The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 132 - I’m Afraid that Other Men Can’t Stand You

Chapter 132: I’m Afraid that Other Men Can’t Stand You

“What’s the last reason?” Xie Jiuhan didn’t pursue the matter any further.

Feng Qing was completely dumbfounded. She thought that she had prepared a reason enough, but she didn’t expect Xie Jiuhan to ask her three times. She looked at Xie Jiuhan’s face and was confused. She had no idea what he was asking.

“Little Jiu Jiu, then what reason do you want to hear?” Feng Qing blew gently in his ear.

Xie Jiuhan gritted his teeth and said, “Why did you drug me? Why did you have to sleep with me?”

“Pfft…” Feng Qing couldn’t help but laugh. Xie Jiuhan frowned and pinched her face to punish her.

“What’s so funny? Everything else doesn’t matter. You have to give me a reasonable explanation for this!” Xie Jiuhan said fiercely.

Feng Qing’s face hurt, and she could only say pitifully, “To think a grown man like you could ask such a question. We are a legal couple and are protected by the laws of Xia country. Since we got married, you have never slept with me, so I can only sleep with you. Besides, so what if I sleep with you? Do you still think that you’re at a disadvantage?”

Xie Jiuhan : “…”

Feng Qing continued, “That night, in order to satisfy you, I almost fell apart from your torment. You were extremely comfortable, but now, you’re blaming me.”

Xie Jiuhan opened his mouth and was speechless. He suddenly felt that what Feng Qing said made sense. He had been holding back his anger and was about to denounce her, but it turned out that he was at fault here.

“Then do you know that you almost caused a mistake because you drugged me?” Xie Jiuhan found the crux of the matter and questioned.

“I know what you want to do, so I don’t want you to come to Zhe City. I don’t want the light, I just want my little Jiu Jiu to be safe. The truth has proven that you didn’t listen to your wife and suffered a loss before your eyes. You were indeed injured.” Feng Qing’s eyes were red.

In order to protect the artificial retina, Xie Jiuhan jumped from ten meters tall. It was still vivid in her eyes. He was fighting for her. Feng Qing would never forget this scene. For the sake of the person she loved, even if she had to die a horrible death, such a man was worthy of her love with all her heart and was even more worthy of her protection and trust.

Xie Jiuhan released Feng Qing’s face and caressed her eyes with his fingers. The man leaned over and kissed the woman’s tears. They were a little sweet and salty. Perhaps this was the taste of love!

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. To me, these are not injuries,” Xie Jiuhan said softly.

Feng Qing pouted. “Hmph, if you dare to do such a dangerous thing again in the future, be careful. I… I’ll divorce you!”

At the mention of divorce, Feng Qing suddenly recalled how Xie Jiuhan had punched her so hard that blood was flowing out of the corners of her mouth at the hotel. This man had actually abused her. He was too much.

Xie Jiuhan’s lips curled up as he grabbed Feng Qing’s wrist. “Don’t even think about getting a divorce unless I’m dead!”

With that, Xie Jiuhan lifted Feng Qing’s red dress and pressed her down. His large hand reached under the dress.

“Ah, what are you doing?!” Feng Qing exclaimed and looked at Xie Jiuhan, caught off guard.

Xie Jiuhan paused and stared into her eyes. “Huh? Your eyes… Are you looking at me?”

Feng Qing was shocked. She adjusted her eyes and immediately changed back to her previous appearance. “I-I can’t see, it’s not that I don’t have eyes. Since you suddenly pressed down, of course I’ll look at you. What’s so strange about that?”

Xie Jiuhan frowned and was skeptical. He had seen very clearly just now that Feng Qing’s watery eyes were filled with intelligence and vitality. It was completely different from her unfocused appearance.

“Little Jiu Jiu, am I good-looking?” Feng Qing changed the topic.

“Ha, you’re ugly, stupid, and bad-tempered. You either drugged your husband or ran away from home,” Xie Jiuhan said with a smile.

Feng Qing’s expression fell. Three crows flew past her head. She thought that she could hear Xie Jiuhan praise her, but he despised her. However, she did not say anything. It was enough that she loved him.

Xie Jiuhan continued, “If I meet the Moon Elder who is in charge of marriage one day, I must tell him that I will let the two of us be together in my next life because I’m afraid that other men won’t be able to stand you.”

Feng Qing’s face flushed red. Xie Jiuhan’s sweet words made her extremely embarrassed. Her heart seemed to be filled with honey. “I knew it. Little Jiu Jiu treats me the best!”

Xie Jiuhan smiled. “I can’t control my next life, but in this life… I’ll love you enough first…”

With that, the man leaned down and brushed his lips across Feng Qing’s neck like a brush.

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