The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 1154 - Something's Wrong

Chapter 1154: Something’s Wrong

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Xia Qianxue thought of a reason. “Could it be that Ziwei Star specially gave Feng Qing a gun and asked her to shoot Xing Wudi at the banquet?”

Mr. Qing Er asked, “Then what’s the goal of Ziwei Star?”

Xia Qianxue said, “I don’t know, but he doesn’t want to be this evil person, so he coerced Qingqing to do this and let her kill Xing Wudi in exchange for her freedom.”

Mr. Qing Er only said, “With my understanding of Little Qingqing, she wouldn’t do such a thing even if she was forced. Moreover, if she wanted to kill Xing Wudi, she could have had countless chances in the past. There’s no need to do it now.”

Mr. Qing Er was right. If Feng Qing really wanted Xing Wudi’s life, she didn’t even need to do it herself. As long as she said a word, Xing Wudi would be willing to hand over his head.

As they spoke, they saw Feng Qing, who was also wearing a white evening gown, walk into the banquet hall. The Boxing King who had chased after her just now was also beside her. If one was observant, they would notice that Feng Qing was much whiter than Feng Qing just now, and it was a white that was like a shining body.

Seeing Feng Qing walk in, everyone subconsciously retreated to the side. Some people even became very nervous, afraid that they would accidentally offend Feng Qing and be shot by her. There were also people who shouted for bodyguards. As for those desperadoes, they all pulled out their guns and aimed them at Feng Qing. This was their instinctive reaction.

At this moment, the aura of Boxing King Potian suddenly erupted. The aura that was filled with blood and violence was like large hands that strangled everyone’s throats fiercely. Many people who were about to pull out their guns couldn’t help but tremble. Feng Qing came to Xing Wudi’s side. When Long Jiuyuan saw that she was here, she was instantly furious.

“You actually dare to come back! Go and die with Brother Wudi!” As she roared, Long Jiuyuan raised her gun at Feng Qing. Just as she was about to pull the trigger, a thick and thick hand grabbed her wrist. There was a crisp sound of bones breaking. Long Jiuyuan’s wrist was actually broken by someone. That strange deformed wrist made everyone’s faces turn pale.

The next second, the gun fell into the hands of Boxing King Potian. Long Jiuyuan looked at the Boxing King and then at her wrist. Her large eyes revealed a look of disbelief. Then, she let out a scream like a pig being slaughtered. At the same time, Long Jiuyuan’s bodyguards took out their guns and aimed at the Boxing King and Feng Qing. As long as Long Jiuyuan gave the order, they would immediately shoot Feng Qing and the Boxing King. Although the Boxing King was very powerful, they believed that bullets were the king. For a moment, the atmosphere in the entire banquet hall was murderous. As long as someone misfired, a fierce battle would erupt!

However, Feng Qing did not take the bodyguards’ actions seriously at all. She walked to Xing Wudi and squatted down. Just as she was about to check his injuries, she was stopped by the doctor from before. “Don’t touch him!”

The next second, the doctor felt the world spin. Then, he flew out and fell to the ground. Long Jiuyuan, who was on the ground, was already in so much pain that she couldn’t care less about Xing Wudi. The pain of her wrist being broken made her feel like she would faint at any moment. However, when she saw Feng Qing playing with Xing Wudi, she immediately endured the pain and roared, “You, what else do you want to do to him? I’m going to kill you. What are you waiting for? Shoot!”

Before Long Jiuyuan could finish her sentence, the Boxing King had already kicked a few bodyguards away. At this moment, Mr. Qing Er and Xia Qianxue rushed over. Since things had already developed to this extent, they didn’t intend to continue hiding themselves. Mr. Qing Er swung his hand and threw out a bottle with green smoke. Like a smoke bomb, the green smoke instantly wrapped Feng Qing and Xing Wudi. When the bodyguards and doctors saw the green smoke, it was too late. They had only been stained with the green smoke a little and immediately fainted.

Boxing King Potian also quickly retreated. He picked up a wet towel from the dining table and covered his mouth and nose. The strengthening drug he had injected previously had a certain resistance to all poison. Long Jiuyuan was already injured, and now, she fell on the spot. However, she did not faint. Instead, she looked at Xing Wudi on the ground with blurry eyes.

Feng Qing took out a scalpel from the medical box and cut open Xing Wudi’s chest without hesitation. She quickly took out the shrapnel from his heart and stopped the bleeding and sutured it. The guests looked at Feng Qing’s actions and were confused. What was going on?

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