The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Shadow’s Appearance

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Feng Jianing finally understood. As long as she encountered someone related to that little slut, she would be unlucky!

“Beining!” Feng Jianing really didn’t want others to snatch away the things she liked.

However, the person who increased the bid was the Ninth Master’s family. Cao Beining was a little unwilling, but Feng Jianing, who was beside him, pleaded with teary eyes. Cao Beining thought that this was his marriage partner. Besides, he had already lost face outside once. It wasn’t like he couldn’t take out this bit of money.

After hesitating for a moment, he raised the bid by a hundred thousand. This was the minimum bid for this item.

Before Cao Beining finished his sentence, Feng Qing immediately added a million!

Cao Beining and Feng Jianing were shocked. Even though Feng Jianing didn’t have much money on hand, she still had ten to twenty million. Cao Beining was about the same, but it was definitely not enough to not treat money as money…

Cao Beining immediately decided not to add it. Feng Jianing did not say a word either. The two of them watched as the Buddha Jade Pendant was eagerly handed to Feng Qing.

Feng Qing raised her hand and touched the jade pendant. She immediately recognized that it was the one she had opened. However, this one was already a leftover material, so she casually threw it to Xie Qi. “Let Qianqian play with it. I remember that she likes such cold little things!”

Xie Qi thanked her again. It was just that this thing was like a hot potato. The Ninth Master had asked him to urge Madam to spend money, but Madam had already given him the thing she bought. How was he going to explain this when he got back?

The auction continued. Regardless of whether Feng Jianing bid or not, as long as Feng Qing felt that Feng Jianing would like any of the items, she would bid all of them and give them to her bodyguards. Everyone would get a share!

Throughout the entire auction, Feng Jianing was lifeless. She and Feng Qing were at odds with each other. Anyone related to her would suffer! However, Feng Jianing didn’t have time to curse that woman in her heart. Finally, the thing she wanted was here!

“Next up is the final work of the deceased top-notch perfume maker, Feng Yiru, ‘Shadow’!”

Feng Jianing grabbed Cao Beining’s hand. “Feng Yiru is my aunt. This is the last thing she left behind. No matter what, I want it!”

Cao Beining naturally knew who Feng Yiru was. He was also here for this item today, so he didn’t need Feng Jianing’s reminder. “Don’t worry. We will definitely take back Auntie’s things and reverse R&D the formula to promote this’ Shadow’ to the world!”

Then, everyone saw a palm-sized glass bottle covered in bulletproof glass appear.

The liquid inside was black, just like the shadow of the night, but it also felt like a shadow following its body.

“In the notes of Fragrant Master Feng Yiru, the reason why it’s called ‘Shadow’ is because this bottle of perfume will make one no longer feel lonely and full of energy. At the same time, adding something else will reveal an illusion of a shadow, allowing one to see the things deep within one’s heart and face one’s true self.”

“As for the other component, we’ll have to let the people who bid this ‘Shadow’ slowly research it and give the world an answer.”

As the auctioneer spoke, he opened ‘Shadow’. Within three seconds, the smell of ‘Shadow’ wafted through the air. He walked past the fragrance and walked around the venue. The smell of ‘Shadow’ followed him everywhere.


Following the proliferation of ‘Shadow’, everyone smiled at the same time. It was the call of their loved ones, and the longing of their loved ones.

Even Feng Jianing, who had a sullen expression, also revealed a smile. When the smell of “Shadow” dissipated, Feng Jianing’s face was filled with determination!

Feng Yiru’s item was truly not simple. This bottle of ‘Shadow’ will definitely be hers!

As long as she developed the formula and invested in it, she would become the most important person in the Feng family. No matter how the two miseries protected the money, her status in the Feng family would rise and she would become the person in charge of the entire family!

“Five million!”

Cao Beining immediately shouted a bid higher than one million.

Feng Qing shouted, “Ten million!”

“Eleven million!”

Cao Beining raised his bid again. This was the first time he had counter-attacked Feng Qing’s bid!

Feng Jianing’s palms were sweating. She was determined to get this bottle of ‘Shadow’. She felt that Madam Xie was just a young lady and definitely didn’t know what ‘Shadow’ represented, so she wouldn’t fight with them to the end.

That was an unimaginable amount of wealth!

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