The Villain's Wife

Chapter 905 Aisle

Chapter 905 Aisle

3 Years Later.

The smell of her soft perfume lingered in the air. She glanced at her equally natural makeup that contrasted her red scarlet lips.

"Are you ready? Everyone is waiting for you." It was Qin Chuan. He looked at her only daughter in white; a gentle smile was plastered in his lips. "You look beautiful."

"She looks like me. Of course, she is beautiful." Qin Yuanfeng walked inside the room while grinning. His black three-piece suit and perfect smile only made him more handsome. "Come on, Zhou Jingren is waiting. He will cry if you won't show up in five minutes." He chuckled.

Lily nodded as she let the two men escort her out of the room. Outside, Li Shanshan was weeping— again.

"Why are you crying? You just gave birth. Stop crying like that… it will affect your health." Lily laughed. This was her second wedding, and she remembers that Li Shanshan was also crying on her first. "Are you going to cry in my next weddings too?"

��Shut it." She held Lily's hands. "You look so beautiful in white… it makes me feel really ugly."

"Shanshan… no offence but my sister was always prettier. What's this feeling ugly that you're saying? Have you been feeling like this since you met my sister?"

"Hmph! Lily ah, you should keep Qin Yuanfeng away from Bei Tian. Just look at him? Is he talking like Bei Tian now? Can we really handle two shameless people?"

The banter made Lily laugh. However, it didn't ease the mixed emotions that she feels inside. Why is their second wedding scarier than the first? "I want to pee." She said meekly. Of course, she knew she was only nervous. As expected, her words made the two people next to her freeze. 

"Really?" Li Shanshan's beautiful eyes widened. "Are we going to remove your huge clothes?" The thought of removing the princess style bridal gown almost made her head hurt. She leaned towards her. "Maybe… it would be wise to put on some diapers? You know…"

"This woman is crazy." Qin Yuanfeng frowned. What diapers? Li Shanshan is a really unique woman. "Let's go… if you want to take a pee, then I will help you carry this dress. Who cares if Zhou Jingren will wait for another thirty minutes?"

Lily laughed before she shook her head. How could she let him wait for another thirty minutes? Zhou Jingren will surely go crazy.

"Lily, in the next three years… are you really going to have another wedding in India?" This wedding in Sweden is already extravagant. Li Shanshan could not wait to see Lily and Zhou Jingren's wedding around the world!

"I thought its Japan?" Qin Chuan chimed in. "Perhaps, Korea?"

"I think Korea is a good idea, knowing that Zhou Jingren's mother is Korean. Also…you will look gorgeous in Korean traditional clothing!" Li Shanshan said. 

After a few more minutes, they finally arrived in the entrance of the church where the wedding will be held. 

"Your hands are sweaty. " Li Shanshan said, using her handkerchief to wipe the sweat from Lily's hands. "This is your second wedding. Why are you nervous?"

"Says the one who cried." She answered. 

"Hmp… I am your best friend. I should cry every time you marry someone, even if its the same man."

"Crazy." Qin Yuanfeng chimed in. "You should go now. My father and I will walk her to Zhou Jingren."

Li Shanshan glared at Qin Yuanfeng before she strode inside using another door. As her maid of honour, Li Shanshan's job is to accommodate everything that Lily needed.

"Alright… open the door." Qin Chuan said as Lily wrapped her hand around her father's arm and her other hand to Qin Yuanfeng. She then waited for the door to open. Feeling nervous and at the same time excited of seeing her man waiting for her at the altar. 

Then the door opened. Smiling, Lily took her first step towards him. Then her second…. And her third.

She couldn���t wait to do this every three years. The thought of it made her laugh inwardly.

The end.


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