The Villain Has Something to Say

Chapter 158 - Yu Xiao Sect (II)

Chapter 158: Yu Xiao Sect (II)

Hearing his daughter’s accusation, Zhao Tian could not utter a word. Remaining silent for a long time, he finally said, “Nonsense. I don’t know you’ve been chased by gangsters on the way back, and I don’t know what on earth you are talking about. You’re born to sacrifice everything for your family. Now, give me that pill!”

Zhao Yue smiled, “I know. You are not that ruthless to hire gangsters to kill me. As for who is the true employer of those men…” Zhao Yue gave a chilling look to the crowd standing behind Zhao Tian and said coldly, “I have no interest to know.”

Zhao Tian was in rage, “The Fifth Grade Pill shall be a precious resource for the family. How dare you refuse to hand it over?!”

The next moment, Zhao Tian dispersed his coercion as a Gold Core Period cultivator – he decided to snatch the pill through brutal force!

The coercion was pressing hard on Rongrong’s body. Bones cracking under the pressure, the little girl cried because of the pain. Nonetheless, she still held tight on that piece of Wind Cake, refusing to hand it in.

“This is the goodbye present that Childe Luo gave me… it’s mine…”

Watching the whole scene in silence, Luo Jianqing finally spoke, “It’s yours. Go on and have it. It’s alright.”

While comforting Rongrong, Luo Jianqing flicked his sleeves. The coercion that pressing on Rongrong was lifted immediately. Rongrong nodded blankly and took another bite of the Wind Cake, and suddenly there were lights shimmering on her body. Her grandfather, Zhao Tian, watched this in surging anger.

“Stop it!!!”

Luo Jianqing sneered, but before he could do anything, Xuan Lingzi lifted his finger and pointed at Zhao Tian, who was pinned to where he stood and couldn’t move.

Tilting his head, Luo Jianqing looked at his Master in surprise, “I thought you won’t interfere.”

Looking down, Xuan Lingzi gave Luo Jianqing a subtle smile, “Somebody is coming, and he is not a man for you to deal with, given that right now your cultivation base is only at middle-stage Foundation Establishment Period.”

Raising an eyebrow in astonishment, Luo Jianqing didn’t have time to ask for further explanation before he saw an old man flew toward them from the edge of sky. Along with his landing, the coercion belonging to a Nascent Soul Period cultivator overcast the air. It was so overwhelming that the crowd could not even breathe, but Luo Jianqing, Xuan Lingzi, and Rongrong who was protected by them were not influenced at all.

State Minister Zhao was a dignified man. Looking around slowly, he said in a chilling tone, “Zhao Tian, what is going on here?!”

Bowing to show his respect, Zhao Tian answered, “Father, today I saw a Fifth Grade Pill, which is a gift that someone gave to Rongrong. I fear that this precious pill would be too much for Rongrong, after all she is just a little girl who hasn’t even start cultivating. Therefore, I tried to preserve it for you, but they refused to hand it over.”

Hearing this, State Minister Zhao stayed quiet for a while. He rested his eyes on Luo Jianqing and Xuan Lingzi and they looked at each other for a long time. Stepping forward, State Minister Zhao asked, “Fellow cultivators, does that Fifth Grade Pill belong to you?

Luo Jianqing nodded, “Right, but I already gave it to Rongrong.”

And so State Minister Zhao laughed, “Alright! I can see a bright future for my great granddaughter because of this blessed opportunity! I have a small gift for you in return for your generosity. Zhao Family would never owe anyone a favor. Today, the opportunity is deemed to be my great granddaughter’s, and I will not snatch it away from her!”

Zhao Tian was petrified by his father’s words.

On the other hand, tears started to fill Zhao Yue’s red-rimmed eyes.

Luo Jianqing thought State Minister Zhao would be a man with different personality, so he let his eyes linger on him a little longer, believing that the man was just pretending to be generous. However, State Minister Zhao kept his words and did let Rongrong have the dessert. Enjoying the wafting aroma of the Wind Cake, State Minister Zhao said, “Well, it has been so many years since the last time I had a piece of Wind Cake of Ying Feng City. Delicious indeed. I should visit the City next week.”

It was the first time Rongrong met her great grandfather. A little bit frightened, the little girl hid behind her mother.

In fact, State Minister Zhao had a close guess on what was going on as soon as he arrived and saw the parties involved. He knew his first born was a man who would give up everything for power. In the past, when Zhao Yue was still being worshiped as a genius young cultivator, Zhao Tian treated her with all the love and attention in the world, but now that her daughter was only a plain commoner, in his father’s eyes she was no different than a piece of dirt.

State Minister Zhao wanted to ask Zhao Yue how it was going, but Rongrong suddenly moaned in pain and collapsed on the ground.

Rushing toward her daughter, Zhao Yue sought help from her grandfather, but before State Minister Zhao could act, Luo Jianqing spoke, “Blood regenerated, flesh reforged, bones replaced, then rebirth shall she have. No pains. No gains.”

Then, Luo Jianqing approached Zhao Yue who was completely stunned. The young cultivator bowed, “Mrs. Lin, I once thought that the Yu Qing Spirit Rebuilding Pill which I gave Rongrong is enough to repay your kindness, but since your grandfather has given me something, now, once again, I owe you a favor. Thus, there is one last thing I want to give you.”

This time, Luo Jianqing didn’t take any action, instead, he turned back and looked at his Master.

Meeting Luo Jianqing’s eyes in the air, Xuan Lingzi shook his head wryly. Raising his hand and drawing a Fulu in the air, the Master tapped the delicate pattern and, by this gentle touching, the Fulu merged into Zhao Yue’s body. The next instant, to everyone’s surprise, the Spiritual Power started to stream in Zhao Yue’s withered Spiritual Veins!

Under the moistening of Spiritual Power, her once damaged Spiritual Veins started to repair.

Fifteen minutes later, Zhao Yue’s Spiritual Power recovered to the Second-level Qi Condensation Period while her Cultivation Base was at the Eighth-level Qi Condensation Period. Undoubtedly, she would restore her power in the next few days!

There was something even State Minister Zhao missed noticing – a touch of gold was glittering inside Zhao Yue’s Spiritual Veins.

Petrified, the family witnessed Zhao Yue restoring her power, and when they finally recalled that they still had guests, Luo Jianqing and Xuan Lingzi were nowhere to be found. No one, not even the Nascent Soul Period State Minister Zhao ever noticed their leaving.

It was until then Zhao Tian finally realized what kind of cultivators he was treating brusquely with.

Gazing at his palm, Zhao Tian mumbled hoarsely, “I got lucky… so lucky, that I didn’t try to use force to keep them here.”

Glaring at his son, State Minister Zhao tilted his head to ask his granddaughter, “Yue, do you know who they are indeed?”

Stunned, Zhao Yue murmured, “I only knew their family names. One is ‘Wu’ and the other is ‘Luo’”, though hesitating, Zhao Yue still told her grandfather who loved her most, “On our way back here, I once heard Cultivator Luo calling Cultivator Wu… Master.”

This caused an uproar in the crowd!

The third sister of Zhao Yue exclaimed, “Cultivator Luo is already a skilled cultivator with flair, and now you are telling me that Cultivator Wu who did nothing but standing by is actually his Master?”

Zhao Yue’s eldest brother said in disbelief, “What… is their true cultivation base?!”

Pondering for a while, Zhao Tian recalled, “They said that they are disciple of Yu Xiao Sect.”

Hearing this, State Minister Zhao thought it over, “Yu Xiao Sect? It is impossible for a nameless sect to have such talented cultivators. Not even Yu Dao Sect has an equally powerful cultivator. Cultivator Luo is merely at an age close to fifty while Cultivator Wu’s age… I cannot even tell. Yu Xiao Sect…Yu Xiao…”

Eyes suddenly opening wide, State Minister Zhao stared at Rongrong in shock.

Everyone else looked at him, curious about what was going on. State Minister Zhao’s body started to tremble, and finally, he flicked his sleeves and burst out a laughter, “If what I thought is true, our family is given a superior opportunity. This is our chance! Rongrong has an Upper Grade Second Level Spiritual Bone and who knows what level she’s going to end up with when she wakes up. There is a bright future for Zhao Family, indeed! From now on, I will impart Rongrong with cultivation myself and turn her into an immortal!”

While the Zhao Family was celebrating their fortune, Luo Jianqing and Xuan Lingzi were roaming on the street. Slowly walking they seemed to be, but actually at a much faster speed. Covering a dozen meters in a blink, they weren’t worried about the commoners for there was none. Soon, they left the city.

Turning back and seeing that the Sand City was further behind, Luo Jianqing smiled and walked alongside his Master.

At the same time in the Demon Realm, Yin Ji was relaxing herself on the throne and that’s when she heard the news. Days before, when the Fiend Exalt tried to breakthrough for the first time, the Heaven Demon Exalt who was in seclusion already noticed it and told Yin Ji about this.

Impassively, Yin Ji stared at three of the Masters of the Thirteen Realms of Seas who were kneeling in front of the throne. The viper-like pupils of hers were glittering with dangerous light.

Finally, she broke the tranquil with a luring smile, “If our Little Qianqiu wouldn’t leave the Fiend Palace, then you shall force him to do so! I don’t believe that he can stay there forever like a dumb turtle.” Pausing for a second, Yin Ji recalled something. “Wait, which one of you mentioned that Little Qianqiu’s newly-had disciple reached late-stage Nascent Soul Period before sixty years old?”

The Thirteenth Master lifted his head, “It was me. I heard the rumor that five or six years ago his disciple had been seen in the Thirty-six States. By then, he had already reached the late-stage Nascent Soul Period.”

Rubbing her chin with her fingers, Yin Ji let out a laughter from her throat, “While the Master is one more step closer to higher Cultivation Period, the disciple is cultivating at an astonishing speed? Well, if Little Qianqiu won’t come out, his disciple will. Keep a close eye on the Fiend Palace. Within a year, I want to know why Little Qianqiu is able to breakthrough!”

Fiend Realm.

Ending the seclusion, Mo Qiu calmed down his wildly turbulent Spiritual Power. He took a bath and changed in a crimson-colored robe, then walked out of his palace. Opening the gate, he saw the Manager of the Fiend Palace, Qi Luo, waiting aside.

Raising an eyebrow, Mo Qiu looked at Qi Luo, with a touch of delight in his eyes. He asked, “What is it? Anything significant happened during my seclusion?”

Hung her head low in respect, Qi Luo reported every big event happened in these days.

Mo Qiu listened to her report quietly, and when the repot was finished, Qi Luo took out a jade tablet and presented it to Mo Qiu. “Someone delivered this jade tablet here and claimed that it was under the arrangement of Fo Zi. Exalt, Fo Zi sent message that somebody asked him to give this jade tablet to you.”

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