The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 15 - Eavesdrop

Yun Xiaotian felt like his old heart was blessed. Young Jiu had always caused him a great deal of worry, but she was also very mentally sensitive and fragile. Even though she sounded like she had a few loose screws in her head right now, it was much better than before!

Yun Xiaotian nodded at Yun Chujiu. "I sure hope so. You can take your leave first. And don't tell anyone about what happened with your door and the Soul-Gathering Pill!"

Yun Chujiu knew that her newfound grandpa had accepted her explanation about things. She bade farewell to him and left with a spring in her steps.

"Old Li, do you think that what Young Jiu said is true?" Yun Xiaotian watched Yun Chujiu leave by practically skipping out of the room, and his lips twitched, almost forming a smile. 

"Master, regardless of whether it's true or not, the way the ninth young mistress is acting right now is a lot better than how she was before. But the problem is that the Soul-Gathering Pill has fallen into the Bai family's hands. If Bai Peng manages to break into the Seventh Level of Spirit Refinement Realm after consuming it, the Yun family would be in trouble!" Butler Ji closed the door and said with a glum expression.

Yun Xiaotian let out a soft sigh. "Even if Bai Peng manages to do that, he will need at least half a year for it. We can slowly think of a plan before that time arrives. Right now, what I'm worried about the most isn't the Bai family."

"Master, are you worried that someone powerful has set his sights on the Yun family?"

"That's right. The door of Young Jiu's residence was obviously blown up by a powerful person. He must at least be a Spirit Being. He might even be a legendary Spirit Emperor!" Yun Xiaotian told Butler Ji about everything that Yun Chujiu had told him. Butler Ji was Yun Xiaotian's right hand man, and Yun Xiaotian often discussed most things with him.

Most people in Qingxuan Continent were capable of cultivating spiritual energy, and their level of cultivation was divided into three realms: Spirit Refinement Realm, Spirit Being Realm, and Spirit Emperor Realm. Each realm was further divided into nine levels, and the difference between realms was as great as night and day.

Yun Xiaotian's level of cultivation was only at the Sixth Level of Spirit Refinement Realm. Of course he was tremendously worried!

Butler Ji thought about it and said, "Master, what the ninth young mistress said makes sense. If the person is really here for that thing, he would have done more than shatter the door! Aside from that, if he were really a powerful person, he would have come for you instead!" 

Yun Xiaotian nodded. "I, too, think that I'm worrying too much. You're right, some powerful person who happened to be in the area might just have been causing some mischief! Send someone to keep a watch on the Bai family! Sigh, I've actually prepared that Soul-Gathering Pill for Young Jiu. She has not been able to guide spiritual energy into her body even after so much time has passed, and I was thinking that a Soul-Gathering Pill might help with her. Who would have thought... Sigh…"

A certain person was squatting down under the window, and she trembled. A stunned expression bloomed on her small and dark face. That person was no one other than Yun Chujiu, who had returned after taking her leave just now.

Even though this crazy girl was no longer lusting after the rare treasure the Yun family possessed, she could not get it out of her mind, and she was rather curious about it.

And since she had the guts of a lion, after leaving the head of household's residence, she returned and hid under the window to eavesdrop on their conversation. 

It was day time, and never in their wildest imagination had Yun Xiaotian as well as Butler Ji expected anyone to eavesdrop on them. Moreover, Yun Chujiu did not possess spiritual power. Hence, they did not notice her presence.

Yun Chujiu felt tears welling up in her eyes. Her newfound grandpa was so friggin' nice to her original persona even though her original persona was such an ungrateful prat.

'Hmph, it's your fault for having such poor judgment! Well, your loss, my gain! From now onwards, your grandpa is mine! And I'll be the one protecting the Yun family too!'

Just as Yun Chujiu was feeling sentimental, a child's voice rang out.

"Yun Chujiu, why are you sneaking around?" A young boy who was around seven or eight years old glared furiously at Yun Chujiu.

Yun Chujiu felt incredibly annoyed with herself; she had been so busy eavesdropping that she did not notice the little boy approaching.

Naturally, the two people in the room noticed her after the boy pointed her presence out.

Yun Chujiu flashed an awkward smile at Yun Xiaotian. "Grandpa, it's… It's pretty breezy here, so I'm just chillin'!"

Yun Xiaotian found himself absolutely speechless. 

The little boy rolled his eyes and said angrily, "Grandpa, Yun Chujiu must be doing something bad! A bad person like this should be chased out of the Yun family…"

"Quiet! She's your ninth sister! If I hear you saying something like this again, I won't let you off the hook easily!" Yun Xiaotian said in great displeasure. 

The little boy burned with fury, and there were tears in his eyes. "Grandpa, she's just an ungrateful traitor. Why are you always taking her side?"

"Because she's part of the Yun family, and her name is Yun Chujiu! She's your ninth sister!" Yun Xiaotian said in a stern voice.

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