The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

4865 Chapter 4865 had dragged him into this mess

Buddha’s candle fell to the ground with a thud. It was a terrible fall!

This fellow was dumbfounded. What on Earth had pushed it out? !

It bravely charged towards Hei Xinjiu’s glabella again, and then fell down again.

This fellow decided to settle for the second best. The glabella didn’t work, and her Dantian wasn’t bad either. Let’s see how she can show off after destroying this smelly girl’s dantian!

Hence, this fellow directly charged towards her dantian and was beaten up by Guai Cao!

You Little Scum, you still dare to dream of getting a share of the Dantian? Shameless!

Before Buddha’s candle could regain his senses, he was directly knocked out of his Dantian by the black bead.

This fellow fell to the ground again.

Buddha’s candle consoled himself. Since the space between his eyebrows and his Dantian didn’t work, he would stay in the palm of his right hand for a while and directly burn this stinky girl’s right hand into ashes.

Thus, the fellow rushed towards its right palm, only to be chased out by a small flame that was burning in anger.

Buddha’s candle only felt sorrow coming from within. Why was there a bunch of perverts in this little girl’s body? !

If it did not see wrongly, that was the ten-thousand-year-old fire marrow in this fellow’s right hand. Even the ten-thousand-year-old fire marrow did not do anything to this stinky girl, so it was likely that it could not do anything to her.

It was over. It had failed in its attempt to steal the chicken, and now it had gotten itself involved.

The girl no longer had the intention to go against Yun Chujiu. She tried to enter Hei Xinjiu’s left hand while crying. Fortunately, she was not kicked out this time, and she finally had a place to settle down.

However, it was suddenly stunned. Huh? Why did the thing tied to the girl’s left and right wrists look familiar?

Oh My God, aren’t those two guys? ! Why did they become Half-dead? !

It regretted it!

It didn’t want to become like them. Help!

“I regret it. Let’s cancel the contract right now. Otherwise, I won’t be polite!”Buddha’s candle said angrily.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

Yun chujiu snorted, “Dream On! Stay here, or I’ll pull out your core and burn it for fun!”

“Wu Wu, you can’t do this! If I knew you were such a woman, I would never let you have me no matter what!”

Yun Chujiu:”…”

Yun chujiu was about to tidy up the Buddha’s candle when she suddenly felt that the atmosphere around her was a little strange.

Master Liaowu and the others were all dumbfounded at this moment. They had been blinded by the Golden Light of the Buddha’s candle previously, so they had just regained their sight.

They also happened to see the Buddha’s candle, which had shrunk countless times, enter Yun Chujiu’s left hand.

What, what was going on?

An elder suddenly cried out in surprise, “Buddha’s candle, the Buddha’s candle was actually contracted by her!”


The Buddha’s candle had actually established a contract with this Yun Chujiu?

“AH, Amitabha, Buddha, Master Liaowu, what, what is going on?”Master Liaowu asked in a trembling voice.

“Alas, if I don’t go to Hell, who will? I’m just too kind. I saw that you guys couldn’t do anything with this Buddha’s candle, so I reluctantly accepted it. This way, your Zen sect will cease to exist in the future,”said Yun chujiu with a sympathetic tone.

Sect Master Lei Wu and the people of the Zen sect almost died from anger!


And you still want to force us? Although this Buddha’s candle was a little crazy, it was still a treasure of the Zen sect! ! How could we let this stupid girl take advantage of us just like that? !

“Master Liaowu, this, this is a little inappropriate. After all, this Buddha’s candle is a treasure of our Zen sect…”

Before Master Liaowu could finish his words, he was interrupted by Yun Chujiu. This guy said with a smile, “Master Liaowu, I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.”

“Master Liaowu, we have already agreed beforehand. No matter what the result is, you can’t blame me or go back on your words. Are you going back on Your Words?”

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