The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses

Chapter 1287 - I Want to Make You Stay (165)

Chapter 1287: I Want to Make You Stay (165)

Mr. and Mrs. Bu walked toward her and asked, “Xianxian, whose car is this?”

“Nick’s. He’s drunk, help him out of the car.”

She alighted from the car before walking toward the door on the passenger side. She then opened it to allow her parents to move Jin Qingyan out of the car.

“Why doesn’t he reek of alcohol at all?” Mrs. Bu asked in puzzlement.

“He drank some alcohol… that doesn’t smell like alcohol. Cut the crap and help him upstairs.”

Without uttering another word, Mr. and Mrs. Bu helped Jin Qingyan to the corridor.

Bu Xianxian grabbed the car keys and followed them closely.

Upon returning home, she told her parents to carry Jin Qingyan onto her bed. The moment Mrs. Bu let go of him, she shrieked in astonishment, “There’s… blood!” After staring at the back of Jin Qingyan’s head, Mrs. Bu immediately questioned Bu Xianxian, “What happened!?!”

Bu Xianxian did not know that she had hit him so hard that he bled.

Pangs of panic consumed her, for she was afraid that she might have killed him.

She placed a finger below his nose and felt relieved after discovering that he was still breathing.

“Xianxian, tell us, did you knock Nick out? He wasn’t even drunk in the first place, was he!?!”

Seeing that her mother had already exposed her, Bu Xianxian could not be bothered to explain any further. “Just like what you had seen, he’s bleeding. I took the risk tonight. Father, Mother, I really adore Nick. I love him and I want to be with him.”

Mrs. Bu’s lips began to quiver, and she rebuked, “Xianxian, you’re out of your mind. What you had done is not going to change anything. Once Nick comes to, he’s going to detest you even more. Xianxian, stop letting your heart rule your head!”

“Mother, I had already thought about it carefully before committing myself to this plan. I know exactly what I’m doing, so just stay out of this. Why don’t you and Father check into a hotel tonight and come home again tomorrow instead? Just pretend that you don’t know anything.”

Placing a hand on her forehead, Mrs. Bu said, “Xianxian…”

“Mother, leave with Father. You guys may stay out of this. Get out, quick.”

“Nick’s bleeding. His wound has to be cleaned.”

“Bring the medicine to me. I’ll clean his wounds for him.”

Mrs. Bu had no choice but to head to the medical office in the estate to get some ointment and antiseptic cotton pads. Bu Xianxian then closed the door and locked her parents outside.

Instead of checking into a hotel, Mr. and Mrs. Bu remained seated on the couch, feeling extremely ill at ease.

Bu Xianxian proceeded to clean Jin Qingyan’s wounds and place a bandage over his head.

She then eased him onto the bed and removed all of his clothing, leaving just his boxers on. She did the same to herself before lying down beside him under the duvet. She then grabbed his mobile phone and took several photos. However, she made it a point to not include her face in the photos.

She took some photos of them placing their necks closely together and holding hands.

She then grabbed a needle and poked her finger, allowing her blood to drip all over the pink sheets. Thinking that there was not enough blood on the sheets, she proceeded to poke herself again a few more times.

That was not all.

She grabbed the tissues that were stained by his blood from the dustbin and threw them onto the ground together with a few more clumps of tissues, so as to make it seem like they had just gotten intimate.

She kept her makeup on and took out her lipstick, which she then smeared on her index finger and applied onto his lips.

She then hugged him to sleep after everything was settled.

Bu Xianxian felt that he would definitely give her a huge sum of money to keep her mouth shut, even if he were to fly into a rage.

Although she may not be able to see him again, she could not afford to lose this opportunity.

It was daytime in R Nation. Fan Shixin and Xiao Bai arrived in S Nation at midnight.

He did not plan to look for Jin Qingyan at first. However, he changed his mind after hearing from his subordinates that something seemed to be amiss.

“Young Sir still isn’t home yet?” he asked.

“Yeah, he won’t pick up either. His mobile phone wasn’t switched off, though. He’s just not picking up my calls.”

“Check where he is now.”

“Young Sir and Mr. Long went out for some drinks so we didn’t call him because we thought that he must still be drinking.”

“Hurry and check.” Fan Shixin immediately called Long Tianze, who did not pick up either. Hence, he decided to head over to Long Tianze’s house. “Is your Young Sir home?” he asked.

“He came home long ago.”

Did Young Sir stay over here, then?

“Is my Young Sir here?”


Fan Shixin immediately entered the house and knocked on the door of Long Tianze’s bedroom.

“Who’s there?” Long Tianze murmured with his eyes shut.

“I’m Shixin. Mr. Long, where did Young Sir go?”

“We were supposed to come home together, but he decided to give Bu Xianxian a lift home so I came back by myself.”

“What!?!” Without delay, Fan Shixin turned around and headed downstairs immediately.

“Is Brother-in-law still not home yet?” asked Mei Yangyang, who was woken up by the noises.

Long Tianze sobered up immediately and said, “What… did he get assaulted?”

Mei Yangyang sprung up immediately and turned on the lamps. Glowering at him while gritting her teeth in anger, she rebuked, “Long Tianze, if anything happens to Brother-in-law, I’ll murder you!”

She then grabbed her clothes and put them on.

Long Tianze followed suit before chasing after her.

As soon as they exited the gate, they caught sight of Fan Shixin’s car. The pair got inside the car, after which Mei Yangyang asked, “Chief Fan, didn’t you accompany Sis to R Nation? Why are you back again?”

“Young Madam wanted me to come back. Mr. Long, why didn’t you just go to Sanqiao Estate with Young Sir before driving home together? It’s only a stone’s throw away.”

“I just decided not to follow him since he was giving Bu Xianxian a ride home. In hindsight, I was really too careless. After all, Qingyan was driving and there’s no way he could defend against any mishaps, especially since she was sitting in the backseat. She could have attacked him easily, but I don’t think she’s that brazen, is she?” Long Tianze said regretfully.

“That shameless slut. There’s nothing she wouldn’t dare to do. You dimwit, Long Tianze!” Mei Yangyang exclaimed angrily, seething with exasperation at the thought of Bu Xianxian.

“You’re berating me again… who would have thought…” Long Tianze murmured, feeling aggrieved.

Wei Ni Estate was very near to Sanqiao Estate and was just a few minutes’ drive away from each other.

Upon the sight of Jin Qingyan’s car, the three of them frantically alighted.

Fan Shixin took the lead since he had already gotten hold of the exact location. The couple followed closely behind him.

Upon hearing the doorbell ringing, Bu Xianxian’s parents stood up from the couch and tiptoed toward the door. They got a huge fright the moment they peeked into the peephole.

Mrs. Bu immediately dragged her husband into the room and spluttered, “Chief Fan and Mr. and Mrs. Long are here. What do we do?”

“What else can we do? Go inform Xianxian about it. I’ll answer the door later.”

“Yes, yes.”

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