The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

4727 Chapter 4727

“Kneel, kneel, all of you, kneel!”Zheng Mama was afraid that Yun Chujiu would really kill her, so she quickly shouted.

The guards and maids did not dare to disobey, so they could only kneel on the ground.

The corner of Yun Chujiu’s mouth curled up. “Is it not enough to just kneel? Let them kowtow and admit their mistakes. Just say that they looked down on others and neglected me, their master.”

Zheng Mama’s old face was purple with anger, but she did not dare to disobey. She quickly said, “Do as she says, quickly!”

The guards and maids could only kowtow and say that they were looking down on others. Each and every one of them was so aggrieved that they wanted to vomit blood. They hated Yun Chujiu in their hearts. This Yun Chujiu was really courting death. She would suffer in a while!

Yun chujiu looked at the people kneeling on the ground and curled the corners of her lips. “This is what a slave should look like. Otherwise, others would think that the LAN family really has no one!

“You, yes, it’s you. Tell me, what did you do wrong?”

The person Yun Chujiu pointed at was the guard who opened the door for her. The guard gritted his teeth and said, “I, I shouldn’t have looked down on others and neglected Miss Cousin.”

“You don’t even know how to use the honorific title? Hong Ling, go over and slap your face!”Yun chujiu snorted coldly.

Hong Ling also understood now that she was definitely going to die today. Since that was the case, then she would be an upright person.

Hence, she got up, walked in front of the guard and gave him two tight slaps.

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Hong Ling was shocked by his gaze, but when she thought that she would not be able to live anyway, she was filled with anger and kicked the guard. “Why are you staring? ! Do you want to disobey my lady’s orders? !”

The corner of Yun Chujiu’s mouth twitched. This little girl really learned quickly!ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

The veins on the guard’s forehead were so angry that they were popping out. However, due to the fact that Zheng Mama was in Yun Chujiu’s hands, he could only kneel on the ground and remain silent.

At this moment, some members of the LAN family who were cultivating in the cultivation room or reading in the library rushed over when they heard the news.

When they saw the scene in front of them, they were all dumbfounded. These servants of the ancestral residence usually showed off their might and did not put their young masters in their eyes at all. Especially that Zheng Mama who was even more arrogant than the mistress of the household.., they actually fell into the hands of this Yun chujiu today?

This Yun Chujiu was really audacious. She was asking for death by acting like a demon!

One of the girls wearing red clothes glared at Yun chujiu angrily and shouted, “You trash, why aren’t you letting go of Zheng Mama? ! You are dragging down the entire third branch, you ingrate!”

Hong Ling whispered, “Miss, this is our third branch’s Miss Luofang.”

Yun chujiu nodded and looked at LAN luofang, “Sister Luofang, I’m just teaching the slaves a lesson. You Don’t have to say it so harshly, do you?

Or are you used to being bullied by these slaves and already think that they are the Masters?”

Lan Luofang choked on her words. During her etiquette class, she was often punished by Zheng Mama. To be honest, she was very happy to see Zheng Mama in such a sorry state.

However, Yun Chujiu, this country bumpkin, belonged to the three of them. Now that the matter had become so big, even her grandfather would be implicated by her.

Especially when she saw that the people from the eldest and second branches were gloating, she hated Yun Chujiu even more. She walked in front of Yun Chujiu angrily and wanted to snatch Zheng Mama from Yun Chujiu’s hands.

However, she did not expect that when she pulled Zheng Mama, Zheng Mama’s neck was cut by a large kitchen knife..

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