The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Bitten by This Old Man Again

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Xu Mingqian wanted to go and take a good look at Feng Qing. He was really worried, but the man’s imposing manner forced him to stop instinctively. Even so, Xu Mingqian still thanked the man earnestly. “Thank you for saving Qingqing! If you need anything in the future, as long as it’s something I can do, I will definitely do it.”

In Xu Mingqian’s opinion, his relationship with Qingqing should be closer.

Feng Qing could feel the man’s pressure getting lower and lower following Xu Mingqian’s words. She knew that he was emotionally unstable again and had to calm him down quickly so that he would not fall ill. It had been a long time since he lost control of his emotions.

However, before Feng Qing could speak, the man did not give Xu Mingqian a chance to resist and said coldly, “Get out. The patient still needs treatment. Don’t disturb her!”

“Oh! Qingqing, I’ll come and see you later.” Xu Mingqian subconsciously walked out and closed the door behind him.

“Jiu, when did you become a doctor? You’re snatching Ji Yunchen’s job.” Feng Qing smiled like a little fairy. Knowing that Xie Jiuhan had controlled his emotions, she was so happy that she forgot about the pain in her leg.

“You just made friends a few hours ago, and now you can call each other Brother and Qingqing?” The man said as he held the little girl’s wound and gently rubbed it for her. He knew that her senses were sensitive, and the pain was more than several times that of an ordinary person.

“Oh? Is there old vinegar in the infirmary? Did you break it? It’s so sour…” The young lady turned her head and sniffed around Xie Jiuhan’s chest. In the next second, her cheek was pinched by someone, and the man’s warm breath landed on her face.

“Still talking nonsense?” The man questioned unhappily.

Feng Qing raised her head. With her face pinched, her words were a little unclear. “We didn’t just get to know each other. He’s the big brother I met in the mountains when I was young. We grew up together…

“And don’t pinch my face. My face is getting rounder and rounder because you pinched it!”

Feng Qing pouted and complained in dissatisfaction. She felt that Xie Jiuhan was being unreasonable today. He got jealous all of a sudden and bullied her. Just as she was about to say that he wasn’t as temperamental as before, he acted up again.

“You’re not allowed to call other people ‘brother’ in the future. You’re mine, do you hear me? You don’t want to be troubled and experience life as a normal person, I can cooperate with you, but don’t let me hear you call other people ‘brother’!” Xie Jiuhan set the rules and relaxed his grip.

The young lady did not know how much her calling him ‘brother’ would kill him!

“Ah? Xie Jiuhan, you’re so rude…” Feng Qing continued to complain, but before she could finish speaking, she felt a warm touch on her lips and a little pain. The man wasn’t kissing her. She was bitten by this old man again.

Actually, 25 was not considered old. It was just that when Feng Qing met him, she was still underage.

At this moment, Xie Jiuhan was like a wild beast waiting for its prey. He knew that Feng Qing was especially afraid of pain, so he deliberately used some strength to kiss her fiercely. He wanted to punish her… punish her for making his heart more and more confused.

“I’ll punish you like this if you call other people ‘brother’ again!” Xie Jiuhan looked at the little girl, whose face was flushed red and whose eyes were filled with tears, and nodded vigorously. He then raised his hand to wipe away the traces on her lips. However, his heart, which was already in a mess, was still not calm.

“You’ve never called me big brother like that before…”

Feng Qing :”…” Why did Xie Jiuhan sound wronged?

“You didn’t ask me to call you that either?” Feng Qing pouted her swollen lips and said innocently.

“I didn’t ask you to call other men ‘brother’! Why are you still calling them that?”

Bah, this man is starting to be unreasonable! Feng Qing was helpless.

Xie Jiuhan hugged Feng Qing. This time, he did not pinch her face. Instead, he pinched Feng Qing’s delicate chin and bit her ear. “Call me Brother Jiu!”

Unable to escape the man’s coercion, Feng Qing could only yield. “Brother Jiu…” Feng Qing was a little embarrassed. She felt the man let go of her and even pushed her away.

“Jiu, what’s wrong with you?” Feng Qing’s hand traced the man’s Adam’s apple, his face a little hot.

Feng Qing couldn’t see Xie Jiuhan’s expression, but this man pulled her hand away and got up to help her put on her socks.

“I have things to do. I’ll see you at home tonight.” Xie Jiuhan helped Feng Qing put on her shoes and socks. He was not worried about Feng Qing’s safety because there were bodyguards following her secretly along the way. There was also March who had been taught.

Feng Qing acknowledged.

Before he left, Xie Jiuhan reminded her again, “Remember, don’t call anyone brother.”

Feng Qing tilted her head and asked doubtfully, “Didn’t you want me to call you Brother Jiu?”

“No, not anymore. You’d better call me like you used to.” Hearing Feng Qing call him ‘Brother Jiu’ again, Xie Jiuhan’s eyes darkened as he rejected her coldly.. Hearing Feng Qing call him ‘Brother Jiu’ made his old heart unable to take it.

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