The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 173 - Gluttonous Snake

Chapter 173: Gluttonous Snake

“Cough cough, Little Flame, stop! Although Little Black’s words aren’t pleasant to hear, I’m also very curious. How are you going to eat?” Yun Chujiu held back her laughter and asked the rolling pin.

The small silver dragon floated out from the rolling pin. “Master, I’m the one eating, not my main body.”

Yun Chujiu felt that this was more like it. However, how much could such a small dragon eat? One bun was probably enough for it to eat several meals.

However, after 15 minutes, Yun Chujiu was no longer calm!

What the f*ck?! What kind of dragon was this? It was simply a gluttonous snake!

Although the small silver dragon was small in size, it was very gluttonous! It had already eaten ten buns, but it actually did not have the slightest intention of being full.

“Cough cough! Little Flame, although this bun tastes good, eating too much will cause indigestion.”

“Master, I’ve been hungry for ten thousand years. Can’t you let me have a full meal?” the silver dragon said aggrievedly.

Yun Chujiu touched her nose. ‘Alright, forget I said anything.’ At worst, she could just go to the big kitchen and ‘borrow’ food.

The silver dragon finally expressed that it was full before Yun Chujiu collapsed.

Little Black said disdainfully, “No wonder it looks like a rolling pin. It turns out that it’s a good-for-nothing!”

The silver dragon returned to Little Flame’s body with a whoosh and smacked the little black bird.

Yun Chujiu knew that nothing would really happen to the two of them, so she ignored them and went back to the house to clean up the mess.

Although the fireball and the lightning that Little Black shot out were controlled, they still inevitably made a mess in the house. She was lucky that the house didn’t burn down.

“Junior Sister Little Jiu, are you home?” Feng Ming’s voice came from outside the courtyard.

“Senior Brother Feng Ming, I’m here. Come in quickly!” Yun Chujiu replied and left the house.

Feng Ming saw Yun Chujiu and scratched his head unnaturally. “Well, Little Ancestor Yun, can I continue to call you Junior Sister Little Jiu?”

Yun Chujiu bared her teeth. “We’re one and the same. You’ll always be my Senior Brother Feng Ming.”

Feng Ming chuckled. “I knew that Junior Sister isn’t the kind of person who sticks to etiquette! The sect leader asked me to tell you something. If anyone asks about what happened last night, you can say that…”

Yun Chujiu nodded repeatedly. She thought to herself, ‘Master Xuanyuan is indeed an old fox. How cunning!’

Not long after Feng Ming left, Yun Chusi and the others came back from work. Everyone went straight to Yun Chujiu’s courtyard.

“Little Jiu, are you alright? What did you find in the square?” Yun Chulu could not hide his words. The moment he entered the courtyard, he started shouting.

“I’m fine! I’m fine! I just found a few green stone slabs with very tiny holes. Senior Brother Feng Ming has already reported it to the sect leader. “The sect leader has already sent someone to repair it, and he even gave me permission to enter the library to read books in the future!” Yun Chujiu told her what Feng Ming had told her.

“Really?! That’s great! I told you that our Little Jiu is smart. She definitely won’t be in a daze on the square for no reason!” Yun Chusi’s face was full of pride.

Qing Si looked at Yun Chujiu suspiciously. “Little Jiu, why would the very tiny holes on the green stone slabs alert the sect leader?”

“Qing Si, you don’t know this. The Southern Jade Square was built by the founder of our Spirit Radiance Sect, Patriarch Linghua. Naturally, there shouldn’t be any damage. “Those tiny holes were created by a type of stone-eating ant. If we don’t take action soon, the entire Southern Jade Square will be destroyed!” Yun Chujiu said nonsense with a straight face.

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