The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: We Might Be Love Rivals Now

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With Feng Qing’s shocking actions just now, no one dared to say it in front of her anymore. They were only whispering in the class’ group chat. Of course, Feng Qing was not in this group.

Tang Pan said that she hoped everyone would know the truth, and was immediately bombarded by people. Tang Pan didn’t dare to speak anymore.

As for Feng Qing, after listening to the professor’s lecture for a while, she felt that it was meaningless. The teacher Xie Jiuhan had found had already explained the content to her! The teachers that Xie Jiuhan found were actually all outstanding talents of their respective fields.

Although Feng Qing couldn’t see anything, she could feel a scorching gaze on her from behind. After which, Feng Qing felt someone touching her with a brush. Feng Qing sat up straight and leaned against the chair.

Gu Qingye, who was behind her, tilted his head and asked softly, “What’s your relationship with Xie Shihao?” Gu Qingye’s voice was low, but he knew that Feng Qing could hear him.

Feng Qing pursed her lips. “Sigh… If I have to describe it, I can only say that we’re love rivals now!”

Gu Qingye was not a fool. He knew that Feng Qing had a relationship with Xie Shihao, but he never expected that they would be love rivals!

What kind of relationship was this! Gu Qingye thought about it and decided not to dwell on it anymore. He would figure it out sooner or later. Then, he thought of something and said, “This Sunday is my grandfather’s birthday. We’ll be playing at the hot spring villa. Xie Shihao will naturally be there. Do you want to come?”

After Gu Qingye finished speaking, he added, “It’s my family’s hot spring.”

Feng Qing turned her head in confusion. “Why did you invite me?”

Gu Qingye spun the pen with one hand and said with a playful look in his eyes, “If I have to describe it, I can only say that I’m very interested in you now!”

As he finished his words, Gu Qingye recalled how Feng Qing looked when she fought. Her fair face was dyed red and she looked really beautiful.

“Sure! I’ve heard that your Heavenly Lake Hot Spring is a natural medicinal hot spring that can extend one’s lifespan, so I won’t refuse.”

The Gu family was an old aristocratic family in the Capital, not some rising star. Most of the Capital’s hot spring industry was basically controlled by the Gu family. The hot springs in the Gu family’s hands were also of different levels, so the Heavenly Lake Hot Springs were naturally of the highest standard. This hot spring villa was restricted by the Gu family. Only the members of the Gu family had the right to bring anyone in. It was an opportunity that no amount of money could buy.

However, this was a little different for Xie Jiuhan. When Xie Jiuhan was in complete control of the Xie family, he had used some unknown method to lure the Gu family’s hot spring to Xie Jiuhan’s villa.

Right now, this was the bath water that Feng Qing used every day. It was just that it was not as comfortable as directly soaking in the natural pool, and the efficacy was slightly worse.

“Brother Mingqian… Do you want to go to the Gu family’s hot spring this weekend?” Feng Qing lowered her head and asked the person beside her softly. When she was whispering, she completely forgot Xie Jiuhan’s warning and directly called him brother.

Hearing Feng Qing’s words, Xu Mingqian shook his head in disappointment. “I can’t accompany you. Before Grandfather arrived in the Capital, he warned me over and over again not to have any contact with any aristocratic family in the Capital! Otherwise, he would starve himself to death…”

At the end of his speech, Xu Mingqian sighed helplessly. He did not wish to have any connections with rich people, but he felt a little helpless. Small characters like them were really afraid of offending big shots.

Because of Grandpa Xu’s weird temper, Feng Qing could only nod regretfully. It was just a pity that she didn’t bring Xu Mingqian along. That place was very good for health.

That night, Feng Jianing brought Cao Beining and her parents to a high-end restaurant for dinner.

“Mom, did Chief Shen tell you about Feng Qing today?” Feng Jianing held her knife and fork and thought for a while before deliberately speaking at the dining table.

On the other hand, Fu Anlan’s elegant face was obviously stunned. She remained silent for a while before saying, “After you sent me the message, I contacted Chief Shen! That child can’t even see and can still cause trouble…

“By the way, I remember Chief Shen saying that you were injured by her? How are you now? You have a brand press conference tomorrow. Don’t let it affect your gown.”

When Feng Jianing heard that, she sneered in her heart. Following that, she said graciously, “Mom, it’s fine, don’t worry. Actually, she didn’t manage to suppress me. There was still someone back then.”

Hearing Feng Jianing’s words, Fu Anlan heaved a sigh of relief.

Feng Jianing had been paying attention to Fu Anlan’s expression. She probed, “Mom, Feng Qing has been gone for three years. Now that she’s finally back, do you really not want to see her?”

Fu Anlan’s hand, which was cutting the steak, paused. She put down her knife and fork, then wiped her mouth. “When I brought her back, the fengshui master said that she was a blessed person, but this fortune would be brought from her maiden home to her husband’s. The longer she stayed in her maiden home, the more fortune would be taken away…

“That’s why your father and I wanted to marry her off as soon as possible.. It’s just that this child has lived in the mountains for too long and is ignorant. CEO Wang’s family is well-off, yet she actually injured him and ran away in the middle of the night, causing your father and I to apologize again!”

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