The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 42 - Can You Bear The Responsibility?

Chapter 42: Can You Bear The Responsibility?

Hearing Feng Qing’s words, Gu Qingye’s body trembled. The gaze he used to look at Feng Qing changed as well. After quickly sorting out his mental state, he said softly, “A Dark Organization is an organization that has gathered top geniuses. It’s said that this name was casually given because its members wanted to keep a low profile.

“There are two famous people in this organization. One is Mr. Qingyi, who is good at mixing incense with poison and killing people without leaving a trace. The other is a miracle doctor who is good at treating and saving people. He’s called the Healer.

“No one knows their gender or appearance, or what their real names are. It’s said that Mr. Qingyi kills people like flies, and the Healer, just like his name suggests, only saves people. But he only saves people within the organization.

“Recently, I heard that someone has offered ten billion to find the Healer. As long as he’s willing to save people, the other party is willing to pay any price.” As Gu Qingye spoke, he suddenly changed the topic and looked at Feng Qing. “So what are you trying to say? Do you know him? Or…”

“I don’t know him, but I think we can borrow this miracle doctor’s name. Since you trust me, cooperate with me. How about it?”

Five minutes later.

Gu Qingye drove everyone out of the hall as a core member of the family. Then, he led a person in a black cloak who was covered tightly into Old Master Gu’s room.

The moment the two of them stepped into the room, they smelled a strong smell of blood. There was no time to clean up the blood on the ground. The medical specialists present were even more flustered.

“My dear lady! Old Master vomited blood again after taking your medicine…”

“Old Master has already lost consciousness. The blood in his mouth is subconsciously flowing out again.”

“We have to go to the hospital for emergency treatment immediately. We can’t delay any longer. The helicopter is already prepared. Let’s go!”

“No! Old Master can’t get on the plane in this situation!”

Gu Jingtong’s face turned even paler. She had learned medicine from Hua Pianshan and had been taking care of her grandfather’s condition all this while. She had always thought that she had stabilized her grandfather’s condition, but who would have expected that his condition would suddenly worsen, catching her off guard. How could the medicine she gave her grandfather not be effective?

“Old Master is starting to have difficulty breathing!” A doctor suddenly shouted.

“Get away! I’ll give him an oxygen mask!” Gu Jingtong shouted. She was about to put on the oxygen mask for Old Master Gu when a pair of cold hands grabbed her.

Gu Jingtong turned around and saw a person in a black cloak, sunglasses, and a black mask. Gu Jingtong was stunned by the sudden appearance of such a person in the ward.

“Do you want the patient to die now?” A man’s cold voice came from under the black mask. “If he wears the oxygen mask now, the blood he vomited will enter his nose.”

Gu Qingye stood at the side and his eyes moved when he heard Feng Qing’s voice. He was puzzled, the little blind girl did not need any equipment to change her voice freely and could even determine her grandfather’s condition. How many secrets did she have?

“Who are you!” Gu Jingtong turned around and asked.

Gu Qingye immediately said, “I invited him. He’s a miracle doctor from A Dark Organization, the Healer.”

“What!” The experts, who were in a mess, were all dumbfounded. They looked at the mysterious ‘man’ in front of them who was covered from head to toe.

“Was I hallucinating? A miracle doctor from A Dark Organization, the Healer?”

“Young Master actually invited the Healer, a miracle doctor from A Dark Organization.”

Gu Jingtong suddenly recalled and said in a dark voice, “I’ve heard that the Healer never saves anyone outside of A Dark Organization. Are you an imposter?”

The Healer ignored Gu Jingtong’s words and continued walking towards Old Master Gu. “Let me treat him. I’ll stop the bleeding in a minute and clear the blood vessels in five minutes. Half an hour later, Old Master Gu will wake up.”

Hearing his words, not only did Gu Jingtong think that he was arrogant, but even the experts had the same expression.

Gu Jingtong pointed at the Healer and shouted, “You’re talking nonsense! Even if my master, Hua Pianshan, came, he wouldn’t dare to guarantee this.”

When the Healer heard this, he only said calmly, “That’s because your master’s medical skills are not enough.”

Gu Jingtong was speechless.

“Alright! I’ll give you a minute to see how you stop the bleeding. If my grandfather continues to vomit blood, I’ll arrest you and send you to the police station!”

With that, Gu Jingtong looked at Gu Qingye and scolded, “Brother, why are you adding to the mess? Don’t you know that the Healer never saves anyone other than A Dark Organization? If grandfather’s illness is treated badly by this imposter and his condition worsens, can you bear the responsibility?”

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