The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 158 - I’m Sick

Chapter 158: I’m Sick

Manager Ding was suspicious and restrained his actions. He did not look for Yun Chujiu and the others.

Yun Chujiu was not in a hurry to make a move and was prepared to find a suitable time to strike.

That night, Yun Chujiu had just returned to the dormitory when Di Beiming said to her, “Black Thing, I need to go back. First, I need to take care of some things. Then, I need to find someone to ask about the condition of the grass in your body.”

After Di Beiming finished speaking, he looked at Yun Chujiu with anticipation.

He did not expect Yun Chujiu to indifferently reply, “Okay, go! Go! I’m exhausted. I need to lie down for a while.”

His poor Excellency had played the scene several times. For example, she was reluctant to part with him; or she was crying and hugging him and was reluctant to let him go; or yes, Black Thing gave him a kiss..

In an instant, the beautiful scenes popped. Di Beiming could only sigh in his heart—it was so stifling that he could not breathe!

Di Beiming was furious. He smashed the new table with one palm and the things on it shattered all over the floor. A stack of rice paper written by Yun Chujiu turned into paper scraps.

Yun Chujiu was shocked. “What are you doing?”

Di Beiming looked at Yun Chujiu and gritted his teeth. “I’m sick!”

‘What?!’ Yun Chujiu was dumbfounded. ‘Did this gigolo take the wrong medicine?!’

Di Beiming saw that Yun Chujiu was still in a daze and did not react. He was so angry that he flung his sleeves and left just like that!

This black thing was really heartless!

She did not even have the slightest intention of missing him!

An Yin could feel that the temperature in the surroundings had dropped by a few degrees. He sighed in his heart. It was over. The days that followed would be filled with suffering. He did not know how Miss Jiu had offended His Excellency that he became so angry.

On the other hand, Yun Chujiu was calm and collected. She shrugged her shoulders. This gigolo had not had a crazy fit for a long time. It seemed that it was that time of the month again.

Yun Chujiu rolled a few times on the bed. It was great that the gigolo had left! She could finally monopolize the bed!

However, Yun Chujiu could not fall asleep even after tossing and turning until midnight. She mumbled, “That’s weird. Why isn’t anyone fighting with me for territory? I’m not used to it!”

One gigolo, two gigolos, three gigolos..

The next day, Yun Chujiu went to the kitchen with two big dark circles under her eyes.

“Little Jiu, didn’t sleep well yesterday? Are you feeling unwell?” Yun Chuwu asked with concern when she saw Yun Chujiu looking listless.

Yun Chujiu giggled. “No, I just had too much fun with Little Black, that’s why I slept late.”

Little Black stared at her with its pea-sized eyes with grievance on its face. This young master would not admit it!

Yun Chuwu asked a few more questions. Seeing that there was nothing unusual, she went to work.

After breakfast, Elder Huang called Yun Chujiu and the others over.

“Today is the day of the Elders’s lecture. The seven of you should go with Hou Tian.”

Yun Chujiu blinked her eyes. “Elder Huang, let the other Senior Brothers go. We’ve just arrived. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future.”

Elder Huang smiled and said, “You little girl, you really know how to cause trouble. You guys go ahead. Next time, let someone else go.”

Seeing that Elder Huang had instructed so, Yun Chujiu did not refuse. She followed Hou Tian and Yun Chusi and rushed to Zhang Peak’s lecture square.

Two hours later, the few of them arrived at the lecture square.

Zhang Peak’s lecture square was the same square that Yun Chujiu and the others had been teleported to after passing the test. At that time, there were already many people gathered. Some were sitting on the ground while others were chatting softly.

There was a particular order to the seating. The inner disciples sat at the front followed by the outer disciples. The odd-job workers could only sit at the back. Yun Chujiu and the others found a corner and sat down.

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