The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 1068 - Chapter 1068: – loving heart-I’m going crazy from this display of affection (3)

Chapter 1068: – loving heart-I’m going crazy from this display of affection (3)

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The two of them were already the focus of everyone’s attention.

Now, they were hugging and taking selfies together, and they even kissed …

He had to believe that there were fujoshis everywhere …

Immediately, someone began to say,” that attack, it’s so overbearing, it’s so cool… look at that bottom, she’s so gentle when she smiles …

the two of them are really a perfect match …

“I’m going crazy eating this dog food …”

“Little Shou seems to be shy, ah ah ah … He’s blushing …”

Just as the girls said, Chu Bai Qing’s face was red.

how did you know I’m …

Chu Bai Qing said softly. He was handsome, but he wasn’t his mother, so how did she know he was …

Moreover, he spoke in such a certain tone, as if they knew him.

“The public’s eyes are all sharp!”

Gu Jue suddenly felt that being in a crowded place wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. At least, he could hear them say that he and Chu baiqing were a good match.

He was still very willing to listen to the topic of attack and subjugation.

The last time at the Women’s Clothing store, it had the same effect. It was not bad…

When they walked out of the theater, Chu baiqing didn’t even know what he was watching.

Although Gu Jue had never been to. cinema before, he was very good at buying. He bought the last row and the entire row…

The two of them sat at the back. The people in front turned around to look at them, but Gu Jue glared at them.

After that, no one dared to turn back, so Gu Jue began to act unscrupulously…

He didn’t care about Chu Bai Qing’s resistance and kissed her until he had enough.

If it were not for the inconvenience of being outside, Gu Jue would have done even more outrageous things.

Chu baiqing was a shy person, after all. He was a little annoyed by Gu Jue’s kiss and blamed him for making a scene regardless of the occasion.

He was afraid that he would never be able to be as carefree as Gu Jue in this life.

Chu baiqing’s anger was useless. If Gu Jue became unreasonable and overbearing, there was really nothing he could do about it.

When they arrived at the underground parking lot, Chu baiqing got in the car and said that he was going home.

He was afraid that Gu Jue would kiss him again when they were somewhere else…

“Let’s go eat! Didn’t those girls just say that there’s a couple’s restaurant that’s pretty good…”

Gu Jue was in a good mood today. They were having a date at the cinema. It was a pretty good place.

Chu Bai Qing’s face was red.

“I’m not eating, let’s go home!”

Chu baiqing was still angry. He wanted to be angry so that Gu Jue would remember this. Next time, he shouldn’t be so reckless and kiss as he pleased.

Chu baiqing naturally knew that Gu Jue was the kind of person who would do whatever he said, but he couldn’t just let him do whatever he wanted.

“You’re not eating the couple set meal?” Gu Jue leaned forward and asked in a low voice when he saw Chu baiqing’s angry face.

“No… Eat, let’s go!”

She thought of how rare it was for Gu Jue to say that he wanted to eat. Let’s go and eat together as a memento!

He could also take some photos and have more memories.

Although she was angry, she didn’t want to lose her chance in the future …

Gu Jue still remembered the couple’s restaurant that the few girls had mentioned.

He found it according to the navigation …

The location was not in the downtown area. It was a very secluded place, so those who came here must be returning customers.

After walking in, they saw many cleverly designed private rooms that were well hidden.

It was a very tasteful place, and it gave people a very comfortable feeling visually.

The service staff brought them to a private room and they ordered the couple’s meal..

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