The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 1151 - What's the Difference Between You and That Man?

Chapter 1151: What’s the Difference Between You and That Man?

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He lifted her skirt again and smiled. “Yo, are you wearing flats today?”

At the same time, the smile on the corners of Boxing King Potian’s mouth became even more inexplicable. Feng Qing wasn’t at this height when she wore flats, and after ‘Feng Qing’ was stepped on a few times in a row, her expression completely darkened. ‘Feng Qing’ sighed and said, “Potian, it looks like I really shouldn’t have invited you to dance with me.”

The emotions in Potian’s eyes gradually turned cold. He said in a low voice, “How could it be a wrong decision? Look at that man. He seems to be the head of the Xing family, one of the seven families of the Seven Stars Continent. Look at his envious and jealous gaze. It’s as if he’s going to rush up and kill me in the next second.”

There was no fear in Potian’s voice at all. ‘Feng Qing’ released his hand and said, “I don’t want to be stepped on by you again. I want to find someone else to dance with.”

The next second, ‘Feng Qing’ turned around and danced with the other guests. Seeing this scene, Xing Wudi’s expression was so gloomy that it seemed to be about to freeze. He also saw Potian walk out of the dance floor, so he strode over.

Xing Wudi asked, “Why aren’t you dancing anymore?”

Potian said, “I always step on her feet.”

Xing Wudi’s silver eyes darkened as he looked at the Boxing King in confusion. He never expected that ‘Feng Qing’ wouldn’t dance with him because of this. Could it be that this man didn’t know how to dance? He had really never collected news about this, so he had no idea if this man knew how to dance.

Seeing that ‘Feng Qing’ was dancing with a greasy uncle from nowhere, Xing Wudi’s expression was already indescribably ugly. After seeing that Xing Wudi had also entered the dance floor, Long Jiuyuan’s pretty face in the booth darkened. Didn’t Xing Wudi say that he didn’t want to dance? Why did he go in now?

Long Jiuyuan saw Xing Wudi hold ‘Feng Qing’s hand and danced in front of everyone. The Boxing King walked out of the dance floor and sat in a corner drinking champagne. At this moment, only Xing Wudi and ‘Feng Qing’ were dancing on the entire dance floor. The other guests were very tactful and cleared the dance floor for them. ‘Feng Qing’ and Xing Wudi cooperated very well. Feng Qing danced gracefully and elegantly. Xing Wudi’s figure was elegant and his rhythm was precise. As Xing Wudi danced, he looked at ‘Feng Qing’ in his arms. His silver pupils were filled with cherish and admiration. At this moment,apart from ‘Feng Qing’, there was no one else in his eyes. Just as the dance song was about to end, Xing Wudi said, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely bring you away from here.”

‘Feng Qing’ curled her lips and said, “Then what do you plan to do?”

Xing Wudi said, “When the auction begins later, I’ll use all my wealth to bid. Be it 10 billion or 20 billion, I’ll definitely be the one with the highest bid. If this doesn’t work, I’ll snatch you away even if I have to risk my life.”

The corners of ‘Feng Qing”s mouth curled up as she smiled sweetly. “You plan to snatch me? Aren’t you afraid that Ziwei Star will kill you?”

The corners of Xing Wudi’s mouth curled up coldly and arrogantly. “So what if he kills me?”

‘Feng Qing’ asked him again, “Then where do you plan to bring me after you snatch me away? The Xing family?”

Xing Wudi replied, “I don’t know, I haven’t thought of it yet, but I’ve always thought of hiding you in a place that no one knows except me. Unfortunately, I haven’t found that place yet.”

‘Feng Qing’ pouted. “But I already have a family. Why are you still pestering me?”

Xing Wudi’s silver eyes darkened. “Pestering? No, this is called never giving up. Feng Qing, listen carefully. Even if you’re married to someone, I won’t give up on chasing you because you’re my light. The only light in my pitch-black world is you. Only you can light up my world, so as long as I’m still breathing, you don’t have to try to make me let go.”

The expression on ‘Feng Qing’s’ face suddenly turned cold. “Do you think this is love? What’s the difference between you and that man? You’ll always be so perverted, crazy, and stubborn!”

Xing Wudi was stunned. “That man? Who is he?”

‘Feng Qing’ did not answer. Instead, she flipped her wrist and a black gun appeared in her hand. The next second, she pulled the trigger mercilessly. At such a close distance, Xing Wudi could not dodge at all. The bullet shot into his chest. Then, Xing Wudi felt a sharp pain in his chest. Blood spewed out of his back and sprayed on the face of a guest not far away.

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