The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Be Careful, Your Blessings Will Be Lost

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The three women threatened and insulted Feng Qing. The surrounding people also whispered among themselves. If it was anyone else, they would have been so aggrieved that they would not know what to do.

However, this was really not enough for Feng Qing. Confused, Feng Qing asked, “Who told you that Xie Shihao and Gu Qingye sent me home?” Feng Qing was really puzzled. The inconvenience caused by her eyes was actually quite a lot.

“You still have the cheek to ask! Last night, you took Young Master Gu’s car first and then Young Master Xie’s car. The forum has long exploded!” The three sportsmen were furious.

“Ha! So you’re jealous? That’s a pity. You’ll never be able to sit in their car…” Feng Qing sneered. She knew what she wanted to know and wasn’t in the mood to talk nonsense with them.

“What a joke! Feng Qing, you actually think that we’re jealous of a blind person!”

“As your senior, let me remind you out of goodwill. People like you are not that blessed. You have to be careful when you use your good fortune. Otherwise, if you get unlucky one day, it will be fatal!”

“And that proud little face of yours will also suffer with you. Be careful in the future. I heard that it’s very painful to be splashed with sulfuric acid… Be careful or you won’t even know how you died!”

The girls became more and more vicious as they spoke, wishing they could peel off Feng Qing’s seductive face.

Feng Qing only smiled when she heard this. “Then thank you seniors for your reminder. However, I’ll also give this to you seniors. You really have to be careful with your good fortune. Otherwise, if you’re unlucky one day, it’ll really be life-threatening. Since seniors are so kind, you definitely won’t directly lose your lives. At most, you’ll just be a little unlucky.”

Feng Qing was about to leave when the girl who didn’t hit Feng Qing bumped into her again. However, Feng Qing dodged her again and she almost fell. The girl’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot when she failed to hit a small blind person twice in a row.

After walking away, Feng Qing took out her phone and contacted Xie Qi. “Check who posted about me on the school’s forum.”

Not far away, three senior sisters suddenly screamed. They wanted to chase after Feng Qing and continue to cause trouble, but for some reason, they tripped over each other and fell into each other. Moreover, each of them had their faces on the ground, and their three faces that were covered in powder instantly oozed blood.

“Ah! My face hurts…”

Feng Qing ignored them and Xie Qi called back shortly.

“Madam, the post regarding you was just released this morning. I’m sorry, it’s our fault for neglecting the school’s website. We’ve already deleted the messages that hurt you.”

Feng Qing continued asking, “Who sent it?”

Xie Qi immediately answered, “Checking through the IP address, I found the other party’s phone number. It’s Wu Xue from the Music Academy! We also checked Wu Xue’s identity. She’s from Jiangdu, and the Wu family has dealings with the Feng family’s company. I’ll report this to the Ninth Master immediately.”

“No need!” A cold smile flashed across Feng Qing’s lips. “I know her. She’s a follower of Feng Jianing.”

To be able to secretly take photos of her, Gu Qingye, and Xie Shihao, as well as to defame her on the forums, Feng Qing wouldn’t believe that Feng Jianing wasn’t involved. Although she hadn’t dealt with the Feng family in the past few years, she had still paid attention to them. There were quite a few business enterprises that had dealings with them.

“There’s no need to alarm Jiuhan about the school matters. I can handle it myself.” After Feng Qing ended the call, she called Xie Shihao.

Before Feng Qing could speak, Xie Shihao exploded. “Feng Qing, you actually called me. Because of you, Xiao Ye and I have a bad reputation!” Xie Shihao had already found out about what happened on the school’s forum. The information on the Internet wasn’t pleasant to the ears, and Xie Shihao was fuming inside.

Feng Qing pretended not to notice Xie Shihao’s anger. “Shihao, help me do something.”


Knowing that Xie Shihao was lying, Feng Qing continued, “Find Wu Xue from the Music Academy. I want to know where she is now.”

“Who is that?” Xie Shihao furrowed his brows tightly.

“It was her post that ruined your reputation.”

Xie Shihao cursed, “F*ck! She doesn’t want to live anymore!”

In the music room.

Feng Jianing had just sat down when gossipy students came to look for her.

“Feng Jianing, is that Feng Qing really your younger sister? She’s really… shameless. Yesterday, I didn’t believe that she would look for an old man before she reached adulthood. In the end, I saw the post this morning.. Now, I really believe it.”

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