering Tower, which was the biggest restaurant in Ye City.

Once Yun Chujiu arrived at Immortal Gathering Tower, everyone who saw her rolled their eyes. She sat down at a table beside the window on the northern side of the building and ordered herself a scrumptious meal.

As she waited for the dishes to arrive, Yun Chujiu leaned on her chair in a leisurely manner and looked at the glorious scenery outside.

There was a lotus pond outside the window, and the lotuses were in full bloom. It was a soothing sight indeed.

However, why would Yun Chujiu care about the lotuses? The glutton was wondering when the lotus seeds in the pods would become edible. She then started to think about crunchy and delectable lotus roots. Oh, gosh, the thought of the lotus-related food items was making her salivate!

While Yun Chujiu was fantasizing about food, the people in the restaurant began pointing at her and gossiping about her. They did not bother about trying to be discreet about their gossip despite the fact that she was within earshot. 

"Isn't that the biggest piece of trash and the most rabid lovesick maniac in Ye City, Yun Chujiu?"

"Tsk, she's so young, yet she's trodden on the wrong path. She just had to go chasing after a grown man the whole time! How immoral and embarrassing!"

"I know, right! More importantly, Bai Moyu is the Yun family's arch-enemy! What an ingrate!"

"Something's not right, though. Don't you think so? Doesn't she follow Young Master Moyu around all the time? Why is she alone in Immortal Gathering Tower today?"

"Who knows? For all we know, she could be waiting for Young Master Moyu!"

As if to validate what everyone had just said, three people appeared at the doorway.

"Little Sister Yan Ran, ladies first! Immortal Gathering Tower is the biggest restaurant in Ye City, and it is famous for its steamed icefish with golden flakes." The one speaking was Bai Moyu. He was handsome and gentlemanly.

The young woman walking in the middle merely nodded a little. When everyone caught sight of the young woman, they gasped in unison. She was such a gorgeous woman!

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