The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

2895 Chapter 2895, VIP client

Mountain master an glanced at the badly beaten disciples and snorted coldly:

“As inner sect disciples, you don’t know how to cultivate properly. All you do is indulge in chasing after the wind and chasing after shadows. You’re really useless! Reflect on yourselves!”

After mountain master an finished speaking, he didn’t bother with an Linchuan, who was drooping his head. He just flicked his sleeves and left.

The disciples of alkaid peak were so depressed that they wanted to vomit blood!

Why did it sound like they had been beaten up for nothing?

Didn’t mountain master an say that he wanted to send that scourge to the far west? Just because that Scourge said a few words, he didn’t plan to pursue the matter?

Before everyone got up, they heard an linchuan say fiercely, “All of you, be careful. If anyone talks nonsense again, I won’t forgive you!”

After an Linchuan finished speaking, he suddenly felt refreshed. It turned out that it felt so good to act recklessly. F * CK, since it was already like this, he wouldn’t return to the courtyard to be confined!

Thus, he took out his identity jade token and sent a message to Yun chujiu, “Junior sister Xiao Jiu, where are you? I’ll go look for you!”

Yun Chujiu, this fellow, was jumping towards the law enforcement office when she received a message from an Linchuan, asking him to go to the law enforcement office to look for her.

When the disciples of the law enforcement office saw Yun Chujiu, they all nodded and bowed. This guy was a VIP customer of the law enforcement office. He would come here every few days. It was hard not to recognize him!

Manager Zhong saw that Yun Chujiu was here again and immediately had the urge to run away. What did she do this time?

“Junior Sister Yun, why are you here today?”Manager Zhong asked tentatively.

“Well, I made a small mistake today, so I came here to turn myself in.”Yun chujiu sat on the chair swaggeringly. She didn’t look like a disciple who made a mistake, but more like a distinguished guest.

“Small mistake? What small mistake?”

“It’s nothing. I just beat up the disciples of the Alkaid Peak. It’s not too serious. It’s just a bloody nose and a swollen face,”Yun Chujiu said casually.

Manager Zhong’s attention was on the word “They”. He asked with a trembling voice, “How many disciples of the Alkaid Peak did you beat up?”

“Not many. About thirty or forty. Time is limited, so I only found these people. They spread rumors and slandered senior brother An and me. I just taught them a lesson.”.

“Alright, this is my mistake. You can deal with it as you see fit!”! “You can deal with it however you want. I have no objections. It would be best if you can be locked in the hole of reflection.”

After Hei Xinjiu finished speaking, she crossed her legs and picked up the snacks on the table and started munching on them.

Manager Zhong’s head was buzzing. He had beaten up thirty to forty disciples of Alkaid Peak? You are playing tricks! He did not dare to easily make a decision to punish such a prickly person. He could only find an excuse to meet elder Chu.

After elder Chu heard this, he was also dumbfounded. This matter could be big or small. It mainly depended on the attitude of mountain master an of Alkaid Peak, so he sent a message to mountain master an.

A moment later, mountain master an replied to Elder Chu. The gist of it was that he did not have any objections and just let him deal with it according to the sect rules.

Elder Chu stroked his beard. Mountain master an had a temper that lit a fire. How could he be so calm this time? It was really strange.

Elder Chu eagerly came to ask for Master Baili’s instructions again. Once Master Baili heard that it was about Yun chujiu, his head ached.

If it was according to the sect rules, it would have been fine if he had entered the cave of reflection. However, master baili always felt that Yun Chujiu had no good intentions after entering the cave of reflection, so he gritted his teeth and said,

“Punish her by locking her in the courtyard. Send people to guard around and don’t let her out. In another two months, just send her to the Yuan killing sect.”

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