The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 153 - Wicked Thief

Chapter 153: Wicked Thief

Yun Chujiu did not know of Di Beiming’s dilemma. He was thinking about Little Jiu. Now that she had a storage ring, she would definitely plunder more good things and put them in the ring.

Thus, the big kitchen suffered!

“Eh? That’s strange! I just steamed twenty baskets of dumplings. Why are there two baskets missing?”

“Why are there three pots missing from the steamed dumplings?”

“There were twenty pots of stewed beef, why are there only sixteen pots left?”

Yun Chujiu saw that things seemed to be getting out of hand, so she finally stopped. She followed the crowd and scolded the wicked thief for stealing the food.

Elder Huang searched for a long time but still could not find the reason, so he could only let it go. Perhaps everyone remembered it wrongly.

“Yun Chujiu, go and send this storage bag to the alchemy room. Inside is the food Senior Brother Zhang Zhi asked for! You must hand it to him personally!” Manager Ding handed a storage bag to Yun Chujiu.

Bei Yuan happened to be at the side, so he said when he saw this, “Manager Ding, Little Jiu doesn’t have the spiritual power so she walks too slow. It’s better for me to go!”

Manager Ding’s face darkened. “Bei Yuan, why can’t I even order a new handyman to do some tasks? Besides, Senior Brother Zhang Zhi isn’t in a hurry. As long as it arrives today, it’s fine.”

Yun Chujiu quickly said, “It’s fine. I’ll go! I haven’t been to the alchemy room yet, so I’ll just take it as getting to know the area!”

Bei Yuan had no choice but to call Yun Chujiu to the side and whispered, “The alchemy room is different from other places. Even the elders aren’t willing to offend the people there. You must be careful!”

Yun Chujiu nodded and left the big kitchen.

Manager Ding looked at Yun Chujiu’s back and a trace of sternness flashed through his eyes. ‘Stinky Girl, you’re dead meat this time!’

Yun Chujiu was clever. She naturally guessed that manager Ding had bad intentions. However, there was no reason to take precautions. She wanted to see what kind of great gift he had prepared for her!

Yun Chujiu thought about it and did not let Little Black follow her. If they accused Little Black of stealing the pills, she would not be able to justify it.

Yun Chujiu held her storage bag and hopped to the alchemy room.

Pills were extremely important to a sect, so the alchemy room was located near the top of Middle Peak. The spiritual energy there was very rich, and it was also beneficial to the alchemist’s cultivation.

Along the way, she met many disciples. As most of them had been to the cafeteria, Yun Chujiu greeted them as if they were friends.

“Ah, Senior Brother, you’re even more handsome than a few days ago!”

“Senior Sister, I almost didn’t recognize you after not seeing you for a few days. You’ve become more beautiful again!”

“Senior Sister, this aqua-pink dress you’re wearing really suits your skin color! You’re like a fairy!”

Everyone liked to hear good things. When they saw how well Yun Chujiu spoke, they naturally replied as well. Yun Chujiu said that she had been sent by Manager Ding to the pill refining room to deliver something to Senior Brother Zhang Zhi.

Yun Chujiu noticed that there were a few people who heard her and their eyes flickered. When Yun Chujiu saw this, she became curious and intentionally or otherwise, started conversing even more.

“Little girl, let me tell you. I accidentally found out that Senior Brother Zhang Zhi is related to Liu Qingzhen, who was expelled from the sect a few days ago.”

“Yeah, I also heard that Senior Brother Zhang Zhi is Liu Qingzhen’s cousin. You should be careful.”

“Senior Brother Zhang Zhi is highly regarded by elder Qi of the pill refining room. He is about to be accepted as a personal disciple. He is currently in the limelight. You must not offend him.”

After Yun Chujiu thanked everyone, she was on her way up the mountain again. She would not offend anyone if they did not offend her. It was fine if Zhang Zhi did not offend her. However, if he was up to no good, regardless of whether he was a personal disciple or not, she had to get rid of him!

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