The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Ninth Master’s Personal Modification

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As Feng Qing ate, she replied, “It doesn’t matter! I’m just interested in his modified motorcycle. It would be great if I could ride it myself and enjoy the extreme speed.”

Xie Shihao looked at his uncle, afraid that he would see a murderous expression on his face.

Feng Qing’s every move was under his uncle’s control, so when he found out that Gu Qingye had actually left with Feng Qing, Xie Shihao sped off without another word. Xie Shihao was worried that Gu Qingye would throw a tantrum and send Feng Qing back. If that happened, he would be waiting to collect Gu Qingye’s corpse!

“You’re not allowed to ride his motorcycle anymore. If I find out that you have anything to do with him again, I’ll find a rope and lock you up!” Xie Jiuhan held Feng Qing’s waist and pulled her towards him, his tone threatening.

Xie Shihao quickly followed suit. “Feng Qing, listen carefully! Our Xiao Ye already has someone, don’t harm him.”

“Your Xiao Ye? I’ve heard this sentence twice…” Feng Qing leaned into Xie Jiuhan’s embrace and asked excitedly, “I couldn’t tell, Xie Shihao. Between you and Gu Qingye, who is number one and who is number zero?”

“What are you talking about?” Xie Shihao didn’t understand.

Feng Qing continued teasing him, “Xie Shihao, are you Zero…”

Before Feng Qing could finish, Xie Jiuhan covered her mouth. “Where did you learn this?”

“Please, it’s the internet age now. Everyone knows about this!” Feng Qing was a little helpless. These two people were too old-fashioned.

Xie Shihao didn’t understand what they were talking about. He picked up his phone and searched quickly. Suddenly, he felt that the food was no longer fragrant and was a little disgusting.

“I’m not eating anymore. I’m leaving!” Xie Shihao had escaped. He was afraid that he would curse Feng Qing and get beaten up by his uncle!

“Jiu, do you think Xie Shihao is homophobic?”

“Hurry up and eat. I refuse to talk about this boring topic.”

That night, Xie Jiuhan placed Feng Qing, who had just finished bathing, on the bed and thoughtfully blew her hair.

“Jiuhan, you wanted me to attend the Capital University because you wanted me to personally deal with those enemies, right?” Feng Qing rested her head on Xie Jiuhan’s thigh, the heat from the hairdryer ringing in her ears.

Xie Jiuhan dried Feng Qing’s hair and caressed her face. He said decisively, “You can pull out their tendons and chop off their bones. As long as you want, I will prepare suitable weapons for you.

“The reason why you’ve kept them alive for three years is because you want to finish them off with your own hands and enjoy the thrill of revenge.

“You don’t have to worry about all the trouble, because I’ll handle it cleanly.”

Feng Qing stood up and wrapped her arms around the man’s neck. Xie Jiuhan looked back at her and both of them remained silent for a moment.

Xie Jiuhan had raised Feng Qing all these years. He had taught her many things—combat, guns, and even how to please himself. Feng Qing was like an obedient child, a likable kitten. He had carefully raised her up, and she had finally grown into the charming and innocent little woman he wanted to see.

Desire flashed across Xie Jiuhan’s eyes. He bent down and kissed her forehead, the tip of her nose, and her lips. Their breaths intertwined.

“Let’s sleep.” The man kissed for a while before suddenly stopping. He wrapped the little woman in the blanket and hugged her tightly to sleep.

Feng Qing smiled wordlessly. In fact, Xie Jiuhan had never touched her. Even on the night of the “disaster”, the only breakthrough was for her to use her hands…

“Jiu Han, are you going on a business trip tomorrow?” Feng Qing asked.

“Yes, I will leave at dawn. Seven days,” replied Xie Jiuhan.

“Oh! I’ll miss you.” Feng Qing leaned her head against Xie Jiuhan’s arm excitedly.

“I realize you’re happy every time I leave.” Xie Jiuhan raised his hand and pinched Feng Qing’s chin. He looked at the smile that Feng Qing had yet to retract.

“I already said that I’ll miss you very much…” Feng Qing promised. She will really miss him, but she usually only thinks of him when she has time.

After all, Xie Jiuhan had gone on a business trip. Then, she would be free. She wouldn’t have to be scared that she would get caught live-streaming and experimenting with things that Xie Jiuhan didn’t know.

The man closed his eyes and did not speak. He held her tightly in his arms. He knew that this little woman was very cunning! In fact, he knew she wished that he would come back a few days later.

After Feng Qing fell asleep, Xie Jiuhan lifted the blanket and got up. He turned around and kissed Feng Qing on the forehead. He looked at her deeply for a while before leaving for the underground warehouse.

He changed into work clothes, wore sunglasses, gloves, and arranged some mechanical parts.

In the wee hours of the morning, the sky turned bright. Su Yu walked in and said softly, “Ninth Master, the private jet is ready.”

Xie Jiuhan nodded and looked at the results of his night. He recalled Feng Qing’s words at dinner. “If only I could ride it myself. I would enjoy the pleasure of extreme speed.”

Of course, he had to pamper his little lucky star.. As long as she wanted it, he would do it.

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